Jennifer Lopez Workout and Diet (Curvy, Sexy and Fit)

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Jennifer Lopez has one of the most gravity-defying booty of all time. But not only that, she has managed to stay fit, sexy and young-looking throughout the years.

Why is it a big deal? Well she’s 47 and she had twins. It’s quite an accomplishment to maintain such a hot body at this age.

Just in case you don’t know who Jennifer Lopez is…

Back in 1986 she started her minor acting role and went on to become one of the most successful Latina women in the entertainment world.

She’s accomplished a lot from singing, dancing, producing, acting and even created her own clothing empire.

This is fascinating because to be so successful you have to be busy all the time, and yet she still managed to stay young and fantastic as ever.

That’s why in this post we’re going to go in depth and uncover what Jennifer Lopez’s workout routine and diet plan is, because she’s the perfect role model for any woman who wants to maintain their sexy look and live a healthy life.


Photo Credit: Celeb Buzz

It’s not all about losing weight

Most female celebrities are obsessed with getting skinny while Jennifer, on the other hand, just embraces her curves.

She believes that if you lose weight beyond a certain point and get extremely skinny then you’re actually damaging your health.

One thing she said was that she would rather look and feel good than worry about what the scale might say about her weight, and so she spends time in the gym instead of starving herself.

She does a lot of resistance training three times a week with the guidance of other trainers.


She mixes it up

One of her favorite exercises to do is cardio as it helps to burn away excessive calories in one session.

Some of the cardio she does include a mix of cycling, running, boxing and dancing.

She does all of these exercises on a consistent basis but always ensures that she mixes up her routine to keep your body guessing and not getting used to the same routine. This enables her body to be more challenged and developed.


She keeps it consistent

She strongly believes that consistency is vital when it comes on to a great workout and getting results. It’s not really about just focusing on how much weight you want to lose or what you really want to look like.

It’s basically about helping your body to remember the routine by consistently doing workouts, and harder variations as you proceed.

The point is, if you focus on your fitness instead of how you currently look, you will reach your goal much faster with less stress.

It also includes having a positive attitude as this will help you stay motivated throughout your workout.


How did she lose the baby weight

When she gave birth to the twins, Jennifer Lopez was extremely dedicated to getting back in shape and this is what many people said about her.

According to Jennifer, it was her extensive workout variations and combinations of squats and lunges that help to shift the fat from her body into the right places such as her butt.

After pregnancy is when a lot of women give up and become discouraged by the weight gain.

But you should look at it on the opposite side, meaning that you should see it as a motivation and challenge to get yourself back in shape and better than before.

Yes, it will be hard and requires dedication but that’s what makes the journey and your reward so great. You will not only achieve the type of body you want but you will also inspire many other women who are having the same issues like you.

Jennifer believes that the best workout tool you can have is your own body weight. In other words, you don’t really need a gym, all you need is good ole gravity and your body.

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Jennifer Lopez diet plan is mainly protein


This shouldn’t be a surprise because to maintain such fit and curvy body your diet must have the right amount of protein daily. She eats all type of proteins, from plant based to diary.

Your body needs the protein to repair the dry cells which slows down the aging process. It’s also very vital to growing your butt muscles and thighs so that they have that curvy lean look.

She drinks a lot of water which helps flush out toxins and helps her skin remain hydrated and glowing. Plus, doesn’t starve herself.

Somehow, it’s programmed in many peoples’ mind that in order to look great you have to starve yourself on a daily basis.

But doing so only gives you bad results and complications. Jennifer never starves herself to lose weight and she also insist that she never will adopt to such culture.

That’s one of her number one advice to women. Whenever you starve yourself it only causes you to lose energy as opposed to losing fat.

Another thing is that she’s completely against size 0 being a size as it only encourages young women to go on extreme weight loss diets to achieve that size which destroy their healths.


Jennifer Lopez daily diet example

According to what she told, she eats a lot of protein and start every morning with a proper protein shake, as it helps to set the tone for the day and gives her a lot of energy.

