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10 Hazards Of Wrapping A Plastic Wrap on Your Stomach (Bad Idea)

10 Hazards Of Wrapping A Plastic Wrap on Your Stomach (Bad Idea)

Last Updated on September 22, 2021 by Femniqe

The idea of putting plastic wrap around your tummy to lose weight isn’t new.

People have been wrapping plastic on the stomach and using herbs or putting patches on their tummies for years in order to lose fat from their midsection.

Frankly, this is a bad idea.

In reality, there is no scientific evidence to suggest stomach wrapping works.

The is absolutely no evidence to suggest that wrapping your waistline causes you to ‘sweat out’ the fat.

According to those who promotes it, wrapping the stomach increases blood flow and keeps body heat localized to a particular area.

As a result, the fat deposits are destroyed.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single evidence to support these claims. Current studies suggest that spot reduction is not possible.

You can’t target fat loss in specific areas.

Plastic will cause side effects in some people. The following are a some of the most frequent side effects associated with wrapping your tummy in plastic wrap.

#1 Diarrhea and Constipation

You might experience constipation because your body holds water when you wear these wraps.

You may also have issues with maintaining a regular bowel movement for four to six days after using the wraps. It is possible that this will lead to other problems which are discussed later in this article.

The manufacturers do not tell their customers about the side effects involving diarrhea before purchasing this product. If you do suffer from these symptoms, stop wearing it until your intestines become functional again.

#2 You Can Burst Your Stomach

Your stomach is not supposed to tightened for very long because it can lead to the organ tearing apart, causing serious problems.

Some people have complained about feeling like their stomach is going to burst after wearing these wraps for several hours each day over the course of two months or more.

If you do experience this problem, go see a doctor immediately and stop using the product until you are able to get medical treatment.

If your belly does expand too far, surgery might be necessary which could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Even if it doesn’t result in surgery, you’ll need to rest for several days while your stomach heals enough that you can eat normally again before losing any more weight.

#3 It May Be Unsafe to Use Long term

While there is no evidence that these wraps can be harmful to use long term, some people have reported health problems after wearing the product for six months or more.

One individual stated that they began experiencing abdominal pain two weeks into using the wrap and it continued until they stopped using it.

If you experience any of these symptoms even if it’s not related to this product, see a doctor immediately.

There are some serious risks associated with reducing your calorie intake too much, such as diarrhea and constipation which were discussed earlier in this article.

#4 You Can Develop Stomach Ulcers if Used Carelessly

This may surprise you but stomach ulcers can develop after wearing these wraps too long if you are not careful.

If your stomach muscles stretch out, it can cause small tears which can result in the development of an ulcer.

Some manufacturers do not recommend wearing these wraps while sleeping but others states that no harm will be done so it’s important to follow all the directions closely when using this product.

#5 You May Lose More Weight than Expected

The manufacturers claim that their product will help you lose at least one inch over the course of 20 hours, however, some people have stated that they’ve lost weight quickly after just 12 hours of use.

This results in users being very disappointed because they’re willing to spend money on a product with promises like this but lose weight more quickly without meaning to.

If you see someone losing weight this quickly, you need to talk to them about it before they lose too much weight.

#6 You Can Suffer from Headaches and Dizziness

People have reported adverse side effects including stomach pain, diarrhea, vomiting, headaches and dizziness.

While some of these symptoms are related to other possible issues that might be associated with the product or how you used it, there is no way for someone else to know if this is true.

That individual may have forgotten what they ate earlier in the day which caused the problem so do not take anyone’s word online as absolute truth unless it is clearly backed up by evidence or a doctor expresses concern about their situation.

#7 It May Not Work at All

You will see rave reviews from people who have recently used the product but you need to remember that most of these individuals are getting a discount or free products in return for their reviews.

You never know how many of these opinions may be biased and they could very well be all lies anyway.

This is why it’s so important to keep an open mind before deciding if this is something you want to purchase or not because there is no way to find out if it will work as promised without some trial and error first.

There are some side effects associated with taking too few calories as mentioned later in this article so this is another factor that buyers should consider carefully before making a final decision about purchasing the wraps for themselves.

Dr. Shawn Lee explains below why its bad idea to do stomach wrapping.

#8 You Might Not Lose Fat at All

The manufacturers claim that their product will help you lose weight by breaking down fat and targeting it but there is no scientific evidence to prove this idea.

And what’s worse some manufacturers don’t even specify where the bad fat is located.

If they can’t be specific about how their product works, why should you expect it to work at all?

#9 It Might Be Expensive

Some people have stated that these wraps can cost as much as $50 or more for a small application so if your budget doesn’t allow for such an expense up front, this may not be a good option for you just yet.

While this price range may be manageable over time depending on your income, remember that there are no guarantees associated with the use of these wraps anyway so why spend so much money?

It just flushing your money down the drain.

#10 Can Cause an Increased Risk Of Developing Alzheimer’s

Some types of plastic wraps include aluminum.

This metallic chemical has been linked to an increased chance of Alzheimer’s disease.

According to research published in Science Direct, long-term exposure to aluminum can cause you to develop symptoms of dementia.

Basically Wrapping A Plastic Wrap on Your Stomach Does Not Work

Now, if you still decide you’re going to buy one of those plastic wraps remember, none of the claims by sellers have ever been scientifically validated.

As a result, avoid using plastic wraps.

Instead, try out methods that have been proven to help you lose weight.

Using short exercise routines is one of the most effective strategies to reduce abdominal fat.

Here are some great challenges to get started with:

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