Bigger Glutes Checklist: 6 Tips For Guaranteed Booty Gains!


#2 – Make That Mind-To-Glutes Connection

This is super important! If you’re not SQUEEZING and CONNECTING with your glutes, you might as well just save your energy.

The sad fact is that when most people attempt to train their glutes they end up working the quads and hamstrings.

That’s why you must activate your glutes and direct all the attention into feeling the movement there.

For example, next time you train your glutes ask yourself “what am I focusing on?” “am I squeezing hard enough?”

Make sure you feel the tension from the first rep, right to the last one. Take your time and do not rush!

Over time you will develop ‘muscle memory’ which means you won’t have to try so hard, it will feel more natural.

You’ll end up getting more glute activation if you “train your brain” to fire-up during exercises.

One way to strengthen the connection between your brain and glutes is to squeeze your buttocks together as if you’re holding a $20 bill between them and hold for 10 or 15 seconds and then release.

Practice it!

You can even do holds discretely when you’re standing inline at the bank, cooking or doing dishes.

When doing exercises that target your glutes, squeeze your buttocks together consciously with each repetition and feel your gluteal muscles firing.

Make it a habit, it’s one that pays off with bootiful results!

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