8 Foods With Healthy Fats That You Can’t Ignore

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Fat has gotten a bad reputation for a good reason but not all fat is bad for you.

If you've ever gone on a low fat diet, did you ever wonder why you always felt like you were starving all the time or always eating?

Well that is because you need some foods with healthy fats in your daily diet that can actually help you stop over eating and also lose weight.

Low fat diets are not that easy as people on these diets normally feel starved and cranky which leads them to breaking their weight loss journey.

Low fat diet typically means consuming more glycemic carbs, which your body will end up storing as fat.

Believe it or not, foods with healthy fats are needed by your body to help with processes that lead to losing and maintaining your ideal weight, a good mood and blood sugar levels.

Here are the 8 high fat foods that you need to include in your diet.

1. Silky smooth avocados
foods with healthy fats

If you're not eating avocados then you're missing out big time!

This is one of the best healthy high fat foods on the planet.

This smooth tasting food is packed with moderate amount of protein, fiber, folate magnesium and vitamins B and E.

The other interesting thing is that it also helps to prevent harmful fats from being digested in your body.

If you eat this food on a  regular basis your liver will thank you for it because it helps to remove dangerous agents from the body through the liver's efficient detoxification system.

You can easily peel and slice it up and add it as a healthy siding.

Plus you can even juice it with greens such as cucumber, kale and broccoli. Drinking that powerful juice will do wonders for your body.

Many studies have shown that fats in avocados help to shrink belly fat and is great for your skin and heart health.

By now you should be sold, so pick up some at the market next time.


2. Coconut oil


The rumor is true, it is a saturated fat, the kind you normally want to avoid. However, with coconut oil it's a bit different for some good reasons.

It is used as energy in your body instead of being stored as fat. Also coconut oil fats are instantly consumed in your liver once they enter your body.

Secondly, it contains lauric acid which is known to be a antimicrobial agent to fight off dangerous bacteria in the body.

Another perk of using coconut oil is that it helps with food digestion and has nutrients that nourishes your thyroid gland, pumps you up with energy and helps to control those sugar cravings.

Important: make sure to buy the unrefined version or even better organic.

3. Raw nuts and seeds


Feel like you want to snack on something healthy? Then get some nuts and seeds.

Honestly, it's best to get the raw nuts and seeds than the roasted ones.

The fat that resides in nuts and seeds are incredibly healthy when eaten raw. Yes you can roast them if you insist but when high heat is applied to them then they turn into very harmful fats.

Raw nuts and seeds are like mini energy bombs that you can eat before a workout season.

This is one of the ultimate foods with healthy fats that you have pickup at the market next time.

When it comes on to weight loss this healthy high fat food does a great job at it!

4. Flaxseeds



This is no doubt one of the best anti-inflammatory oils that nature provides.

If you want to get the full amount of nutrients it contains then it's best to eat them cold and not heated.

The reason is heat destroys the nutrients, so just eat it raw for maximum benefit.

Flaxseed oil is very delicious when drizzled over veggies, salad and even soup.

You can also add it to smoothies to add some omega 3 fatty acids which will help you burn fat and keep your joints lubricated as  well as regulate blood sugar levels.


5. Fish and fish oil


If you're not already eating fish, then you need to start. Fish is one of the foods for losing weight, soothing inflamed stomach and joints.

Did you know that fish helps to ward off bad mood? Not being in a good mood means you're under some form of stress. Stress is one of the biggest villains for weight gain.

The high protein content that it contains helps to keep cravings under control and also lowers blood pressure.

Tip: Eat fish steamed as frying it takes away all those previously mentioned benefits.


6. Dark chocolate


Chocolate in general is normally seen as bad food but “dark” chocolate is one of the good guys.

It's good for weight control, lowers insulin levels and prevent cravings.

If you're on a weigh loss campaign then there is no need to avoid dark chocolate. Just make sure you eat small portions moderately.

When the 4 pm hunger craving kicks in just grab a dark chocolate (choose the one that is 80% cocoa).

Another benefit of eating dark chocolate is that it's high in magnesium and iron.

This definitely one of the best foods with healthy fats.


7. Coconut flesh/meat


Just like the oil, fresh and pure coconut meat is a healthy high fat food. This is loaded with nutrients that nourishes your thyroid, which helps your overall metabolism.

They are absolutely delicious and can be eaten right away after opening the coconut.

If you have hormonal problems then you might want to start eating coconut meat as it helps to balance the levels.

8. Eggs

foods with healthy fats

It's a shame when people say they avoid eggs because of their cholesterol content.

But that's completely absurd as the egg yolk is one of the most nutritious foods known to mankind!


The only way you should be worried about cholesterol levels is if you're overdoing it. So instead of eating 4 per day, your body just needs 1 per day.

No more, unless you're pumping iron like a bodybuilder.

Eggs are super power houses for nutrients such as B vitamins for energy, omega 3 fatty acids, protein for muscle repair, choline for proper brain function and vitamin E for glowing healthy skin.

When deciding on healthy high fat foods to buy, make sure you choose from good sources.

These types of foods with healthy fats you can healthily enjoy without guilt and help to keep your mind off junk food.


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