Side Booty Workout: 4 Moves To Grow Wider Hips (Hip Dips Exercises)

If you're looking to grow those side booty muscles to reduce hip dips, stop searching because you're at the right place.

By the end of this guide, you're going to get a complete training routine that will help to build and grow wider hips using certain targeted moves.

There's no need for some complicated training routine.

We’re going to keep this super simple but effective.

Now remember, you can’t make your hip bone structure wider as genetics determines your bone structure.

But don’t worry, all hope isn't lost.

There are certain exercises you can do to help target your gluteal muscles for them to grow wider to help give you that hourglass figure look.

NOTE: If you want to really maximize the look of wider hips then you will have to lower your body fat percentage if it's too high.

So, if you have excess fat in your waistline (love handles or muffin top) it is going to be harder for you to successfully pull off the hourglass look).

Also, having a lot of fat in your midsection will emphasize the appearance of hip dips as shown in the illustration below.

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The Side Booty Workout Overview

So for this routine we're going to focus mainly on the side booty muscle A.K.A the gluteus medius, which is the smallest of the gluteal muscle group.

Yes, you’re going to work the gluteus maximus and minimus also.

Because growing the gluteus medius alone will make your hip dips look worse.

Growing ALL the gluteal muscles will give the best results possible.

That's why this workout will engage all of the glute muscles in your lower body while hitting the gluteus medius to help amplify your curves.

Now, before we jump into the routine you can start off your training with bodyweight. However, as you progress you're going to get stronger, therefore your muscles are going to need more resistance.

So adding dumbbells to this routine will definitely push side booty muscle growth.

Let's get started!