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How To Get A Bikini Body (57 Over-Looked Hacks)

Last Updated on September 4, 2019 by Femniqe

how to get a bikini body

Okay let’s make one thing clear, you don’t have to be a Victoria Secret model to get a perfect bikini body, any woman can get it with the right strategy.

So if you want to know how to get the best bikini body you can possibly get, then don’t worry as you’re about to discover 57 normally over-looked tips that will put you on the road to bikini stardom.

1. Eat what you normally eat

To get a bikini body, you don’t have to starve yourself. You can have a little treat (ice-cream, pizza) here and there that will make you feel good if you are already eating healthy.

2. Improve your posture

When you slouch it takes inches off your height. Yes, a lot of persons don’t know that fact. Slouching also makes your belly look round. Good poster makes you look thinner because it distributes your weight on both of your hips.

3. Get a bikini that makes you super sexy

The best way to feel good is to shop around for a bikini that gets you excited – go ahead and try it, you will see what I’m talking about.

4. Stop comparing your body with someone else’s

Magazine, TV and other medium can create the idea that you have to look like a supermodel to wear bikinis. Don’t ever try to compare your body with a Kim K or J-Lo. Your friends expect you to look like you nobody else.

5. YOLO – so eat chocolate

How many times have you ate chocolate and afterwards you instantly feel better? Having a bar will not make you gain 50lbs.

6. Reduce your stress

Whenever you body is stressed you product cortisol which makes your belly bloated. If you have to squeeze yourself into a bikini that’s not a really a good sign- your body will not look any better

7. Ensure you are getting the essential fats

Fats like omega is good for your heart health and overall body.

8. Work Your Back

A nicely defined back can significantly increase your appearance. For women there is so much focus on the legs, arms and abs; the next time you work out, try to improve your back posture and you will see a difference.

9. Don’t forget your feet

Get your toes painted, get rid of those unsightly callouses. This is a finishing touch to your look.

10. Have some red wine

Red wine contains an antioxidant called resveratrol which keeps the heart healthy and reduces fat cells. So go out and get a drink of the finest red wine – a glass only contains 100 calories.

11. Hang out with FRIENDS WHO GOT A perfect bikini body

New research proves that we try to keep up with one another. When you watch keeping up with the Kardashians, you want to look like them right?

12. Choose a bikini that flatters your body

Find a bikini that lifts your boobs and also hide the flabby tummy, something that you feel comfortable in and defines your waist line.

14. Pack you lunch for work

Just so you control your calorie intake.

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15. Start dinner with A bowl of salad & fat-free salad dressing

As was proven by scientists at the Pennsylvania State University, persons who eat salad right before a main course feels fuller. Hence you don’t chow down too much calories.

16. Get a fake tan

It boost your appearance, it makes you look slimmer.

17. Brighten your skin by eating mangoes

Even though half a mango contains 4 calories, this fruit ninja contains antioxidants (beta carotene and vitamin) that makes your skin smooth and glows as well as prevents free radicals from destroying cells.

18. Go Fiber

Eat high fibre foods, swap the white rice and bread to whole wheat and stack up on your fruits and vegetables; being constipated can make you bloated.


If you’re trying to get the perfect bikini body then sugar will be one of your top enemies. Skip the latte and soda and drink water for a week and you will see the difference.

20. Diet on sunny days

On hot sunny days our bodies have to work very hard to cool down, therefore it reduces our appetite to avoid coping with the extra heat produced when we eat; take this as an advantage and eat less.

21. Start eating Parsley

Add parsley to soups, salads and sandwiches, instant hack.

It does not get any better than this. Parsley helps beat water retention- so you don’t look puffy and it also gives you a fresh breath.

22. Swap Meat for Mushrooms

Swap meat for mushrooms in stir fries, stews and pasta dishes- proven and published in a Science Journal Appetite swapping meat with mushrooms resulted in a 11lb weight loss.

23. Dream about your hot bikini body.

Start each morning with a visualization exercise to keep you motivated – close your eyes , think about how slim you look, how your body moves against the wind, think about the clothes that you’re wearing that flatters your body, that way you feel more confident walking and talking.

You will have the urge to go snacking again but you have to be focused – so go back to the happy thoughts in your head.

24. Too much salt

Ditch the salt as too much can lead to build up (bloating). Plus, too much can send your blood pressure through the roof.

25. Be happy

Think happy – when you are sad you tend to snack a lot – ditch the sad thoughts and think happy.

