25 Mouth-Watering Healthy Late Night Snacks

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healthy late night snacks

Is late night snacking bad?


It depends on how you approach it.

When it comes to night time snacking you have to be careful of what you consume.

The thing is, we're most likely to crave unhealthy tasty foods which results in the build up of excess fat throughout the body.

Whenever you start gaining a lot of fat it not only affects you physically but mentally as well  as your self confidence will take a slight hit.

It's not a crime to be overweight but it's a good way to invite common lifestyle diseases into your body and shorten you lifespan.

Sometimes you might feel you're doing all the right things but somehow you're not reaching your body's ideal weight.

That's because the smallest bad habits are the biggest obstacles to our goals.

In this case, this one habit is why some persons are finding it hard to lose weight.  Snaking on the wrong foods at night.

Craving for food at night is completely normal, especially when you're committed to a workout regime.

As a result of your workouts the metabolic rate will increase significantly. That's why you have to eat healthy late night snacks.

Remember, you can be doing the best workout plan under the sun but if you forget to eat healthy foods your work will be in vain.

So you don't have a choice but to eat properly!

Getting your desired body takes commitment, dedication and most of all sacrificing your love for tasty, mouth watering junk foods.

It's a must to include healthy snacks throughout the day especially at nights.

As a result of having a hectic work schedule or a busy lifestyle some people don't make it a priority to eat healthy as they usually just eat on the go. The easiest available food tend to be junk food.

Whatever your night time demands are you need healthly foods to eat at night as cravings are bound to follow.

Your stomach will start growling for something to break down.

But Why Do I Crave for food at night?

That's a good question because there are more reasons that could cause cravings apart from work demands or binge watching a tv series.

Here are a few possible reasons why you may be craving so much at nights.

  • Low salt and sugar levels
  • Boredom
  • Little or no protein in your body
  • You're dehydrated
  • A very fast metabolism

Whenever you feel that raging hunger at nights try to think about healthy foods you should eat instead of pizza or burger.

If you really care about the health of your body, under no circumstances (unless it's an apocalypse and you have no option) should you be eating junk foods at night.

The reality is, when you eat unhealthy foods your craving will be satisfied for a moment but it will prevent you from getting a good night's sleep.

Plus your body will be working hard to break down the toxic denatured food you just consumed.

You're about to learn 25 healthy late night snacks that will satisfy those mega cravings.

You should know that some of these snacks will need a little preparation. So what you can do is get proactive and prepare them beforehand and store them in the refrigerator.

This will make it more convenient for you as you won't feel lazy which will lead you to settle for a bag of potato chips.

25 healthy late night snacks
1. Multi grain pretzels


Whether it comes in a fancy stick design or twisted form, these are a good night snack you can munch on.

For those of you who like eating chips, multi grain pretzels is the ultimate alternative.

In every handful it contains 100 calories and can be eaten with yogurt to savor the taste.


2. Strawberry smoothie


This is a really healthy but tasty night time snack in liquid form.  And it's pretty simple to make.

Pour a glass of water into the blender and add 3 tablespoon of yogurt. Then add 1 tablespoon of honey and 4 strawberries.

Blend everything together and you can even throw in a couple ice cubes to give that chill factor.

This shake will provide you  with digestive boosting probiotics.


3. WHOLE WHEAT Crackers


One of the reasons why grandma loves to snack on these at night with a cup of tea is because it's really filling.

But not all crackers are created equal so you want to make sure you buy the multigrain, whole wheat or low fat mini toasts.

You can eat it with low fat cheese to give it that mouth watering taste. Multi grain crackers have protein and fiber.

But make sure to avoid the ones made from white flour.


4. Yogurt powered cubes

yogurt cubes

If you're a big fan of ice cream then you will love this awesome alternative.

Did you remember the strawberry shake mentioned earlier?

What you will do is pour some of the homemade smoothie into ice cube trays.  Let it freeze and you will have the best cold snack you've eaten.

This is one of the most delicious healthy late night snacks.


5. Dark Chocolate


A lot of us are big chocoholics and that's fine as long as you go for the really dark ones.

The dark chocolate you buy should be made up of 70% cocoa, has little sugar and packed with antioxidants.

This is a wonderful substitute for plain chocolate. Another perk of eating dark chocolate is it helps to lower your blood pressure.

But don't over do it, just eat a few cubes and you will be filled for the night.


6. Popcorn


One of the few reasons why popcorn is on this list is because they are very low in calories and are 95% fat free.

Just make sure to avoid using butter and use lemon powder to flavor instead.


7. Dried Figs


If you have a sweet tooth then you will love the taste of dried figs as they taste like chewy candy.


The good thing about this is that it's sweet and it's healthy. So it's a very good snack to eat at night time when you're craving food.

To change it up a bit you can sprinkle your figs with some light cheese to give it that savoring taste.


8. Oats Wheat Cereal


Not all cereals are created equal As most of them are packed with sugar and other unhealthy substances.

So try to get a cereal that is mostly oats mixed with wheat and you can add low-fat milk.


If you're feeling that nightly craving then you can eat a bowl of this you as it will definitely keep you filled. It's packed with tons of nutrients like protein, vitamin D and calcium.

This one of the best healthy late night snacks to fill your tummy.

9. Frozen Blueberries


Blueberries are packed with antioxidants fiber and vitamins.

You can add a little whip cream to your bowl of blueberries and eat it as a dessert at night time. After eating this delicious dessert you will be satisfied for the rest of the night.

For power-packed health benefit, this is one of the ultimate healthy late night snacks you can eat.


10. Greek Yogurt and fruit


Do you know why Greek yogurt is so healthy? That is because it's high in protein and very low in fat.

