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6 Ridiculously Good Health Benefits Of Avocado

Last Updated on September 4, 2019 by Femniqe

health benefits of avocado

There is something irresistible about avocado. It’s smooth, silky texture is so savory and  it goes with any type of food.

Not only is avocado tasty and delicious but it’s also packed with many health benefits that are vital to your body’s function.

It doesn’t matter if you juice or eat them raw, avocados should be a part of your daily diet as they increase your vitamin and mineral intake and also lower long-term risks of many types of diseases including some deadly ones.

But if you still need some convincing of its power then here are 6 amazing health benefits of avocado.

1. Avocado helps to keep your brain healthy and improve blood flow

Remember that the brain can only be healthy if blood flows correctly throughout the body.

That’s why consuming avocado will help to improve your body’s blood flow even though it’s a fatty food that is high on the calorie index.

It’s not a “bad fat” food though, it’s one of the best high fat foods that you should be consuming on a regular basis.

This is one of the reasons why avocados are recommended for the elderly and adults since it can prevent and slow down to decline your cognitive abilities.

2. Avocados help to lower your blood pressure


We’re living in a very stressful world and this results in millions of people suffering from hypertension.

This is a disease that shouldn’t be taken lightly as its symptoms can be so subtle.

That’s why it’s important for you to eat healthy foods that help to prevent damage to the heart, veins and arteries.

Avocados can help to regulate your blood pressure in the natural and very efficient way since it’s very high in magnesium and potassium.

These two neutrons are two essential components for treating hypertension therefore, if you regularly consume avocado it can decrease the likelihood of suffering from that disease.

To maximize on your potassium intake you should consume foods like kiwis and bananas.

3. Avocados can help to reduce the risk of breast cancer

Eating a healthy balanced diet that includes at least half of an avocado per day can  reduce the risk of breast cancer.

This is as a result of its high content of monounsaturated oleic fatty acid, lutein and vitamin E.

Another beauty of avocado is that it’s rich in carotenoids which helps your body to extract all the vital nutrients from fruits and vegetables.

The vitamin E content of avocado helps to inhibit the reproduction of cancer cells and slows the progression of this dangerous disease.

This benefit alone should be enough to convince you to have avocado as part of your daily diet.

However, do not exceed the recommended daily amount of avocados since it’s very fatty and can cause the opposite effect.

Especially if you’re consuming it for its weight loss benefits and high fiber content.

4. Avocados ARE very rich in Carotenoids


What are carotenoids?  These are basically plant pigments that are responsible for the bright orange, red and yellow hues in many vegetables and fruits.

People who consistently eat foods containing carotenoids get tons of health benefits.

One of the amazing things about it is that it acts as an antioxidant in the human body and have very powerful cancer-fighting properties, according to the Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine.

Avocado is the ultimate source of this element and you can easily add it to your salad or even eat it as a snack with whole wheat crackers.

5. Avocados can help you with those extra pounds

If one of your goal is to lose some weight then there is no easier way to do it than consuming avocados.

This super food is packed with fiber and helps to fill your stomach for very long periods.

For example, one medium sized avocado contains about 7 grams of fiber which is both soluble and insoluble.

By now you should know that fiber is very important for your health, especially your immune system because the soluble ones help your body breakdown carbohydrates.

Plus the oleic acid content of avocado tricks your brain into thinking that you’re actually full which will result in less calorie intake.

You can see why this food is a must eat for those who are trying to lose weight, especially belly fat.

Make sure to add avocados to your daily diet as it will help supercharge your weight-loss campaign and you will reach your goals much faster.

Important: To maximize your weight-loss results you must eat healthy and follow a regular workout routine. Simply eating avocado won’t give you the results you’re looking for, it’s just an aid that will speed up the process.

Avocados make a very fantastic dressing for salads. You can simply have it by itself or pair it with your favorite delicious recipe.

6. Avocados are very powerful for lowering your cholesterol


If you didn’t know there are actually two types of cholesterol; there is the good and bad cholesterol.

The bad cholesterol is the most dangerous one that can destroy your vital organs and your arteries.

But what causes bad cholesterol?

Eating foods high in sugar and fat content is what contributes to this. Some classic examples of high sugar foods are diet soda, candies, cakes, muffins and many more.

A few examples of bad high fat foods would be fast food and 95% of anything fried.

You can easily keep your cholesterol under control by simply eating avocado on a regular basis. When you consume avocado it lowers your cholesterol fast and efficiently.

Not to mention that there’s no side effects as opposed to taking prescription drugs.

So if you want to have a very healthy heart throughout your lifetime then make sure that avocado is a part of your daily diet.

The benefits of avocado oil

This oil is extracted from the avocado itself as it’s pressed from the fleshy pulp that surrounds the avocado seed.

The nutritional benefits of avocado oil are so powerful just like flaxseed and pumpkin oils. Not only that but it can be used for cooking or spreading on salads and dips.

When you’re using avocado oil for cooking it’s very important to consider the smoke point of the oil.

What many people don’t realize is that when you overheat the healthiest of oils it removes the nutrients and it becomes unhealthy.

So it doesn’t matter if it’s olive oil, flaxseed oil or avocado oil if its overheated then you just destroyed all of the goodness.

That’s why you must avoid oil region smoke point as it will destroy all of its health benefits and just damage your health.

Try your best as well to avoid genetically modified canola oil and any other type of highly processed oils such as cottonseed and safflower.

Avocado oil has higher levels of  monounsaturated fat which makes it perfect as a heart-nourishing replacement for these deadly oils.

It helps to grow your hair faster and fuller


The nutrients in avocado oil is perfect for moisturizing and feeding your hair with proper nutrients for maximum growth.

After you clean your hair apply some avocado oil or mix it with your favorite essential oils and gently massage your scalp to improve the absorption of nutrients into your scalp.

This will stimulate the growth of healthier new strands of hair.

Avocado detoxifies your body

It contains a substance call chlorophyll which is a natural source of magnesium that helps to remove heavy metals like lead and mercury from the liver, brain, kidney and other organs.

Being that our environment is polluted with all type of toxins and heavy metals, you can see how beneficial consuming avocado oil is.

It improves your digestion

If you realize you’re getting frequent heartburn’s, experiencing high amounts of gas or bloating on a regular basis then you might be a victim of poor digestion.

You can simply fix this by adding avocado oil to your food and it will improve your overall body’s digestive functionality.

The monounsaturated fatty acid, minerals and vitamins in avocado oil will help your digestive track to process your food more efficiently.

This won’t be an overnight fix but consuming it on a regular basis will definitely help you feel better, have more energy, reduce bloating and even speed up weight loss (if that’s your goal).

It’s time for you to try it

Now that you can see the powerful health benefits of avocado, try to add it to your daily diet to improve your health and you won’t be disappointed.

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