Waistline Tightener Full Body Routine: 5 Minute Kettlebell Workout

5 Minute Intense Kettlebell Workout Routine

Last Updated on February 23, 2020 by Femniqe Editorial

If you haven’t invested in a kettlebell by now then you should.

Especially, if you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to workout.

You can use tiny sessions to burn tons of calories and get a good full body workout.

Previously we did a 7 Minute Kettlebell Workout, so if you want to combine both routines for maximum burn, by all means do so.

However, this is a 5 minute workout routine that you can do anywhere with a kettlebell.

The Kettlebell workout overview

A 8 kilo kettlebell is perfect, even if you’re advanced you don’t need to go super heavy.

You’ll be doing three separate workouts that will engage all the muscles in your body.

So whether you’re looking to burn fat or tone up muscles, this is perfect for you. First we’re going to break down each workout then you’ll be given the workout chart below.

It will show you the amount of sets and time assigned for each.

Let’s get started! 🏁

1. Pass it around

You probably haven’t done this one before. It’s very fun to do but the fun will last for a short time. 😉

It’s going to hit those upper body and core muscles really hard.

So make sure to get yourself ready.

How to do it

  •  To start, stand on your right foot  while holding the kettlebell at your right side with your right hand.
  • You’re going to swing it behind you then collect it with your left hand and carry it around to the front creating a circular motion.
  • Continue the circular motion for the specified time frame.
  • When finished with one direction, do the other.

2. Single leg lift

One you probably know as you might have done it with a dumbbell. This move hits most muscles in the lower body while working the upper body.

When you’re performing this workout, make sure that you keep good balance and don’t rush through the reps.

“Remember it’s not how many reps you can do, it’s the quality of the reps that matters.”

How to do it

  • Stand on your right foot only holding the kettlebell in your right hand.
  • Make sure the left foot is slightly off the ground.
  • Now slowly bend your upper body forward until it’s parallel to the ground and the kettlebell slightly touching the ground.
  • Hold that position for one second and return to position A and then repeat.

3. Kettlebell swing

It’s just hard not to include this move in any kettlebell routine.

A very powerful calorie burner and muscle toner for the whole body.

An absolute favorite for many athletes when performing high intensity kettlebell workouts.


How to do it

  • Standard shoulder-width apart holding the kettlebell between your legs and below your pelvis.
  • You’re going to swing it backwards in between your legs, then do an explosive swing front way until both hands are parallel to the ground.
  • Do as many explosive reps within the specified time frame given on the chart below.

If you want to ge ta better visual, you can see the how to perform the moves properly in the video below.



Getting the maximum calorie burn

After you complete this workout, you’re going to be drenched in sweat.

But if you want to do another round of high intensity workout for even more fat burn, then here are some recommended ones:

The idea is to push your body out of the comfort zone and challenge it even more to get better and faster results.

If you’re always at the same level you’re going to always get the same mediocre results.

Try this 5 minute kettlebell fat blaster!

Just give it a try and you’ll see why kettlebell is a big deal.

It doesn’t matter your age or level, it’s perfect for anyone who wants to get fit and get the best shape possible.

If your goal is to burn and lose body fat, build bigger glutes or sexy lean thighs, it will do the job.

And even if you want to get rid of stubborn belly fat, it can help but it comes with one condition.

Your nutrition has to support your training.

So you need to follow an eating plan that will guide you to give you the maximum results possible.

If you’re not sure how to structure your diet we have created a 7-Day weight loss meal plan.

It has meals from Monday to Sunday that will absolutely help you shred excess body fat and build sexy muscles.

So go ahead and give this a try, you will definitely love the burn!🔥

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