Exercises To Lift Your Buttocks: 11 Minute At-Home Glutes Builder!

Last Updated on September 14, 2019 by Femniqe Editorial

When last have you finished a workout at-home that fired up your glutes?

If it’s been a while then this 11-minute routine will absolutely wake up your butt.


This glute workout will benefit a beginner and even someone advanced.

The At-Home Glute Exercise Overview

You’ll be doing five separate workouts in the space of 11 minutes. Yes, the time frame is short but that’s more than enough time to activate and stimulate growth in your glutes.

The first exercise will be a glute stretch to help loosen up your hip flexors and gluteal muscles.

Always perform a glute stretch before starting your glute workout session.

This will prevent injury and help you to “feel the glutes” more during a workout. Then it will be followed up by glute activation exercises to help wake up your glutes.

The other 3 exercises are mainly glute isolation moves to shape and build your glutes even more.

The rest times should be between 20 to 30 seconds and no more.

As always you’ll be given a workout chart below showing two sets and the amount of reps for each exercise.

When you finish this 11-minute routine your glutes will be on fire!🔥

So get yourself ready!

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