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HIIT Your Butt: 10 Minute Fat Blasting + Glutes Builder Workout

Last Updated on January 29, 2022 by Femniqe

Can you work your glutes and burn fat at the same time?

Yes, it can be done!

No equipment needed, all you need is your bodyweight.

This 10 minutes HIIT glutes workout can be done anywhere; at home or at the gym as a finisher.

The 10 Minute HIIT Glutes Workout Overview

This routine has 4 separate workouts that will mainly target the lower body but will also provide total body calorie burn.

It’s created as a high-intensity fat burner so you can get the most out of your short workout session.

You can do this workout by itself or add it as a finisher to your current workout routine.

As usual a workout chart will be provided below that shows you the sets and specific times for each workout.

This is a time-based workout instead of being repetition based. You can get a stopwatch or use the timer app that comes on your phone.

So without further ado let’s get right into the workouts.

1. Curtsy Jump

This calorie burner will hit your thigh and glute muscles while revving up your metabolism.

When you’re performing this workout make sure to keep a steady balance throughout movement.

curtsy lunges

How to do it

  • Get into the reverse lunge position as shown in position A.
  • You can start with your right or left leg.
  • You’re going to use your front leg to push yourself upwards to jump as high as possible as showing in position C.
  • Then land back to position A and repeat.
  • When finished do the specified time-frame on the other leg.

2. The 360 Kicks

Quiet a unique workout that will give your legs a good stretch.

This is definitely a keeper!😉

A compound exercise that is modified with squats to work the glutes and thighs.


How to do it

  • Start in the wide squat position with thighs parallel to the ground.
  • While raising your body lift your right leg in a circular motion as shown in the image above, landing back into the starting position.
  • Then you’re going to do the same thing for your left leg and repeat.

3. Hop Kicks

Another squat variation that will definitely make your workout more interesting.

As the name suggests, you’ll be doing some kicking motion which is a multi-joint movement meaning burning more calories.

Any workout where you have to engage multiple joints at the same time will burn more calories than one that doesn’t.

hop kick squat exercise

How to do it

  • Get into the wide squat position as shown in position A.
  • Then you’re going to raise your body while kicking with your left leg infront to touch your right hand as shown in position B.
  • Land back into position A and do the same thing for your right leg.

4. Runner Skip Side Lunge

This workout will challenge your body the most out of the others mentioned above.

Therefore, it’s going to burn the most calories within this session while building your glutes and thigh muscles.

Runner skip side lunge

How to do it

  • Get into the sprinter position as shown in position A with your right foot in front and left foot behind.
  • Leap your body upwards as high as possible as shown in position B landing into position C.
  • Then you’re going to do a side lunge to the left as shown in position D.
  • Return to position A and repeat then do the other leg.

The 10 Minute HIIT Glutes Workout Chart

bigger butt workout calendar

Getting the most out of this HIIT booty workout

There are several ways you can use this routine.

If you already have a workout routine you can add it as a finisher.

Or if you’re doing the routine by itself, you can do the full set 2 to 3 times for the maximum calorie burn.

However, if you’re crunched for time just doing 10 minutes of this set will give you a good burn.

Also, if you’re doing the routine by itself then several times a week 3 to 4 sets is ideal.

But try your best to do at least two to three full sets to get the most burn!💥


As you progress with this workout, if you need more challenge, you can add a 10-20 pound dumbbell to the following moves:

  • The curtsy Jump
  • And 360 kicks

Adding weights to the others will make it a bit too difficult to perform.

Now go ahead and give this routine to try!

Start burning some calories while building your glutes and toning your thighs.

Supercharge your booty gains right in the comfort of your home

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