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8 Rewarding Home Workout Equipment For Women (Get Gym-Like Results)

8 Rewarding Home Workout Equipment For Women (Get Gym-Like Results)

Last Updated on January 21, 2023 by Femniqe

Do you think you are maximizing your full potential working out at home?

Considering that you have the kids to look after, dinner to make, work, your spouse? Let’s face it. You are probably busy most of the day.

Believe me, I completely understand.

Most of my days I have maybe one to three hours of free time to myself, if I’m lucky.

So finding time to go to the gym can be a real challenge.

The only solution is to workout at home but that has its downfalls. Over time your routines or workout gets repetitive, especially, if you have no equipment.

Unless, of course, you can afford to create a full home gym with all the equipment of a regular gym.

If your goal is to get fit and gain lean muscles without equipment, the task can seem unlikely.

But I’m here to tell you that it’s not impossible.

Because you won’t need to break bank to afford these little gadgets that will take your butt workout to another level.

1. Booty Bands

These are a form of resistance bands that are perfect for glutes training.

The ones on this list are made of fabric, which I absolutely love because they done ride up or roll into itself when doing glute exercises.

As your glutes adapt to the resistance with each of the bands, you can double them up to create more tension.

Here is a very durable glutes band you can use.

2. Ankle Weights

These are must haves if you are trying to build your booty doing home workouts.

They provide added weight for more tension and they can be used as wrists weights too to tone up those arms.

3. Jump Rope

Yeah I know, it’s cardio but hey we need to strengthen our heart and lungs too right?

Really though, jump rope is fun and you can even do it with the kids as a sneaky way to keep them active and tire them out.

Keep your cardio exercises interesting by adding these to your routine.

4. Resistance Bands With Handles

Great for certain exercises like over head press or bicep curls as the handles give a good grip.

They are versatile enough to be used for back strengthening, shoulders, arms, lower body and abs exercises. With different resistance level, you can keep pushing yourself

5. Pull Up Assist Bands

Even though they are called pull up assist bands, they can use for way more than just pull ups. You can use these resistance bands to do an entire full body workout.

6. Body Boss Home Gym

This is a little more expensive compared to other things on this list but let me tell you that it’s worth it.

You can perform a lot of different exercises with this one simple equipment including deadlifts, squats and barbell curls.

Buying this equipment would be a smart simple purchase that’s value for your many.

See BodyBoss equipment here

7. Exercise Ball

Using this for abdominal exercises can be really effective. The are great for helping to create core stability leading to a toned and stronger back too. You can add these to your collection.

8. Marcy Smith Cage Machine with Workout Bench and Weight Bar Home Gym Equipment

I know I said you won’t need to break bank but hear me out.

This machine is an all in one.

You will be able to do exercises like low lat, pull ups, bench press and the list goes on. With the one machine you won’t need to buy any other.

You can enjoy total body workout from one investment that will last you years to come so you can keep yourself accountable and not have to worry about going out to the gym or paying expensive gym membership fees that you will probably never use.

Go check it out here

Bonus: You Need A Game Plan

Many people fail to achieve their body goals especially when doing home workouts because the failed to plan.

Planning is essential to help you remain focused and consistent. Working out at home comes with its downside of distractions.

Not to mention the accountability can be lax if you workout by yourself unlike at the gym where you will see other people pushing themselves which can serve as inspiration for you to push yourself.

It’s important to create an actionable and strategic workout plan and stick to it. Of course you can always make adjustments where needed but always be consistent.

If you’re looking for a solid home glutes building plan, make sure checkout our plans here.

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