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Try This 8 Minute Bigger Glutes, Lean Abs & Arms Workout (Thighs Too!)


Last Updated on February 27, 2020 by Femniqe

Instead of cramming your session with 10 different workouts, there’s a much efficient way to do it.

This 8 Minute abs, arms and glutes workout comes with an interesting twist.

Some of the workouts might seem familiar but they are modified into compound moves that will hit other muscle groups simultaneously.

This gives you more burn and results for a shorter workout session.

The 8 minute Abs, arms and glutes workout overview

In the short workout session you will be doing three different moves that are modified to hit major muscle groups at the same time.

All you will need is a pair of dumbbells, ideally between 5-10 pounds.

Make sure that the dumbbell weight isn’t too light or too heavy.

It should provide enough resistance during your workout session.

Also you might need a stack of books or an object that will give you an elevation of at least 6 to 8 inches off the ground.

As always you will be given a workout chart below that will show you the amount of sets and the assigned time frame.

The rest times will be short to maximize the intensity of the workout.

So let’s get started! 🏁

1. Bridge Tricep Extension

This is a unique glute bridge workout that isn’t that popular.

The standard version only hits your glutes but with this one you will be hitting other muscle groups.

This compound move will hit all the major upper body and all gluteal muscles. One of the best ways to get the most out of your short workouts is to do compound moves.

Bridge Tricep Extension

How to do it

  • Get in the bridge position bracing your hips and holding the dumbbells in both hands.
  • You should be holding the dumbbells at your head with arms bent and abdominal muscles tightened.
  • Still maintaining the bridge position while bracing your hips, slowly extend both arms until they are straight then hold the position for one second.
  • Now slowly return to position A and repeat for the specified time frame.

2. Boat pose chest press

With this exercise you’re going to target your upper and lower abdominal region and also your upper body muscles.

When you’re performing this move make sure to keep your balance and maintain proper form.

Boat pose chest press

How to do it

  • Sit down on your glutes with legs suspended parallel in the air to the ground while holding dumbbells with both hands.
  • You should be holding both dumbbells at chest level.
  • Now you’re going to slowly extend both arms straight upwards with the weights and hold the position for one second.
  • Lower the dumbbells back to chest level and repeat, still maintaining your legs suspended in the air.
  • Follow the specified time frame on the chart below.

3. Bridge March

This is a slight twist to the standard glute bridge exercise.

Instead, you’ll be doing this exercise at the elevated level while simulating a marching motion with your legs.

You can use a stack of books or any object that will give you at least 6 to 8 inches off the ground.

This helps to target your glutes, thighs, quads, hamstrings and abdominal region more effectively.

Glutes bridges

How to do it

  • Make sure to get any object that will give at least 6 to 8 inches off the ground.
  • Get into the glute bridge position resting both feet on top of the surface
  • You’re going to simulate a marching motion while bracing your hips as high as possible at a reasonable pace.
  • Do the required sets for the specified time frame as listed on the chart below.

See the workouts in action

In the video below you’ll see how each workout is performed.

Also, make sure to keep proper form and balance when doing any of these moves.

Combining this workout for maximum results

If you have more time to spare you there are two other approaches.

First, you can do 2-3 sets of the same routine above and do it until failure for maximum results.

Or you can add any of the following routines, if you want more variation.

Here are some routines you can combine it with:



Pay attention to your diet

You cannot afford to skip this part as it will set you back for a long time.

Your workout session will not matter, if you do not optimize your diet to support your Fitness goal.

So if your goal is to lose weight you simply have to enter a calorie deficit, meaning burning more calories than you consume daily.

And you don’t have to starve doing this.

You just need to eat nutrient-dense foods that will satiate you for a longer time-frame.

In other words cut down on processed foods and switch them out for healthier foods that are less processed.

On the other hand, if you want to gain weight then you have to enter a calorie surplus, meaning consuming more calories than you burn daily.

So to make it much easier for you here are the respective meal plans that you can use to help support your training.

Try this abs, arms and glutes workout!

Yes, you might have been doing simple glutes bridges for a while. But making simple modifications can make a huge difference in terms of resistance and intensity.

The point is, if the workout doesn’t challenge you to push harder then you’ll be stuck at a plateau.

So always look for different variations that you can do to take your body to the next level.

Supercharge your booty gains right in the comfort of your home

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