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30 Day Waist Trainer Challenge (Love Handles Melter)

Last Updated on January 29, 2022 by Femniqe

Want to trim some fat off your waist line? Then you might want to take up this 30 Day Waist Trainer Challenge.

And guess what? It involves no use of an actual waist trainer. 😉

Waist trainers have their uses but using it by itself won’t do the job.

However, if you give this challenge your 100% you can get fantastic results. Plus it’s a free workout plan!👍

This challenge consists of super targeted oblique exercises and cardio sessions.

If you’re trying to lose fat from any part of your body you have to take a wholesome  approach, instead of trying to spot reduce as that isn’t possible.

Some experts believe that by doing cardio alone it can do the job but that’s not completely correct.

Yes, cardio will help to burn excess body fat but if you want to sculpt and build sexy waist muscles then you have to do ab/oblique workouts.

The 3 Exercises For This Waist Trainer Challenge

1. One leg crunch

How to do it

  • Sit on the floor while using both hands to support your upper body, palms flat on the ground.
  • Both legs should be close together with heels touching the ground.
  • Lift your left leg as if you want your knee to touch your shoulder.
  • Hold the position for 1 second then slowly lower back to the starting position.
  • Make sure to do the other leg.
  • Do the required amount of sets and reps as listed on the calendar.

2. To and fro plank

How to do it

  • Get into the plank position with both palms flat on the ground.
  • Now you’re going to slowly push your butt up in the air as far as possible to form a v-shape to the ground.
  • Hold the position for one second while contracting your abs as tight as possible.
  • Slowly go back into the starting position and repeat.
  • Do the required amount of sets and reps mentioned on the chart.

3. Oblique crunch

How to do it

  • Lie down flat with your right foot on the ground and left leg extended out.
  • You’re going to raise your right hand and  left leg to touch each other.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat.
  • Make sure to do each side.

The 30 Day Smaller Waist Challenge Chart

30 Day Waist Trainer Challenge

Doing Your cardio session after

After you complete the workouts, you’re going to rest for a couple minutes then it’s time to do some cardio.

Note: Your cardio session should last at least 15 minutes after you’ve done the workouts above.

Remember, the cardio is very critical in speeding up your calorie burn and maximizing your results over the next 30 days.

Not everyone likes to do the same cardio sessions. Do any of the following cardio exercises for the most fat burn.


This is, and will always be, one of the best calorie burning cardio exercises. Harvard Health Publications (1) did a study where a 155 pound person running for 8 miles can expect to burn at least 950 cal in just one hour.

That is pretty impressive!

Not only is it a calorie burner, but running engages all of your core muscles like your abs, back, glutes, pelvic and oblique muscles.

If you don’t want to run outside you can simply do it on a treadmill. But if you’re not sure of which cardio exercises to do then running is highly recommended.

Other cardio exercises

If you’re not up for running then you can go for a swim, go biking or you can start hopping those stairs.

Just find an activity that you love the most and make sure to do at least 15 minutes of it after you have completed the oblique workouts.

The 30 day small waist diet

You become what you eat. Our bodies are mainly built from what we eat throughout the day.

Here’s the thing, if you really want to get a smaller waist then you can’t avoid a healthy diet.

It’s just not possible. So for you to get results under any fitness plan, you have to take full control of what you eat.

For starters, increase the amount of fiber and low-sodium foods in your diet.

It will help to reduce bloating and eventually flatten your tummy. For example, berries, nuts, beans and vegetables will make your digestion more efficient and will keep you fuller for longer periods.

To reduce bloating as much as possible, drink 6-8 glasses of water every day to help flush out the sodium.

It’s easy to eat high sugar and sodium foods without even realizing. That’s why you have to pay attention to the labels on products at the supermarket.  Minimize eating packaged and processed foods as much as possible.

Instead, go for whole, unprocessed foods as they will provide the most benefit for losing body fat.

A sample diet plan

Breakfast: Your day could begin with a vegetable omelette with two slices of toasted whole wheat bread and a piece of fruit, or you can just do a bowl of microwaved oats with berries and almond milk.

Lunch: You can have a protein and veggie filled sandwich made with whole wheat bread, or you can opt for a veggie salad made with diced skinless chicken breast or fish.

Evening meal: Make sure your evening meal includes lean protein and you can add carb sources such as whole-grain pasta or sweet potato.

What if my waist isn’t getting smaller?

If you’re following the workout plan properly then it’s a good indication that you are still eating too many calories.

So what you can do is to reduce your serving sizes or you can switch some of the higher calorie food items such as pasta and nuts for more vegetables or low sugar fruits like grape fruit, berries and oranges.

Check out some fat burning low calorie snacks => Here.

You now have everything you need to take massive action. Losing body fat isn’t complicated, actually it’s quite simple.

The hardest part for majority of people is getting up and putting the plan into action and sticking to it.

It’s impossible for you not to see any reduction in your waistline. So give it your best shot and you’ll be amazed at how discipline and consistency pays off!👍

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