Hate Running? These 10 Exercises Burn More Calories!

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Not everyone likes running.

Which is completely understandable, and that’s why in this post you’re going to learn about 10 exercises that burn more calories than running.

Of course, running helps to burn calories, reduce stress and boost your endurance but it isn’t for everyone.

The good news is that running isn’t the  most efficient way to burn calories. As the average person burns 10 calories per minute while running.

Let’s dive into the 10 workouts that rank on the fitness charts in terms of calorie burn.


1. Kettle bell swings

This workout is perfect for torching calories and sculpting the perfect body.

  • Make sure to start in the standing position with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart.
  • Hold the handle of the kettle bell with both hands and make sure your arms are in front of your thighs and palms facing in.
  • Now you’re going to squat and keep your chest open and your back flat for proper form.
  • Swing the kettle bell through your legs forward until it’s parallel to your chest.


2. Burpees

This is one of the most super efficient work out you can ever do, as it targets your entire body and reduces excess body fat. For example, a 180 pound man can definitely burn an at least 1.5 calories per set.

When doing this workout aim for at least 10 burpees in 60 seconds. The more explosive the move is, the more calories you will burn and it will get your heart rate up while toning your muscles from head to toe.


3. Rope jumping


This one is actually fun as it doesn’t only get your heart rate pumping but it’s a very intense calorie burning workout.

It will help you to improve your coordination and balance. Try to go from moderate to intensive rope jumping sessions, as it will help to burn at least 13 calories per minute.

Rope jumping is also great for toning your shoulders and your entire body while at the same time improving your cardiovascular system.


4. Battle ropes

This special rope workout will help you burn at least 10 cal per minute. Doing this workout will help to tone your shoulders and your core.


5. Hiking with load

It’s quite obvious how difficult it is walking up a hill or incline with extra weight or luggage. Doing this workout is very efficient and adventurous as all you need is a strong backpack, a partner and a hill to hike.

Doing this will help you burn up to 400 calories per hour at an average walking pace.


6. Dancing

Whether you’re pro or not, everyone likes to dance. Dancing as a workout can burn up to 440 calories per hour. So the next time your friends invite you to the club, see it as an opportunity to exercise while having fun.

7. Rock climbing


This is actually adventurous and fun as it ramps up the adrenaline in your body. The average climber can look forward to burning at least 455 cal per hour.

So if you want to tone your entire body while being adventurous, this is the work out for you. You can also check out some local gyms that offer classes for rock climbing in groups.


8. In-line skating

This might seem effortlessly fun but in-line skating is one of the best calorie burning workouts. It helps to tone your glutes, thighs and calves without you even noticing.


9. Rowing


You might be sitting down when rowing but this can burn up to 600 cal per hour. That’s quite good!

It’s one of the most intense and effective workouts that you can include in your workout regimen. The rowing motion also helps to tone your postural muscles and upper body.


10. Boxing

You don’t have to become Rhonda Rouset to do boxing. Doing this helps you to become super fit in your upper body and core as the average boxing session will burn up the 700 calories per hour.

Plus, it’s a wonderful way to let off some steam if you’re having a bad day.

So give it a try!


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Kim Nyuem
Lead editor here at Femniqe and a fitness addict that finds blueberries irresistible! 🙂
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