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25 Mouth-Watering Healthy Late Night Snacks (Weight Loss Friendly Foods)

Last Updated on September 9, 2019 by Femniqe

Is late night snacking bad?

Well, it depends on how you approach it.

When it comes to night time snacking you have to be careful of what you consume.

The thing is, we’re most likely to crave unhealthy tasty foods which results in the build up of excess fat throughout the body.

Whenever you start gaining a lot of fat it not only affects you physically but mentally as well  as your self confidence will take a slight hit.

It’s not a crime to be overweight but it’s a good way to invite common lifestyle diseases into your body and shorten you lifespan.

Here are 25 healthy late night snacks that will satisfy those mega cravings.

You should know that some of these snacks will need a little preparation. So what you can do is get proactive and prepare them beforehand and store them in the refrigerator.

This will make it more convenient for you as you won’t feel lazy which will lead you to settle for a bag of potato chips.

25. Multi-grain pretzels


Whether it comes in a fancy stick design or twisted form, these are a good night snack you can munch on.

For those of you who like eating chips, multi grain pretzels is the ultimate alternative.

In every handful it contains 100 calories and can be eaten with yogurt to savor the taste.

24. Strawberry smoothie


This is a really healthy but tasty night time snack in liquid form.  And it’s pretty simple to make.

Pour a glass of water into the blender and add 3 tablespoon of yogurt. Then add 1 tablespoon of honey and 4 strawberries.

Blend everything together and you can even throw in a couple ice cubes to give that chill factor.

This shake will provide you  with digestive boosting probiotics.

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