Bigger Glutes Checklist: 6 Tips For Guaranteed Booty Gains!


#5 – Don’t Let Squats and Lunges Be The “Go-To” Exercises

Look, squats and lunges are great lower body exercises.

There’s no doubt about that.

But when it comes onto hitting the glutes for maximum engagement and growth, they do have a VERY poor job at it.

Really, just ask yourself.

How many times have your glutes been sore from doing squats and lunges?

Now, ask yourself how many times your quads have been sore. I can bet that 95% of the time your quads are the ones on fire.

Yes, you might feel a little engagement in the glutes BUT it’s nothing compared to what you’re feeling in the quads.

That’s because most people are quad dominant.

Meaning their quads perform most of the work during most lower body exercises.

While the glutes get little-to-no action.

That’s why some people end up with large thick thighs but have under-developed glutes. Nothing is wrong with that look if it’s that what you want.

But for most persons they want to grow bigger glutes NOT thicker thighs.

That is where Glute Isolation comes into play.

Which is basically doing movements that target the glutes specifically. Some great examples are like single leg pumps, bridges and hip thrusts. These activate and FIRE up your glutes!

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