12 Best Weight Loss Forums On Reddit For Inspiration

Best Weight Loss Forums

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It’s no secret that losing weight and keeping it off can be a long struggle.

There are so many options out there to choose from, but we believe these weight loss forums on Reddit will help you get the most out of your journey.

These forums offer an abundance of information, personal stories and support for newbies and veterans alike.

If you’re looking for some extra motivation or just want to connect with others who know what you’re going through, then check out the ones being recommended in this post.

Why You Should Join A Weight Loss Forum?

Weight loss forums are excellent resources for those seeking to lose weight because they offer invaluable information.

Some of the most popular topics include recipes, exercise routines, meal plans and general support.

These communities also allow you to connect with others who have similar goals as you do so you can motivate one another throughout your journey.

The best part is that members will give encouragement when even the smallest of accomplishments is made.

At times, it may seem difficult but having someone there next to you can make all the difference in this journey.

Here The List Of The 13 Best Weight Loss Forums:

1. /r/loseit

This is a newer community on Reddit with a lot of members. The main purpose is to be a support group for those who are tracking their weight loss progress.

Team members weigh in every week and the community will cheer them on or give helpful suggestions when needed. You can also join in on Sunday check-ins where everyone shares their weekly progress.    

2. /r/xxfitness

This subreddit is well known for being a place where women can go to discuss health related topics with other women, but men are also welcome!

Members post updates of their goals and results. Some popular threads include “motivation Monday “, where people share quotes that inspired them, ” selfies Saturday “, where people share photos of themselves, and ” gratitude Friday,” which includes positive messages or things that they fell into during the week.

3. /r/progresspics

This subreddit is dedicated to sharing before and after photos of weight loss.

Everyone wants to see what other members have accomplished ever since losing the weight because it serves as motivation others who might be struggling with their own weight loss journey.    

Users are able to post their own progress pictures, but they can also give feedback on other people’s pictures by either giving kudos where deserved or constructive criticism when helpful.    

4. /r/fitmeals

This community was created for those who want easy recipes that help them stay healthy during the week.

The only requirements are that the meal be tasty and take less than 30 minutes to make. Each meal includes step-by-step instructions so you know exactly what to do.

5. /r/bodyacceptance

This community’s main objective is to encourage an individualized approach to fitness instead of strict standards. They promote the idea that there are multiple paths people can take to reach their own personal goals.    

6. /r/fitness30plus

Here, Reddit users share data that focuses on self-improvement or how they got into shape. Some popular posts include ” Monthly Metrics “, which includes things like weight loss progress, exercise habits, and so on.

7. /r/fitness (The biggest fitness forum)

This is another community that encourages posts about fitness in general, whether it’s related to strength or endurance. It also focuses on topics like nutrition advice and workout routines.  

8. /r/veganfitness

This subreddit was made for those who are vegan and are interested in maintaining a vegetarian lifestyle.

It gives people the opportunity to share workouts, recipes, or anything else they might think of that can help those looking into going meatless.    

9. /r/fatlogic

This is a community of individuals who are looking to help those who aren’t happy with their weight and would like some advice.

The only requirements are that you must be overweight and looking for something different. Members come together and share stories and experiences and discuss what they’re going through.    

10. /r/running

This community is only for those who are interested in running, whether it’s long distance or short sprints. Members are encouraged to share their progress with other users and ask for advice.    

11. /r/bodybuilding

This community is for anyone who is interested in following their workout routine on a regular basis. People often post supplement logs, which are helpful to others on the same “stack.”    

12. /r/weightroom

This community is meant for those who are interested in weight training or bodybuilding.

Members often post videos of themselves working out, advice on how to get started, and there’s even an entire section dedicated to before and after photos.      

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