14 Creative Ways To Suppress Appetite To Help Get A Smaller Waist

Creative Ways To Suppress Appetite To Help Get A Smaller Waist

Last Updated on November 7, 2021 by Femniqe Editorial

We’ve all been there.

You’re out and about, having a good time with friends or family, or maybe you’re just busy running errands.

Then it hits you, the growling in your stomach.

When hunger strikes without food available, what do you do? Lucky for you, modern technology has given us more ways to suppress hunger than ever before.

Here are some of our favorite techniques to suppress hunger without food:

1. Get lost in a book

A great way to not only suppress your hunger but also learn something new is to immerse yourself in a book.

Whether it’s on an e-reader or at the library, books are timeless classics when it comes to learning while suppressing hunger.

2. Call a friend and chat it out

When you’re bored, you most likely will feel peckish.

So when the hunger strikes call a friend, catch up for a little bit, and you’ll both be less likely to eat just because there’s nothing better to do.

3. Hit the gym

When you’ve got nothing but time to kill and hunger in your stomach, use that energy to hit the gym.

Not only will you be surprised at how much you can train on a hungry stomach, but also how great it makes you feel once you get over the hunger.

On top of that you’ll burn more calories as your body will tap into your fat stores for energy.

4. Listen to music

Music is a great way to get into a groove and forget about how hungry you are until you’re done jamming and ready for a snack.

Plus, studies show that certain types of music can help suppress appetite so choose carefully which song makes you want to dance away the hungries.

5. Take up meditation

Meditation isn’t just good for your brain, it’s also great for directing all of your focus on one thing: not eating right now.

If you need an extra mental boost try meditating with some deep breathing exercises.

6. Clean something

Whether you’re tidying up the house or just spot cleaning, cleaning has been scientifically proven to provide feelings of satisfaction which can discourage eating, among other things.

So grab some Windex and get ready to be satisfied.

7. Watch a movie

What’s more satisfying than finishing off a good movie? When the credits start rolling you’ll feel so happy that hunger will be the last thing on your mind as you bask in all the feels from your favorite drama or comedy.

Even your favorite cheesy romance-comedy movie will distract from your hunger for long.

8. Reorganize something

A messy room is just as frustrating as being hungry so take some time out of being hungry to organize everything around yourself.

It’ll be hard to eat until everything is clean and organized.

Nothing tastes as good as uncluttered feels!

9. Practice some zen yoga poses

Yoga is a great way to stay flexible and focused at the same time, especially when hunger strikes.

With all of that energy you have in your stomach try doing some Downward Dog or Plank Pose to keep your muscles ready for whatever comes next while keeping your mind on something other than food.

10. Take up Origami

Origami helps release any feelings of stress and anxiety that come with hunger by providing you with a fun way to let out some steam.

You can make anything from traditional swans to your own custom made Hunger Games mockingjay pin which will surely keep you distracted from hunger.

11. Go for a walk

Sometimes hunger strikes when you’re not around any food and it’s up to you to decide whether or not you should eat some grass instead.

If you need a little exercise and fresh air while avoiding hunger then going for a walk is the perfect way to keep your legs moving.

12. Listen to the rain

The best time for being hungry is when it’s raining outside but luckily, you can use that same downpour to drive away hunger.

Just close the curtains, sit back, and enjoy the soothing sound of sprinkles while keeping yourself distracted from food until it blows over.

13. Make a collage

Tear pictures out of magazines, draw with crayons, glue whatever you want in whatever way you want.

This is a great way to keep yourself busy mentally instead of thinking about hunger.

14. Go to sleep early

The later it gets at night the hungrier you’re going to be.

This is a scientific fact, so stop fighting it and just go to bed before you start looking forward to breakfast cereal again.

Just because hunger strikes at night doesn’t mean you have to chow down with your eyes closed either. Get some shut-eye and those hunger feelings will be nothing more than a distant memory by morning!

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