How “Green Juices” and “Smoothies” Can Cause Belly Fat

Last Updated on January 29, 2020 by Femniqe Editorial

To be honest.

When the hype around smoothies started a few years ago, I jumped on the bandwagon.

For me it was all about high protein and green smoothies.

Even that thick, rich and creamy overnight smoothie.

Every piece of ingredient I could get my hands on, I would add it to the blender.

Deep down I was trying to find that “perfect fat burning smoothie” .

One of the things that attracted a lot of people was the fact it can help you lose weight.

In fact, some even think it’s a magical drink that burns fat.

Well, it’s not.

If that was the case, why are some people still struggling to shed some pounds?

It’s not the miracle it is made to be.

The Problem With Green Juices

Here’s the thing, when you juice greens such as Kale or Celery, you’re extracting only the liquid form.

Yes, the juice itself still has amazing nutritional benefits but it lacks in one department and that it is the ability to keep your stomach filled or satiated.

When you throw those greens into the juicer, you’re removing it’s powerful fibrous properties.

Fiber rich fruits help to keep your stomach filled for longer time frames.

For example, if you just drink a fiber-less green juice for your breakfast before heading to work, before lunchtime you’ll be starving.

And when that happens, you’ll probably race to the nearest vending machine to buy a snack that is most likely packed with sugar and processed ingredients.

The makes it 10 times harder to reach your weight loss goals.

But if you had blended the greens and drank the fiber too, you’ll have an easier time making to lunch without starving.

Do this instead: Blend your greens instead of juicing if you want to reach your ideal weight goal. Don’t be fooled by those “cold-press juices”.

They’re fiberless and full of added sugar.

The Problem With “Smoothies”

I love smoothies.

But they also can become “sugar traps”. The mistake with fruit smoothies is that they only add fruits. It’s not all bad, but again it won’t keep you filled.

For example, don’t just blend bananas and blueberries.

Instead add a fibrous veggie like Kale or Parsley. This gives you the best of both worlds. The delicious taste and its stomach-filling power.

Drinking a fruit smoothie blended with a fibrous veggie in the morning will help to keep the cravings away.

Also, when making fruit smoothies don’t add honey or stevia. That is like carrying sand to the beach.

Quick Tip: Try to look at fruits as natural sweeteners. Especially, if you’re struggling with losing weight. It should not occupy most of the space in your blender.

It’s best to make or buy smoothies with a good source of protein like peanut/almond butter or yogurt.

This adds more satiety to your smoothies, enough to keep hunger at bay without being a “calorie bomb”.

1 Tip To Making Great Morning Smoothie

If you’re having a smoothie for breakfast, adding some extra healthy fat will take it to the next level.

You can easily get this by adding a slice of avocado. Plus, it’s perfect for adding more creaminess to your smoothie.

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