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1 Painless Way To Diet And Get Real Weight Loss Results

Last Updated on January 31, 2020 by Femniqe

Have you ever seen those overweight aerobics teachers?

This is a person whose job is to workout every day, but they’re still overweight.

How can that be? I’ll tell you how.

It’s because he is drinking 400 calorie Starbucks drinks multiple times a day then eating cakes and other sweet treats when he gets home.

So even while he’s doing cardio all day, he’s still not losing any weight because he was not in a caloric deficit.

You can do an “Insanity Workout” eight times a day and still not lose any weight if you are consuming more calories than you burn.

That is because you cannot out train a crappy​ diet​.   

How To Put Yourself In A Caloric Deficit

The easiest way to put yourself in a caloric deficit is with your diet.

Generally, there are 2 methods of putting yourself in a caloric deficit.

The second one is easy, this is the method I use, and the first one is a lot more difficult but works almost %100 of the time.

1.  The Difficult Way To Burn Fat: Counting Calories

I already know from experience that most people will never do this.

Don’t feel bad, because I don’t really do it either.

I’ve done it in the past, and it wasn’t awesome.

Yes, counting calories is by far the most effective method of putting yourself in a caloric deficit because it takes all the guesswork out.

But it is a pain, not to mention unsustainable for most people’s lifestyles.

The only people that meticulously count each calorie are pro bodybuilders and fitness competitors.

Let me explain to you how they do it.

First of all, they prepare all their own meals at home.

They use a scale and measuring cups to weigh and measure everything before they cook it.

They measure everything including how much oil they use to cook.

Then they pack everything up in tupperware and carry their meals around in a cooler wherever they go.

Companies actually make ​coolers specifically for bodybuilders because bodybuilders​ have to walk around with all their food and cannot go to a restaurant and eat like a normal person.

This is extreme, but it gets them the extreme results that they are looking for.

The truth is, If you are not​ weighing out all of your food before you cook/prepare it yourself then you are not counting calories accurately​, you are just guessing.

A restaurant chef is not going to weigh and measure the food and tell you exactly how much caloires you are getting.

The chef is also not going to measure the oil he uses to cook your meal and tell you exactly how much he used.

Having said that, the best way to calculate your calorie deficit intake is by using the following equation:

Body weight (measured in pounds) x 10 = fat loss calorie consumption

So, if you weigh 200 pounds and you want to lose weight, then you should multiply 200 by 10 which gives you 2,000 calories per day to eat. 

Also, the above is not an exact calculation. It’s simply a general guideline for “average people” that aren’t on either end of the extremes (overweight or underweight).

Depending on your body fat percentage and lifestyle you may have to adjust the equation slightly.

Tracking your progress each week is the only sure way to make sure your calories are low enough.

2.  The Easy Way To Burn Fat Fast

The simplest most effective way of burning fat has 2 main rules.

Rule #1: Stay away from “white” carbohydrates

All carbohydrates that are or can be white are thus prohibited, except for within 1.5 hours of having completed a resistance­training workout.

Included in this category is bread, rice, cereal, potatoes, pasta, and fried food with breading.

If you eliminate eating anything white, you’ll be safe.

Rule #2: Keep it simple and eat the same few meals over and over again.

This is where a lot of people fail.

They think they have to eat something new everyday. If you take that route you will fail for sure.

The thing is, people who succeed with their fitness goals, regardless of whether their objective is muscle mass gain or fat loss, eat the same couple of meals over and over again.

Try to mix and match, creating each meal with one from each of the three following groups:


  • Egg whites with one whole egg for flavor
  • Chicken breast or thigh
  • Grass­fed organic beef
  • Pork


  • Lentils
  • Black beans
  • Chickpeas
  • Pinto beans


  • Spinach
  • Asparagus
  • Peas
  • Mixed vegetables

You can eat as much as you like of the above food items, because they will fill you fast.

And keep you full for hours.

Just remember: keep it simple. Pick three or four meals and repeatedly eat those.  

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