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One Glute Is Bigger Than The Other? 5 Hacks To Fix It Once And For All

One Glute Is Bigger Than The Other 5 Hacks To Fix uneven glutes

Last Updated on June 9, 2022 by Femniqe

I get it, it’s annoying to know that one glute is bigger than the other. You’ve probably tried many things to fix it and failed.

In this quick guide, you’ll learn how to fix uneven glues once and for all. The thing is, it is quite common among women and even men.

Some say their “glute won’t fire up” or that their “left glute is asleep.” Remember, you’re not weird for having a bigger glute than the other.

Most people have some degree of imbalance in their glutes, though it may not be noticeable in some cases.

An increasingly sedentary lifestyle, due to work or leisure activities, can lead to underdeveloped glute muscles. This can be corrected with some simple exercises that target the glutes.

Why Is One Of My Glute Bigger Than The Other?

The reason you have one glute bigger than the other is because you’re not training them evenly. 

A simple but effective plan to fix your uneven glutes is to make sure you’re firing up your glutes and training both sides evenly. 

This guide will help you build strong, evenly-sized glutes.

4 Signs You Have Uneven Glutes

If your glutes are not firing properly, you may have weak hip movement and muscle function.

This can affect your posture, strength, and stability. Here are some signs to look for that indicate if one glute is weaker than the other.

  • You have involuntary bad form – As you perform your lunge and squat exercises, take note of your mechanics. If you find that one of your glutes is weaker than the other, you may notice that your knees tend to come forward or inward when using that particular leg.
  • One grows faster than the other – This is the classic sign. It means during exercise one glute is getting more resistance than the other.
  • Your glute contraction is weak – You can test the strength of your glute muscles by flexing them. Do you notice one contracting more than the other?
  • You’re not feeling the burn – If you only feel soreness in one glute when training your legs or glutes, it could be a sign of glute imbalance.

There are a few things you can do to restore glute balance and improve glute function if any of these tests expose glute weakness.

How To Fix One Glute Bigger Than The Other (5 Hacks That Work)

In order to rebuild a weaker or smaller glute, a couple of tips can be followed. This will essentially help rectify the uneven glutes problem.

1. Start With Glute Activation Before Every Lower Body Workout

Glute activation is the process of contracting the gluteal muscles in order to stabilize the pelvis and hips and to generate power during movement. 

It can be done by doing specific exercises that target the glutes, such as glute bridges, single-leg glute bridges, and fire hydrants.

An inactive lifestyle can cause our glutes to become “switched off.” To ensure that the weak glute is fired up before we do any exercises or training, it’s important to activate it properly.

Here’s a great routine you can do to help fix uneven glutes, see the exercise routine here.

2. Do Exercises That Strengthen The Weaker Glute

Now that you know how to activate your glutes, it’s time to start strengthening them with various exercises. 

Powerful exercises like:

  • Hip thrust
  • Lateral Band Walks
  • Glute bridges
  • Curtsy Lunges

They are great at firing up your glutes and getting them stronger. Here’s a great workout in the video below you can do to force your glutes to activate.

Sculpting your glutes can have many benefits beyond aesthetics. 

Our glute muscles help us maintain proper posture and engage in activities like running, jumping, and climbing. 

Having strong glutes can help improve our overall mobility and quality of life.

3. Do 2-3 More Sets Of Single-Leg-Deadlift On The Uneven Glute

One leg adds a balance and stability challenge, so there’s an increase in the glute demand on the weaker glute.

This really forces it to adjust to the demand by getting stronger and bigger.

This is the real selling point of this exercise because a strong posterior is necessary for activities such as running, walking, and jumping.

How To Do Single-Leg Deadlift To Fix One Glute That’s Bigger Than The Other

This exercise targets your glutes, hamstrings and core, making it a great way to strengthen your lower body. 

Here’s how to properly do a single-leg deadlift: 

1. Start by standing on one leg, with your other leg slightly behind you. 

2. Bend at your hip and reach your hand down to the ground, keeping your back straight. 

3. As you lower your hand down, raise your back leg up behind you. 

4. Slowly go back to the starting position and repeat. 

5. Do 8-10 repetitions on each side. 

If you find this exercise too difficult, you can make it easier by holding on to a chair or countertop for balance. 

As you get stronger, you can try adding weight to the move by holding a dumbbell in your working hand.

Form tips: To perform the move correctly, be sure to keep your body in a straight line at the bottom. When your body is parallel to the floor and your leg is extended behind you, if the hip rotates up toward the ceiling, it will reduce the effectiveness of the move.

Imaging having a glass of water on your lower back during this move and you want to prevent spillage.

Even without equipment, this exercise is tough. You can make it more challenging by adding dumbbells or kettlebells to each hand.

4. Start Stretching Your Hip Flexors To Open Up Your Hip Range

If you can’t fully extend your hip, your glutes might not work as well, which could hold back development on your weaker side. 

To correct this, do some hip extensions as part of your workout routine.

Here’s a great hip stretching routine in the video below you can do in addition with glute activation exercises.

5. Grow A Stronger Mind-Muscle Connection

As you focus your thoughts on working your glutes, you can also enhance that thought connection by poking the muscles as you work them.

It’s important to take a moment between sets to focus on your goals and check in with your body. Get back into position and take the time to think about the work you’re about to do.

Use these tips to fix uneven glutes

You now know the reason why one glute is bigger than the other and how to fix it.

Put these tips into action and you will start to notice how the smaller glute starts catching up in size and strength as the other.

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