For example, before she does a show she would eat a lot of fish like sushi, as it’s not very heavy on the stomach.

This helps her to be more energetic and agile during performances without worrying about stomach aches.

She pointed out that discipline is one of the main things that she prioritizes. She mentioned also that staying in shape is like training, as it requires you to be an athlete and you have to eat for the power and for what you need for optimal performance.

She said that she stayed clear of Fried and fast food because she wants to keep her diet as clean as possible.



She avoids being greedy

jen greed

She always eat what she loves but pointed out that she always monitor her indulgences. Yes, she enjoys treats like chocolate or anything that she basically loves, what she controls is her cravings and she never overindulges.

That’s where a lot of people fail. Ye,s you can treat yourself now and then, but doing it every single day and over doing it, that’s where the problem is.

Being greedy will only lead to weight gain she insists. The point is, you don’t really have to control every single calorie that you eat but you need to ensure that you don’t overindulge.

You have to keep your diet well balanced, eat plenty of good foods and enjoy a few treats now and then.


Diet isn’t the only thing keeping her young

Jennifer Lopez is also known for how she’s able to maintain such a youthful look at her current age.

According to Hollywood life, she rarely goes into the sun but if she does, she wears a lot of sunscreen to protect herself from the intense radiation.

She also mentioned that she doesn’t smoke or drink coffee as it destroys your skin as you get older.

One other important factor she stressed was the importance of sleep.

She mentioned that she mostly gets 9 to 10 hours of sleep but in some cases where it’s a bit hectic she ensures that she gets no less than seven hours of sleep, because if she doesn’t then she won’t be able to perform at her best, get emotionally stressed and feel tired all the time.


She works out in the morning

JLo mentioned too that she preferred to get it over with in the morning, as she hates doing it in the evening. She works out at least 3 to 4 times a week as it helps to maintain her beautiful curves.


Jennifer Lopez butt workout

jen butt

Jennifer has one of the most famous booty of all the time but how does she maintain it at 47?

Proper diet and butt workouts. No butt injections, no pills and no type of special ointments can give you that.

We took this time to dedicate this post to her for just that reason! She has one of the most beautiful natural butt ever!

Despite having a slim body structure, you can always get a bigger butt, . By doing the proper exercises along with a good diet, you can easily grow a bigger and curvier butt.

Now it might sound good but it will take consistency and dedication. Below here are some of the most powerful butt workouts to help you get the butt like Jlo.



Lunges is one of the most useful exercises when growing a bigger booty. Many celebrities, including Jennifer Lopez, have fallen in love with lunges because it’s so effective. Now there are several types of lunges.

There is the side lunge, walking lunge, alternating lunge and stationary lunge.

Do not get confused with that though, just start off with the typical standard and it will do the job.


Hip extensions

This workout doesn’t just want to work your butt but also your hips. It helps you to get a curvy look, as you’re working the side booty muscles.



Foods for bigger butt like Jlo

It doesn’t matter if you have a good butt workout routine, if you’re not eating the right foods you will not get the right results. Here are some of the best foods to help supply your booty with enough protein for growth.


Mixed nuts

Mixed cashews, almonds, peanuts, pistachios are all packed with protein and healthy fats. They contain about 135 calories per ounce and will definitely help you grow a bigger butt.


Whole grains


You must have whole grains in your diet if you want to gain weight on your butt.

It not only has the necessary calories you need but it also helps your heart and all the other organs to function properly.

And the good thing about this is that you’re getting the right calories that will not turn into fat because you will be working out.



Tuna is packed with a lot of protein that your butt needs to grow. It contains about 200 cal from one can so you must add it to your diet throughout the week to increase your protein intake.


Hope you’re inspired

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most beautiful and sexiest woman in the world and it will not do you wrong to follow her lifestyle habits.

The thing is, if you want to maintain your youthful look as long as possible, then you have to start as early as possible.

Don’t wait until you’re 35 or 40 to start eating properly and exercising.

Start now!

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