26. Cut caffeine

High intake of coffee, soda and tea make us hungry more. Caffeine also is the leading cause of cellulite and it stops nutrients from going into the cells.

27. Go swimming

Swimming is a good sport that helps to tone your arms and legs – you’d be surprised how your boobs look perkier.

28. Go herbal

You can beat the bloat and get a flat tummy by drinking chamomile or peppermint tea. These powerful herbs soothes the digestive system and ease almost any tummy issues.

29. Get SOME GOOD sleep

Sleep experts have proven that when we do not get enough sleep we tend to snack more. Try to get plenty of rest and you will look slimmer.

30. Keep a food diary

Persons who keep a diary of what they eat loose more weight that those who do not. This was in a new study published in the American Journal Of Preventative Medicine.

31. Eat your meals in front of a mirror

Eating in front of a mirror reduces the urge to eat everything on your plate this was proven in another research.

32. Buy flip flops with a wedge

Wearing heels make your legs look sexier, toner and it adds to your height.

33. Wear a bikini suit

Time to ditch the baggy pants and Ts and throw on that bikini you have always dreamed of wearing.

34. Taking vitamin c to fight cellulite

Fruits like apples, berries and kiwis contain lots of vitamin c that helps to keep the layer of skin below the surface healthy and stop the fat from poking out.

35. Don’t just lay on the beach

Don’t make it a boring day at the beach, get up! Build sand castles, play with the kids, play a ball game.

36. Get a pedicure

This is a must, if you’re going for the perfect bikini look. Get your nails done – show off those pretty toes!

37. Drink 8 glasses a water day

Drinking plenty of water hydrates your skin. Drinking a glass of water before your meal will make you feel fuller.

38. Get A Little Bacteria

Start your day with a probiotic yogurt or drink – filled with a lot of good bacteria that eases belly bloat.

39. Chew sugar free gums in between meals

This mini mouth exercise keeps your mouth busy and it helps to suppress the diet.

40. Go Outside

Get outside and take a deep breath- walk briskly, jogging or dancing for just 30 minutes day and you will be on your way to getting a bikini body.

41. Eat Avocado

Add avocado to your diet – avocado is loaded with vitamin e which is very good for your cells.

42. Celebrity pose

Pose like a celebrity with one foot in front of the other and your hips will look slimmer instantly.

42. Tone your butt

You can tense the muscles in your butt, clench those cheeks together and you can hold for as long as you wish.

43. Eat slowly

When you eat too quickly you take in too much air which leads to you looking bloated.

44. Start scrubbing

Reveal your brighter looking skin by exfoliating once or twice a week.

45. Spice up

Add extra flavor to your meal – use spices on savory dishes, why? Research from Chicago found that when foods are spicy fat people tend to eat less and they feel fuller.

46. Remove unwanted hair

Try this, get a bikini body wax and you will see that it makes you look slimmer, skin will be smoother and you will look leaner.

48. Reflection photo

Keep a reminder photo of yourself around, it will keep you more motivated.

49. Slurp soup

When you drink low fat soup like carrot or vegetable before a main meal, you will eat less of the main course hence you will lose some weight.

50. Ease off the excessive TV

Extensive scientific research have been done to prove that eating while watching TV can make you eat more than your body actually needs.

51. Have a body wrap

Wrapping your body burns off extra fat, not only that but it gives your skin a beautiful glow.

52. Start eating protein

Protein is a hunger buster, you can chow down your milk, eggs and yogurt at breakfast time.

53. Get your beach accessories right

Wearing an accessory helps to detract from a not so perfect body. Put on an oversize hand bag, big shades, a crazy sun hat and a pair of cute sandals.

54. Avoid bloating foods

If you want a bikini body then you know that you have to get rid of excess stomach fat. During the holiday peak season avoid foods that make you bloat like carbonated beverages or legumes.

55. Moisturize

This goes without saying, if you want a sexy skin? Smooth it out with smooth moisture.

56. Put less for on your plate

Scientists have proven that with more food on your plate, the more you will eat. Downsized portions equals a downsized shape.

57. Bring your biggest cheer leader with you

There is always this one friend who has body confidence high as the sky.

She is always supportive and anytime she is around she makes you feel like you are a super model on Pulse.

Yes her – bring her along or you can bring another friend who is of similar body type. The same confidence can rub off on you – you will be amazed!

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