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Flat-To-Rounder Butt Workout: 6 Minute Routine To Build Bigger Glutes

Last Updated on January 29, 2022 by Femniqe

“My butt is flat and my friends tease me sometimes”

“How do I fix my flat butt”

These are just some of the hundreds of emails we get weekly from readers.

Some persons have flat glutes and they’re fine with it.

In fact, we also get emails from those who want to get a smaller butt.

Everyone’s fitness goals are different.

On the other hand, they’re those who want the opposite.

Most people think that because of genetics, their glutes composition cannot be changed.

That’s absolutely far from the truth.

There’s nothing that consistent hard work and healthy eating cannot change.

The human body is adaptable to any type of training you put it through.

Since most of our readers are busy with school or work, doing short intense glute workouts can go a far way.

The 6 Minute Flat Butt Fixer Workout Overview

First step is to activate your glutes for growth.

One of the worst things you can do for your glutes is just start hitting it with too much weights.

That’s the wrong approach.

You should first start off with bodyweight training using flexible resistance with something like a band.

And free weights like dumbbells.

You can grow your glutes significantly bigger by just using your bodyweight and free weights.

The training sessions just need to be intense with minimal rest time.

For this 6 minute butt workout it has three moves that you’ll be doing.

One workout will help you stretch your hip flexors so that it can activate gluteal muscles better.

Then the other two will be done just for training the glutes.

Get your stopwatch as this is a timed workout.

A chart will be given below showing the times and sets for each workout.

So let’s get started! 🏁

1. In and out stretch

Your hip flexors plays a big role in how your glutes activate.

A lot of us spend more than half of the day sitting, which isn’t good for our bodies.[1]

That’s why before you start any type of training always try to incorporate some form of stretching.

Especially, when you’re training the glutes.

This stretch will help you to loosen up those tight hip flexors and get your glutes ready for training.

Hip Flexor Stretches

Note: If you want more stretching variations make sure to check out => this guide.

How to do it

  • Sit on your glutes with legs slightly bent and hands supporting upper body from behind.
  • Your heels should be touching each other.
  • Now you’re going to slowly lift your glutes off the ground and push your pelvis forward as far as possible until you feel a slight stretch in your hip area.
  • Hold the position for one second then return to position A and repeat.

2. Banded Kickbacks

It looks easy but doing it is a different story.

This exercise is going to absolutely work those gluteal muscles.

If you don’t have a resistance band by now then get one as soon as possible.

Note: If you don’t have any get a pair of stockings, tie them together and use it for this workout.

How to do it

  • Stand in front of a wall using both hands to support your upper body leaning forward.
  • The resistance band should be on both ankles with some tension in the band.
  • You can start with either your right or left leg.
  • Now kick back your left or right leg as far as possible until you feel the contraction in your glutes.
  • Hold the position for one second then do the other leg.
  • Do legs alternately.

3. Deadlift squeeze

In this workout you’re going to use a dumbbell.

The dumbbell weight that you choose should not be too light or too heavy.

Ideally, anywhere from 15 to 25 pounds is good.

If you’re a beginner start with the 15 pound.

How to do it

  • You’re going to stand shoulder-width apart holding the dumbbell below your pelvic bone in your hands.
  • Slowly lower the dumbbell until it almost touches the ground.
  • Then lift upwards while contracting your glutes to your maximum strength and hold for one second.
  • Now go to position B and repeat.

The 6 Minute Flat Butt Fixer Chart

 Get Rid of a Flat Butt

The workout frequency

If you’re starting out you can do this 3 to 4 times a week.

However, if you have some more time to workout combine this routine with any of the following:

It cannot happen overnight.

But it can happen in the following weeks, if you stay consistent and eat to support training.

Get a workout buddy and do this challenge together.

Supercharge your booty gains right in the comfort of your home

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