Fitness shouldn’t only be about aesthetics (how you look) but also being as healthy as possible to enjoy life to the max. 

What We Do

Our short “Get to the point” video content is watched by 3-5 million gorgeous females monthly across the world.

Plus, the in-depth content on our blog featuring workout routines to keep things fresh.

Your body adapts pretty quickly to any type of training, therefore you need a variety of workout routines to keep challenging your body and keep getting results.

The things is, If you want to live life to the fullest then your body has to be in great shape! That’s what our content helps you to accomplish.

When you’re fit and healthy, you’re more inclined to be happy and optimistic about life.

We create free fitness challenges and workout plans that targets the major problem areas for women. So whether you want to transform your glutes or lose body fat, our content WILL help you build your dream body.

The Team

Viktoria Unterberg – Fitness Enthusiast & Team Member

My name is Viktoria and I live in Frankfurt, Germany.

I have being doing weight training and free full body workouts for over 7 years. Furthermore I pay attention to a healthy and varied nutrition, love to cook and to create healthy meals.

Being fit and healthy is a big part of my life and I am really passionate about it. I’m currently create Femniqe workout videos and working as a fitness model.

In addition to that I love sharing my knowledge and experience with others who want to achieve their dream body.

For this reason, I have started an education as a fitness coach and personal trainer with medical focus to deepen my knowledge. I am studying at the Studiengemeinschaft in Darmstadt, Germany.

I love fitness and a healthy lifestyle so much because it helps me to be my better self. I gain my life energy and boost my mood with a good workout as often as I can. This helps me to be fit, healthy and to overcome all difficulties and problems which may occur in life.

My mission is to inspire you to take action and to live your life to the fullest 🙂

Elyssa Duncan – Fitness Writer & Team Member

I am Suffolk University graduate that is extremely passionate about healthy living and motiving others to live each day a little healthier (and happier) than the last.

I have received my ACE Health Coach Certification to better assist me in helping others reach and surpass goals. Not only I’m I super passionate about fitness but all things adventurous.

I recently packed up all of my belongings and moved 3,000 miles west. Right now I’m trading in the beautiful Boston skyline for the sunshiny coast of California left me hungry for growth, both personally and professionally.

As a writer at Femniqe, my goal is to help you reach closer and closer to your fitness goals. And as long as you’re a consistent action taker, you’ll get there!

Monica Rodriguez – Nutritionist & Team Member

Monica is a passionate nutritionists that share the importance of nourishing our bodies, minds and spirits. After many years of obsessing over food and diets, she discovered how variables like our beliefs, emotions and thoughts have a huge role in the way we metabolize and process food.

This awakening led her to study Metaphysics, Holistic Nutrition, Unified Physics, Universal Health Principles, Mind-Body Nutrition, and many other modalities. All of these not only confirmed her theories, but actually made me expand into a sense of worthiness, love and gratitude.

As a result of this deeply felt realization, she started having the most positive relationship with her body and food and she discovered that her struggles were the doorway that led to life’s gifts.  

Her passion if to help people achieve their health,aesthetic and weight loss goals with while making them realize all the inner potential that they carry within. Her professional experience includes:

Katie Goodwin – Fitness Enthusiast & Team Member

Kim Nyuem – Lead Editor

My fitness journey began in 2011 and I’ve leant a lot. I believe the best way to learn is from experiences. That’s how you know what works from what doesn’t.

As team member at Femniqe, I see it as an opportunity to help others avoid making mistakes and transition into a heathy lifestyle. If that’s your goal, you will find our content super helpful.


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  • Love to find and share women-focused fitness content on platforms such as Facebook, and Pinterest.
  • Looking for ways to get the ultimate body she possibly can!
  • Loves to feel the soothing cool breeze after an intense workout. 🙂

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