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21 Healthy High Protein Snacks That Aren’t Boring

Last Updated on September 4, 2019 by Femniqe

If you’re rushing to work or heading to the gym and want healthy high protein snacks but prefer something more than the usual boring boiled eggs,  this list will give you some great alternatives.

These are packed with tons of protein along with some awesome nutrients to power your day.

Don’t think that your healthy diet have to consist of the same thing everything, it’s time to mix it up.

1. Nut Butter with cut apples


This one is a bit different from what you’re used to. Slice circular layers of apples and smear them with some nut butter (you can add some almond, walnut or cashew for added protein) and top it off with some raisins. You can use celery instead of apples if you want to switch it up a bit.

  • 2 tsp of natural nut butter
  • 1 cup of sliced apples or celery

Protein Value = 8.7 Grams

2. Get some jerky


Try to get the ones that are natural, low in sodium and sugar. This snack is a healthy snack alternative especially if you’re too busy to fix something.

One serving pack = 9.6 Grams of Protein

3. Trial Mixed Nuts


The beauty about mixed nuts is that not only are they packed with healthy protein but they are extremely delicious. They are convenient and can be eaten anywhere or anytime.

There are tons of variations of trial mixes that you can experiment with to see which one you like the most.

But if you’re confused about which one to go with then go with Pistachios and Almonds as these two contains more protein than its other counterparts.

“Eating mixed nuts is one if the best healthy high protein snacks”

Protein Value  = 6-9 grams

4. Pumpkin Seeds


These lovely seeds are normally underrated as many people aren’t aware that pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of fiber and protein. All you have to do is wash, dry and roast them then add a little salt for savory.

  • Get 2/3 cup of pumpkin seeds, rinse them and a pinch of salt then roast it at 300 degrees for about 15-20 minutes.

Protein value = 8.5 Grams

5. Deli Rollups


Think about this as a typical sandwich but minus the bread. This sandwich has double the protein value of a boiled hard egg.

  • All you need is 2 slices of turkey rolled up with 1 slice of low fat cheese and 1 slice of tomato.

Protein Value = 12 grams

6 . Protein powder alternative

coc sj

Some people just don’t like using protein powder which is fine, it’s not for everyone. So one of the best alternative to creating a tasty high protein shake is to use banana, chocolate milk and some low fat peanut butter.

This homemade protein shake is packed with tons of nutrient especially if your try build a bigger and firm butt. This definitely works!

  • Get 3 bananas, 1 tsp of low fat peanut butter, ice and one cup of chocolate milk. Blend for a couple minutes till its smooth.

Protein Value: 17 Grams

7. Quesadilla made with cheese with beans


This might take a few minutes to prepare but your body will thank you for it, because it is packed with protein, calcium and fiber.

Sprinkle or spread the cheese of your choice on the tortilla then using a dry non stick pan, heat them until the cheese have completely melted and the tortilla becomes slightly brown.

Once that’s ready, add your beans and wrap it up in a foil then you’re ready to go.

  • 1/2 cup of black beans, 1 tsp of Salsa, 1 slice of low fat cheddar cheese in a small whole wheat tortilla.

Protein Value: 18 Grams

8.  Protein Shake


Even though getting protein from food sources is the best option some persons are extremely busy to look about anything.

Therefore, using protein powder occasionally can help to make up for the lack of protein throughout the day.

There are tons of protein shakes available that comes in many sizes and flavors. You can also get creative with combining it with other items.

For example:

  • 1 scoop of Vanilla protein powder, 1 cup of freshly squeezed orange juice and 1 cup of blended ice. Blend it until it’s smooth.

Protein Value: 19-33 grams

9. Protein bars


Not all protein bars are created equal so we aren’t big on eating just any brand. However, we are fond of the ones that are all nuts based.

So if you’re really hungry but want to eat something that has a high amount of protein then you can grab one of these items.

It’s a very quick and convenient way to deal with extreme hunger.

  • 1 almond walnut mixed with peanuts.

Protein value: 10 grams

10.  Edamame


These are one of the best healthy high protein snacks that you could ever add to your diet. You can even purchase them precooked or frozen, however, the best way is to buy them fresh and then steam them.

  • Get 1 cup of Edamame beans and sprinkled with some sea salt to savour.

