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7 Day Ab Challenge (Muffin Top Shredder)

Last Updated on January 29, 2022 by Femniqe

You would be surprise of the changes you can make over a 7 day period.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced, if you stick to a workout plan and eat properly, it’s impossible for you not to see some changes.

The mind is a very powerful tool, therefore, if you put it towards any challenge you’ll make it through with results.

This 7 day ab challenge will target your love handles and carve a sexy waistline.

However, one thing you should bear in mind is that if you want to maximize and keep the results, you have to continue working out when the 7 day ab challenge is over.

Unfortunately, that’s the price that must be paid if you want to maintain a fit and healthy body.

For this 7 day love handle challenge it will consist of 3 targeted ab workouts and a cardio session after.

OK let’s get right into it!👍

1. Side-to-side Jumps

This workout is a real fat burner and quite fun to do.

It’s one of the best love handle workouts because it’s a semi-cardio and obliques exercise.

When performing this exercise, make sure that you’re wearing a sports bra to hold your breasts in place because you’ll be required to be agile.

How to do it

  • Get into the plank position, except your butt should be high in the air forming a V-shape to the ground.
  • You’re going to use your feet to propel yourself into the air jumping to the left.
  • Do the same to the right back-and-forth and repeat.
  • The required amount of reps are listed on the chart.

2. Fast Kicks

Make sure that you’re fully hydrated because this workout will have you soaked in sweat after a couple of minutes.

The beauty of this move is that it also targets your lower belly area and your upper abdominal region.

So not only will you be shredding waist fat but you will be targeting other regions of the abdominal area.

How to do it

  • Sit down on your buttocks with your hands supporting your upper body from behind.
  • Your feet should be flat on the ground.
  • Now you’re going to start a running motion, kicking your feet in the air.
  • Do the required amount of sets as listed on the chart.

3. Sway Planks

This is similar to your standard plank exercise with a small twist.

Not only will your waistline benefit from this exercise but even your upper body will get some action.

How to do it

  • Get into the plank position with your core contracted and palms firmly placed on the ground.
  • Now you’re going to lean towards the right while your left hand is lifted up off the ground.
  • Lean back to the left, this time with your right hand off the ground and repeat.
  • Do the required amount of reps listed on the chart below.

The cardio routine

After completing the required amount of sets for the above workouts you’ll need to do a 15 minute cardio routine.

You can do a cardio routine that you enjoy, whether it’s running, biking, treadmill or stair casing.

Just make sure that it’s at least 15 minutes. The reason for this is some persons prefer to choose their own cardio when doing a challenge.

However, for those of you who want a specific cardio routine, in the video below is a sweat-busting 💦 routine you can do.

The 7 Day Ab Challenge Calendar

Some things to remember

Now that you’ll be engaging in a 7 day ab challenge, you will need to concentrate on your diet.

This is something that you cannot escape.

Even if you’re busting yourself with workouts, if your diet is bad you will not see results.

That’s just the cold hard truth!

So if you aren’t a healthy eater you will have to change up your eating habits if you want to transform your body.

The 7 Day Diet

Over the next 7 days aim for three big meals and three snacks which should be all healthy.

Once you wake up, make sure your breakfast is your first large meal.

Then your second large meal will be in the afternoon around 12 or 1 o’clock.

In the evening your last big meal which will be about 6 o’clock.

The point is you want to make sure you’re eating something every 2-3 hours, as that will help to fuel your metabolism and energy for your workout sessions.

OK, so what do I eat?

Everyone’s taste and requirements are different, so here’s a list of food items that you can alternate every other day and be creative with.

Meals: Salmon, tuna, chicken breast, turkey breast, spinach, broccoli, brown rice, sweet potato, black beans, lentils, kidney beans and eggs.

Snacks: Cashews, almonds, pistachios, peanuts, apples, non-fat cottage cheese, carrots, berries, Greek yogurt, granola, lettuce, kale, whole wheat crackers and oatmeal.

For an epic weight loss breakfast ideas make sure to read => this post.

What to drink

Of course, you will have to cut all sugary drinks or fruits juices as they are packed with tons of sugar.

You want to focus on drinking beverages like green tea, ginger tea, green juices and of course a lot of water.

When drinking your water add 2 tablespoon of Braggs apple cider vinegar to help with your metabolism and throughout the day.

ACV is a proven fat burner, so make sure to add this to your daily diet.

If we want to get creative with using a apple cider vinegar, check out =>  this post.

The beauty about this challenge is that it’s very effective and short.

It’s a great way to get you started on your fitness journey.

After you complete this 7 day ab challenge you can continue with our 30 day love handle challenge.

So find a workout buddy to join you on this challenge.

Remember, you’re aiming to get your ultimate sexy waistline that your body can produce, therefore, you should keep that vision in your mind at all times to keep you motivated.

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