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14 Ultra-Low Calorie Foods To Lose Belly Fat (Keeps Hunger Away)

15 Ultra-Low Calorie Foods To Lose Belly Fat (Keeps Hunger Away)

Last Updated on January 13, 2022 by Femniqe

These low calorie foods can also help boost your metabolism and energy levels while adding more nutritional value to your diet.

In general, it is best to eat from a variety of food groups in order to get all of the nutrients you need.

But if you are trying to lose weight or simply eat healthier then there are some very helpful options that contain virtually no calories but will still have a major impact on how quickly you reach your fitness goals.

Let’s look at these super low calories to help you lose belly fat.

1. Brussels Sprouts

This vegetable contains a good amount of protein and dietary fiber along with a strong list of vitamins and minerals.

One cup of cooked Brussels sprouts contains only 54 calories, which makes it the perfect substitute for starches like potatoes or bread.

2. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are full of lycopene which not only boosts your immune system but they are low in calories, high in fiber and one cup contains an impressive 20% of your recommended daily intake for vitamin C.

If you eat tomatoes regularly then you’ll have a major leg up on fighting disease while helping to get your body in shape.

3. Kale

kale low calorie food

Kale is one of the most nutritionally dense food groups you can find.

One cup of chopped kale has only 36 calories, but it’s extremely rich in vitamin K, vitamin A, manganese and fiber.

It is most commonly used in salads or blended into green smoothies but you can cook it at lower temperatures so you don’t burn away too many nutrients when cooking with this powerhouse veggie.

The best part about this leafy green is that it will help cleanse your system while making you feel fuller for longer periods of time.

4. Carrots

Carrots are filled with vitamin A and beta-carotene, both of which help to promote healthier eyesight.

They contain very few calories for the amount of fiber and nutrients they provide. One cup of carrots contains only 52 calories, so make sure you eat your fill!

5. Radishes

In addition to having virtually no calories, these root vegetables contain vitamin C and K which help speed up your metabolism.

You can boil them for easier digestion or roast them in order to bring out their natural sweetness.

A one ounce serving will have less than 10 calories per serving so they are a great way to add flavor without adding too many extra calories.

6. Bok Choy

Containing calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron bok choy is a leafy green vegetable that is similar in taste to cabbage.

It can be used as a substitute for kale in cooking and it contains only 33 calories per one cup serving.

However, you should make sure to steam it rather than boil it in order to preserve the many nutrients that are contained in this super food.

7. Watercress

This green veggie lacks starch but still manages to be high in iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and folic acid.

With just 6 calories per cup of watercress, it’s perfect for salads or blending into smoothies or juices without adding too many extra calories or carbs to your diet.

Drinking plenty of purified water is also essential when you are trying to lose weight so keep a glass by your side constantly when preparing these products.

8. Chicory Greens

Containing vitamin A, vitamin K and calcium chicory greens are a great choice for the health conscious individual who wants a low calorie vegetable that packs a major nutritional punch.

Except to top salads or blend into green smoothies, simply steam them in order to preserve the many nutrients that this vegetable has to offer.

9. Green Beans

Green beans have been shown time and time again to be extremely helpful in losing weight because they contain folate, dietary fiber and protein all while having less than 50 calories per half cup serving.

In addition to being high in nutritional value these veggies also add variety which can make it easier to stick with your diet plan when you get tired of eating the same things every day.

10. Celery

Another great choice for weight loss is celery which contains only 6 calories per half cup serving size.

This vegetable has a very mild taste and is easy to eat on the go which makes it an excellent low calorie food option that can also help boost your metabolism throughout the day.

11. Radicchio

Another vegetable that has less than 50 calories per half cup serving, radicchio also contains high levels of fiber, vitamin C and folate along with only 4 grams of carbs.

This veggie is slightly bitter tasting but can be used in salads or cooked into soups without losing many of the nutrients that are so beneficial when it comes to weight loss.

12. Turnips

This root vegetable contains antioxidants but also helps improve your cardiovascular system by removing excess cholesterol from your system.

It can be eaten raw with other vegetables or simply boiled until tender and then seasoned with salt and pepper for a lower calorie, healthy side dish.

13. Mustard Greens

These greens are a cruciferous vegetable and are related to broccoli, cabbage and Brussels sprouts. They are high in antioxidants and vitamins A, C and K as well as dietary fiber, folate and omega-3 fatty acids.

With only 25 calories per cup these greens make an excellent addition to your diet if you are looking for ways to cut down on calories without sacrificing valuable nutrients.

14. Endive

Endive is a leafy green vegetable that has a slightly bitter taste but is very low in calories with only 5 per cup serving size.

It contains high levels of vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium as well as other essential minerals and antioxidants which help boost your immune system and improve your cardiovascular health.

Final Thought

Try to experiment with some of these low calorie foods in your diet. Make sure that you’re following a regular workout regime for better results.

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