Protein value: 8.6 grams

11. Wheat cracker and cheese


This one is really tasty and is packed with tons of protein. You use brown whole grain stick crackers with some almonds and low fat butter cheese.

Dip those sticks into the cheese and you will end up in delicious crunchy heaven.

  • Get a pack of whole wheat cracker sticks, a pack of almonds and soft melted low fat cheese.

Protein Value = 10.3 grams

12. Granola and Greek yogurt


This type of yogurt doesn’t only supplies tons of calcium but probiotics as well to help fight inflammations. Just add some granola to that silky smooth yogurt and mix it then chow down in pleasure!

But make sure to chew properly.

  • Get one serving of Greek yogurt with 3 tsp of granola.

Protein Value = 17 Grams

13. Old school Peanut butter and jelly

Healthy High Protein Snacks

PB&J have survived decades and it’s still here because it’s just simply delicious. You can use some low fat peanut/almonds butter and use fruit juice sweetened jelly to avoid the excessive sugar and trans fat.

  • Get 2 slices of whole wheat bread, 1 tsp of natural peanut butter and 1tsp of all-fruit jelly.

Protein Value = 13 Grams

14. Crunchy Greek Oats Treat


Using the Greek yogurt again but this time we are going to add some freshly cut fruits (can use frozen ones too).

Add a small about of honey then sprinkle some toasted oats to add some crunchy factor. You will end up with a protein and probiotic packed healthy snack.

  • Get 1 cup of non-fat Greek yogurt with 2 tsp of oats  and some grapes or berries.

Protein Value = 12.7 Grams

15. Chocolate Milk

milky bla

What many people don’t realize is that chocolate milk is one the highest quality protein source especially for a super post workout snack. Always go for the ones that are low in sugar and fat. Plus, it’s really delicious and filling.

  • Get one cup of reduced fat and low sugar chocolate milk mixed with some ice cubes.

Protein Value = 9.6 Grams

17. Turkey sandwich


You don’t have to wait on thanksgiving to eat this protein filled deli. You can combine this with veggies, dried cranberries and cheese. When you finish eat this you will be filled for a couple hours well.

  • Get 2 slices of whole wheat bread sliced length wise, add 2 slices of roasted turkey, 2 slices of tomato, 1 slice of low fat cheese and 1 tsp of dried cranberries.
  • You can also some mustard and lettuce to add some more flavor.

Protein Value = 21 Grams

18. Wheat crackers and tuna

tuna ca

By now you should know that tuna is one of the best sources for protein plus it also has vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. Use a whole cracker and scoop some tuna to enjoy a healthy snack.

– Get a serving of albacore tuna with some tomato and lettuce and at least 11 whole wheat crackers.

Protein Value = 13 Grams

19. Toasted Quinoa


Quinoa is one of the ultimate healthy high protein Snacks you can consume today. You can lightly sweeten and toast it to achieve a crunchy delight. You can even add it to some Greek yogurt to get a protein packed snack.

  • Get 1/2 cup of quinoa mixed with 1 Tsp of ground flax,1 tsp of fresh shredded coconut, 1 tsp of honey. Toast it at 300 degrees for 11 mins.

Protein Value = 9.6 Grams

20. Simple burrito

Healthy High Protein Snacks

Sometimes you might want to change things up a bit and go a bit more spicy.  You might want to get a Burrito. Most of the protein comes from the black beans and cheddar cheese, and adding a small dose of salsa gives some powerful Antioxidants.

If you’re vegan then you can replace the cheese with some extra beans.

  • Get 2 slices of whole wheat tortilla, 2 tsp of mashed black beans, 2 tsp of shredded low fat cheddar cheese and 1 tsp of salsa.

Protein Value: 9 grams

21. Grape cheesy sticks


For this one you will dice up some low fat cheddar cheese into half inch thick squares. Place the grape and cheese alternately on a toothpick.

This might seem weird but the sweet and savory contrast of the grape and cheese will result in a delicious snack that you can’t get enough of.

  • Get 1 ounce of low fat cheddar cheese, grapes and tooth picks.

Protein Value: 8.7 grams

Go and try any of these healthy high protein snacks throughout your daily eating plan to spice things up.

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