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Slimmer Waist & Bigger Butt: 10 Minute Workout That Shreds Fat!

Last Updated on August 31, 2021 by Femniqe

Ready to trim down your waistline and build those glutes?

Get ready for this 10-minutes blaster!💥

It’s not hard, yet it’s not easy. It’s just right there in the middle.

If you have only 10 minutes a day you can do a lot with this routine. Not only will it help you build a bigger butt and sculpt smaller waist, but you also burn a ton of body fat.

This isn’t a 30-day challenge but you can turn it into one, if you’re serious about maximizing your gains.

The smaller waist & bigger butt workout overview

With this plan you’re only going to need a resistance band and 2 dumbbells.

The dumbbell can range anywhere between 10 to 15 pounds.

However, if those are too light you can go up to 25 pounds.

But if you’re just starting out, use a 10-pound then gradually increase. It consists of 3 compound workouts that combines HIIT and cardio.

If you’ve been following our workout plans, by now you should have gotten a resistance band.

They’re extremely cheap so invest in one.

Even if you can’t afford a resistance band for whatever circumstance, make one with 2 stockings.

It doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, there’s always an option.

Be creative and say no to excuses.😉

Now let’s break down each of these workouts.

Here we go! 🏁

1. Thigh Band Stretches

This is one of our favorites.

It’s really powerful because it targets all the gluteal muscles. So not only will you build a bigger butt, but you’ll also build rounder hips.

This move also works well, if you want to fill out those hip dips.

How to do it

  • Put on a resistance band right at knee cap length.
  • Lie down on your left side using your left elbow to support in your upper body.
  • Your thighs should be closed and ready to stretch.
  • Now you’re going to pull your thighs apart as far as possible and pause for 1 second.
  • After the pause return to the starting position by closing and repeat.

2. Curtsy hop twist

This exercise works everything.


It’s a compound move that will burn huge amounts of calories.

You will build bigger glutes, torch body fat and tone up those upper body muscles. Start off with a 10-pound dumbbell.

Master the move before you start using heavier dumbbells.


Having proper form is critical, as it can make or break your results.

How to do it

  • Stand shoulder-width apart holding 1 dumbbell in front of your stomach.
  • You’re going to jump to the right side performing the reverse lunge while twisting the dumbbell far around your right side.
  • Then you’re going to do the same thing by jumping to the left.
  • Don’t perform this move too fast. Going at a moderate pace will increase the tension and burn.

3. Lateral Lunge Crunch

You’re going to use both dumbbells for this exercise.

It’s another compound exercise that combines lateral lunge with standing crunch.

Lateral lunges for bigger butt

How to do it

  • Stand with feet wide apart holding both dumbbells above your shoulders.
  • You’re going to slowly lower your body to the left side and pause for 1 second.
  • Now move back up but this time lifting your left leg to perform a crunch.
  • Return to position A and do the same for the right side.

Slimmer Waist & Bigger Butt Workout Routine

Slimmer Waist & Bigger Butt Chart

The 10 minute workout break down

It will take 5 minutes for you to complete the 3 exercises, performing the required sets as listed on the chart above.

Because you’ll be doing 3 sets of each for 45 seconds.

When you complete that 5 minutes you’re going to jump right into a cardio session.

This cardio workout routine will last 5 minutes. Bear in mind, you can do whatever type of cardio you like.

So if you want to hit the treadmill, jog or bicycling, do it.

But don’t take any rest in between, this will boost your calorie burn to a different level.


If you really want to turn up the fat burning to the max then do this 5 minute HIIT workout for the cardio session.

Excess body fat is going to start crying! 🙂

Try this slimmer waist & bigger butt routine

It’s going to take your body to the next level. After you complete this workout, throughout the day you’re going to feel the burn.

That’s how powerful it is! Just make sure that you’re eating healthy, getting good sleep and minimize stress.

This will speed up your results.

Supercharge your booty gains right in the comfort of your home

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