But it's a versatile snack that you can eat with any fruit.

Some fruit ideas that you can combine it with are papaya, melon, blueberries and strawberries.


11. Whole wheat bread and tuna


You can use whole wheat bread to make sandwiches like tuna and sardines. It's easily digested by the system and will help to keep you full at the same time.

Plus you'll be getting a good protein boost.


13. Toast with banana


This one is actually interesting because when you combine complex carbohydrates, it produces melatonin in the brain which will help you fall asleep easily.

Plus bananas consist of potassium and magnesium to help your muscles relax and enhance sleep.

If you have problems falling asleep then this healthy late night snack is for you.


13. Vegetable chips


Just to be clear we're not referring to chips that you would buy at the supermarket. You can simply make these vegetable chips by baking them.

You can try many variations like sprinkling some lemon powder on it to give some flavor.


14. Good ole fruits


You can do many things with fruits like freezing it to eat. Some of the best fruits to eat at nights are apples, pears, sweet berries, bananas and melons.


15. Protein Bars


This will work perfectly if your work demand is high as it will help you feel energized and active.

Protein bars have a very nice chewy texture that will make you feel like you're eating a lot when you actually aren't.

So if you want to trick yourself into eating a lot then just grab a nice protein bar.  Make sure you buy the protein bar that is very low in sugar and fat.


16. Egg sandwich


If you're not feeling for veggies or fruit you can make a nice egg sandwich. Instead of frying the egg boil one egg, cut it into pieces and put it on whole wheat bread.

To spice it up, you can add some lettuce and lemon powder and you can even toast the bread to give it a crunchy factor.


17. Celery dips

celery dps

Get two sticks of celery and dip it in some low fat peanut butter and you'll end up with a power-packed protein and antioxidants snack.


18. Hot chocolate


Drinking a cup of hot chocolate will definitely satisfy your stomach and remove any excess gas. Instead of using sugar, add 2 teaspoons of honey and some cocoa to hot milk.

Definitely one of the most healthy late night snacks to fill you up and send you to sleep.


19. No-bake peanut butter cookies


These are very simple to make cookies that contain the great flavor of combining peanut butter and chocolate along with little sweetness of honey.

You can also add oats to add a punch of fiber and plant protein. This will make it very satisfying and fill you for the rest of the night.


20. Raspberry yogurt pops

healthy late night snacks

One of the best after-dinner snack is Popsicle but not the ones that you get at the stores. Those are packed with food dye and sugar.

To make this snackable treat, mash three quarters of a cup of raspberries into two cups of low fat Greek yogurt.

Then you're going pour the mixture Into a Popsicle mold and put it in the freezer to let it harden. This will give you a healthy snack filled with protein and antioxidants.


21. Pumpkin Seeds


This healthy night snack will help you satisfy that nagging craving, help you relax, unwind and get ready for bed at the same time.

The best way to eat pumpkin seeds is to roast them. These contains about 50% of your recommended intake of magnesium which is very essential for 300 reactions in your body.

One of the main areas that magnesium deals with is relaxation.

If you didn't know magnesium is a powerful relaxant and which will help you unwind at night time.

Just sprinkle a bit of salt over those roasted pumpkin seeds and you will be satisfying your craving for the night.


22. Honey and Warm milk


Warm milk is actually a very powerful sleep aid making it a very good night snack. This will work great if you're having problems falling asleep.

Milk contains tryptophan which increases the feel-good hormone serotonin.

Adding honey to your warm milk will boost the sugar content of your warm milk.

This extra sugar will help the digestion and stimulate the hormones that boost the formation of serotonin to help you sleep like a baby.


23. Pistachios


Pistachios are a nutritious nighttime snack as it contains fiber, folate, unsaturated fats vitamin B6 and thiamin. You can even have some goat cheese or fruits like raspberries with it.


24. Almonds


This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning almonds.

People who eat almonds will experience great improvements in total cholesterol and triglycerides which is important in fighting all cardiovascular diseases.

Almonds are also high in magnesium which will help you sleep.


25. Berries and cream


If you're looking for a satisfying dessert to eat at night then berries and cream is a good choice.

You will use Greek yogurt for the cream and top it off with  a quarter cup of blueberries and raspberries.

Combining these will give you a high protein version of a delicious dessert.

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Foods to avoid at night

Now that you have some ideas of healthy snacks that you can eat at night, you need to stay away from these following foods at night time.

They will build up excessive fat throughout your body.

Greasy foods


If you want to feel lazy and sluggish then eat some fatty and greasy foods.

They will also do a good job at increasing your waistline and making your stomach bulge.

This will only put a lot of pressure on your digestive system and slow down your metabolism. That's why it is vital that you only have any of the healthy late night snacks mentioned earlier.

So keep away from fast foods such as ice-creams before going to bed.


Sugar and high carbs foods


Eating high carbohydrates or sugar foods before going to bed is very dangerous for your health.

For example, eating a piece of chocolate cake will definitely boost your blood sugar levels and will also disrupt your sleep.

So make sure to avoid foods like cookies, cakes and rich desserts. Another food you should avoid is white bread.

Red meat


This is a big No-No. If you eat red meat at night they will have the same effect as greasy foods, which is making your stomach bulge.

Plus it will make it harder for you to sleep and disrupt the digestive process.


Spicy foods


Spicy foods are good for certain ailments but it's definitely not good to eat at night.

You should avoid spicy pepper foods at all costs at night because it will upset your stomach. Plus it will stimulate your senses making it harder for you to fall asleep.


lastly but not least

Make sure that after you snack at nights you do not sleep immediately. You want to give your snack at least 20 to 30 minutes to fully digest.

Now go ahead and enjoy these healthy late night snacks!


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