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My Bum Is Flat How Do I Make It Bigger? (3 Flat Butt Exercises Included)

My Bum Is Flat How Do I Make It Bigger (3 Flat Butt Exercise Included)

Last Updated on June 1, 2022 by Femniqe

We’ve been getting emails with questions like, “My bum is flat how do I make it bigger?” or “Which flat butt workout should I do?”.

Well, no need to worry because in this guide, you’ll discover how you can transform flat glutes into bigger, rounder and curvier glutes.  

I know it’s demotivating when you’re working out and eating right, but you’re not seeing the results you want. In most cases like this you only need to tweak a few things like adding a few flat bum exercises and you’ll start to see gains.

Basically, you may just need to change your approach. 

What you have to realize is that not all butt exercises are created equal, and it takes a bit of planning to build and grow your glutes. 

That being said, there are no easy ways to make your butt bigger, other than surgery. 

Plastic surgery is expensive and dangerous, and there’s a high chance it might not even give you the results you want.

There are many butt-lift horror stories about women doing operations that went bad. If you want a bigger butt, you just need to put in the work and the gains will come. 

With the right flat bum exercises and diet, you can see amazing results.

So My Bum Is Flat How Do I Make It Bigger? 5 Crucial Tips

Let’s look at the main things that can make or break your results.

1. Too Much Sitting Leads To Flat Bum Overtime

If you sit at a desk for your job, you’re likely sitting in your chair for at least 8 hours each day. 

You may notice your butt is a little sore when you stand up every now and then, or you may have noticed that you don’t have as much perkiness as you used to. 

Well it’s not just your imagination. 

All that excess sitting and minimal movement can take a toll on your glutes.

If your butt isn’t strong, it can make your butt workout routine harder which you won’t really see any results from your training. If the gluteus muscles don’t work properly, they can get weaker over time. 

This is called muscle atrophy or “Dead butt syndrome”. It can make squats feel harder than they used to. To counter this problem, you’ll need to focus on glute-targeting exercises to fire them up. 

This leads to the next point.

2. Add Flat Bum Exercises To Your Training

The best way to add size to your bum is by doing exercises that target all the gluteal muscles.  

This is how you transform a flat bum into a bigger and rounder one. Let’s look at 3 flat bum exercises you can start doing right now to change the shape of your bum.

Exercise #1: Single Leg Hip Thrust

One of the best flat butt workouts to target your glutes and stimulate growth. 

You should definitely add it to your routine. This move is relatively easy to do and can be done with or without weights.

My bum is flat how do I make it bigger with single leg hip thrust

Here’s a step-by-step guide to performing the single leg hip thrust:

  • Rest your back on a stable surface as shown in the image above
  • Raise one of your leg off the ground and extend it straight out in front.
  • Drive your heel into the ground and thrust your hips up off the ground, extending your hips until your body forms a straight line from your knees to your shoulders.
  • Squeeze your glutes at the top of the movement and hold for a count of two.
  • Slowly lower your hips back to the starting position and repeat for 10-12 reps before switching legs.

If you’re new to this exercise, you can start by doing it without weight. As you get stronger, you can add resistance by holding a dumbbell or barbell in your lap.

Exercise #2: Single Leg Deadlift

This move also works your underbutt making your bum more curvier and plump. You can start doing it with just your body weight.

After a while though, you might want to add a weight like dumbbell or kettlebell for extra resistance

single leg deadlift exercise showing How can I make my butt bigger when flat

How to do it:

  • Start by standing on your left leg with your right leg lifted behind you
  • You can hold onto a chair or a countertop for support 
  • Slowly bend your left leg, lowering your hips until your left thigh is parallel to the floor
  • Ensure your back is straight and core engaged
  • Hold for a count of two, then slowly straighten your leg and return to the starting position. Aim to do 10-15 reps, then switch legs and repeat.

Exercise #3: Step-Ups

The step-up is a classic lower-body move that works your entire glutes and legs.

Although the step-up looks simple, it’s actually a complex move that calls on several different muscles to work together. 

That’s what makes it such a powerful butt-building move.

The step-up can be done with just your body weight, or with the addition of dumbbells to make the move more challenging. 

