30 Day Hourglass Figure Workout (Smaller Waist & Bigger Butt)


Let's say for first meal, you can start with a protein shake blended with oats and even your favorite fruits.

If you don't want to use cow's milk you can use almond or cashew milk.

Whether you're​ a vegan or not there's a protein shake for you.


It's best for you to avoid ready-made meals for lunch and instead make them from home.

So what you can do is make a whole wheat tuna sandwich topped with your favorite vegetables.

Don't go overboard with the carbs as that will lead to more fat being stored all over your body.


Try to keep your dinner simple.

So you can either go for a grilled fish, steak or chicken and some steamed vegetables.

You can also add a cup of brown  rice for some additional fiber.

Foods to avoid

For this 30 day hourglass figure challenge to actually work, you have to avoid some “progress killing” foods.

High sugar foods like refined grains, white bread, cookies or any packaged snacks.

Try to avoid them as much as possible.

Don't forget to watch out for foods that are high in saturated fat.

Good example are processed meats from beacon and hot dogs. Creamy foods like ice cream, full fat cheese and sour cream.

Start the hourglass figure workout challenge

Whether you believe it our not, women around the globe are transforming their bodies and sculpting their dream curves.

You can also achieve it, if you put this plan into action.

So may sure to bookmark this page or pin it your personal board on Pinterest to access it.

Don't wait, start today!

The earlier you start the sooner you will see results as the weeks progress.