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3 Bigger Butt Workouts with Weights (Get Amazing Gains)

Last Updated on January 29, 2022 by Femniqe

When you have big strong glutes, it comes with a lot of perks.

For example, it improves your posture, you develop overall body strength and power, and you’re less likely to have back pain.

All of which have been scientifically (1)proven.

The thing is, your glutes are designed to be the one of the largest and most powerful muscles in the entire body.

When you have strong butt muscles, you will inherently have more power to last throughout your workout session and increased support for your spine and hips.

And who doesn’t love a nice butt?🍑

In this post, you’re going to learn 3 simple but effective booty workouts that will help to lift and grow your glutes.

For you to get maximum results, each workout targets specific muscles of the hip and butt to increase your booty mass.

Note: For these butt workouts you will need dumbbells. Use any size ranging from 10 to 25 pounds. Don’t go too light or too heavy.

So let’s dive in!

1. Split lunges with dumbbell

How to do it

  • Stand with your feet hip-width apart and both hands holding both dumbbells at your hips.
  • Take a big step forward with your right leg then you’re going to lower your body to the ground while bending your right knee, forming a 90 degree angle to the ground.
  • Use your right foot to push yourself up, then lower yourself until your right knee touches the ground, then hold 1 second.
  • Slowly return to the starting position and repeat
  • Do 3 sets of 25 reps.

2. Donkey kicks with dumbbell

How to do it

  • This is similar to donkey kicks except you’re going to put a dumbbell in between your hamstring and squeeze with your calf to hold.
  • Start with the left leg and slowly lift it up as far as possible and hold for 1 second.
  • Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.
  • Do 2 sets of 25 reps for each leg.

3. Reverse lunges with dumbbells

How to do it

  • It’s the same as doing reverse lunges except you’re going to hold both dumbbells at your hips.
  • Start with your right leg by pushing it backwards and lower your body until your knee forms a 90 degree angle to the ground.
  • Alternate between each leg and do 3 sets of 25 reps.

More Super Glutes Workouts

If you want a booty that defies gravity then you need to start lifting a bit heavier.

Not to worry, you don’t have to lift like those  bodybuilders as you’re just working on your butt.

And what we mean by lift is lifting heavier dumbbells and a barbel.

Your glutes need to be challenged for them to grow fast. Therefore, you have to add more stress to the muscles.

The video below shows you how to barbell squat properly to maximize your booty growth.

Don’t forget nutrition

If you don’t nail this aspect, you’re glutes will never grow.

To grow any muscles on your body, it will need proper nutrition to support the growth.  That’s just a scientific fact.

So it doesn’t matter how many barbel squats or lunges you do, if you’re not eating for growth then you will never see good results.

If you want to learn about some butt growing foods to include in your diet,  make sure to check out => this post.

So add these butt workouts to your routine and make sure to eat for the booty! 👍

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