If you’re new to step-ups, start without weight to get the hang of the move and perfect your form.

Here’s how to do a bodyweight step-up:

  • Start with your feet hip-width apart and place your left foot on top of a step or box
  • Press down into your left heel to raise your body up, and bring your right leg up so that your left thigh and right shin are parallel to each other
  • Now you’re going to slowly lower your body back to the starting point
  • Repeat the move on the other side

To make the move more challenging, you can hold dumbbells in each hand. Start with a light weight, such as 5 to 10 pounds and gradually increase the weight as you get stronger.

Do I Need To Lift Weights To Transform Flat Glutes?

Well not really, but you’ll need some form of resistance to get a bigger bum.

Here’s the thing, when you train the glutes with resistance, you cause tiny tears in your gluteal muscle fibers. As your glute muscles heal, they grow back stronger and larger than they were before. 

This process is known as muscle hypertrophy.(1

So whether it’s a resistance band, ankle weights, dumbbells, kettlebell, or a barbell, any of these will provide the needed resistance to stimulate your glutes to grow.

3. Increase Your Protein Intake

Combining these flat butt exercises with a high-protein diet will lead to a bigger butt overtime.

Protein is an essential macronutrient needed for glute muscle growth. It is the building block of muscle tissue and is necessary to repair and rebuild muscle cells. 

As mentioned earlier when you exercise, you create tiny tears in your muscle fibers. In order for your muscles to repair and grow back stronger, they need protein.(2)

Study shows that consuming between 1.4-2.0 grams/kg of protein per day is optimal for promoting growth, in this case, gluteal muscle growth.

To make sure you’re getting enough protein, eat a variety of protein-rich foods such as chicken, salmon, beef, tuna, eggs, dairy, legumes like lentils, and nuts. You can also increase your protein intake with the use of protein powder supplements.

4. You’re Doing Way To Much Cardio

It’s no secret that cardio is essential for good health. But when it comes to growing a bigger bum, too much cardio can actually be detrimental. 

Here’s why:

Excessive Cardio Not Only Burns Fat But Also Reduces Mass Muscle

When you do too much cardio, your body starts to burn muscle for fuel. This is because cardio raises your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which breaks down muscle tissue.

If you’re doing a lot of cardio in an effort to lose weight, you may be disappointed to find that you’re losing mostly muscle and water, not fat.

It Can Interfere With Muscle Growth

Too much cardio can interfere with your ability to build muscle. This is because it increases levels of the hormone myostatin, which limits muscle growth.(3)

It Makes You Too Tired To Do Your Flat Butt Exercises

If you’re doing a lot of cardio, you may find that you don’t have the energy or motivation to lift weights. This can lead to a decrease in muscle mass over time.

If you’re looking to build muscle, the best approach is to focus on strength training and limit your cardio to no more than 30 minutes per day. 

By doing this, you’ll minimize the risk of burning gluteal muscle and maximize your gains.

4. Consistency Matters (Alot!)

If you want to fix a flat butt and make it bigger, you have to be consistent. That means working out regularly and eating a healthy diet.

Your butt muscles need to be challenged in order to grow. If you don’t work out consistently, your muscles won’t get the stimulus they need to grow.

In addition, you need to eat a healthy diet in order to give your bum muscles the nutrients they need to grow. 

If you don’t eat healthy, your muscles won’t have the building blocks they need to grow.

So, if you want to build muscle, you need to be consistent with your workouts and your diet.

How Long Does It Take To Lift Your Bum?

If you stick to your workout routine, you should start seeing results in 4-6 weeks.

However, if you want to see significant glute growth, you’ll need to be consistent for 6-8 weeks. In 6 months to a year, you can make significant changes to the muscle and body composition of your butt.

My Bum Is Flat How Do I Make It Bigger And Rounder? Here’s The Fix

In summary, you need to:

  • Cut down on the excess sitting and stand more
  • Start doing flat bum exercises that target all the gluteal muscles
  • Increase your protein intake to support glute growth
  • Avoid excessive cardio

And most of all, stay consistent. Without consistency, you won’t see results. 

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