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2 Insanely Good Exercises To Get Rid of Love Handles

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The hate for love handles is very real. No one likes to walk around with bugles at their sides.

They don’t fit properly in your jeans and it’s pretty hard to get rid of them.

If you don’t know what a love handle is it’s the fat that sits on the side of the abdominal area. Surprisingly, many people think that Just any workout will get rid of it.

You need to combine specific ab workouts and HIIT routines to successfully melt away love handles.

After reading this post you will have a very tactical approach.

Now here’s the thing, love handles are on top of the obliques, which are specific groups of abdominal muscles and to really get rid of love handles you have to do specific workouts to target those areas.

Some might call that spot reduction but that’s not the case because it will be working the entire core overall.

You will learn 2 powerful exercises to get rid of love handles and a very effective high intensity workout that will help to burn calories. Just doing total body workouts only wont work, you need to do specific ab workouts.

Without further ado let’s go right into it.

2 Powerful exercises To Get rid of love handles
#1. Twisted climbers

This has to be one of the most effective love handle workouts and that’s because it targets the obliques and it’s also a total body workout that burns tons of calories.

In the image you see below , step by step instructions are given to perform this work out.

Exercises To Get Rid of Love Handles

Starting position A – Get into the plank position with your hands firmly on the ground.

B – You’re going to jump to the right keeping your hands in the same position.

C – Jump back to your original straight position.

D – Now you will jump to the left then return to starting position and repeat.

You must be warned that by doing this routine you will feel the burn in your core because you will be very active with your hands in one position.

This is why it so powerful!

Make sure that you’re properly hydrated before starting.

You will sweat a lot and that’s a good sign, you’ll be burning a lot of calories.

#2. Crunches with towel

This is a pretty neat and Innovative workout that targets your lower abs and obliques.

To perform this workout you will need a towel.

best Exercises To Get Rid of Love Handles

Starting position A – Make sure that you’re sitting on your butt with your legs close together. You should be holding the towel with both hands, outstretched in front of you.

B – Gently pull your knees up to your chin while pulling the towel over and under your legs.

C – You’re going to pull the towel back over your legs to the starting position.

We could easily give you 10 or 20 exercises to get rid of love handles but that will only overwhelm you.

There’s no need to complicate your workout with hundreds of different versions, just start off with two workouts and then as you advance you can add more routines.

In the video below you’ll see additional abs and oblique workouts that you can add to your routine when you’re ready.

Doing cardio exercises to get rid of love handles

Now it’s important for you to understand that just doing abdominal workouts to target your obliques will not work as well on its own.

To complete your love handle strategy you must have at least 30 to 45 minutes of cardio 3 to 4 times a week.

There are tons of different cardio workouts that you can do but in the video below you will discover a very effective HIIT workout that will help to burn excess fat.

Everyone’s schedule is different but we’ll just give you a weekly schedule you can use or you can create your own.

Monday – Cardio

Tuesday  – Abs and Obliques

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – Cardio

Friday – Abs and Obliques

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – Rest

So in a nutshell what you will do is combine the two exercise mentioned above with the cardio workout in the video.

Foods to get rid of love handles

This is where a lot of people get it wrong.

You can have the best exercises to get rid of love handles but if you’re not eating healthy all of your sweats and pain during workout sessions will be in vain.

You must pay attention to the foods that you eat.

Here are some of the best foods that help to melt love handles or belly fat in general.



Did you know that raspberry is one of the best source of insoluble fiber?

That’s good news for anyone who wants to get rid of belly fat or love handles.

Here is why this is good news.

Insoluble fiber helps to feed the healthy bacteria in your stomach and trigger the production of a fatty acid that helps to reduce fat causing inflammation throughout your entire body.

Plus researchers have found out that people with diets supplemented with insoluble fiber have higher levels of ghrelin which is a hormone that helps to control your hunger.

Dark chocolate 


Studies have shown that antioxidants in cocoa helps with preventing weight gain and also lowers blood sugar levels.

What happens is that good microbes in our stomach ferment chocolate into very heart healthy and inflammatory compounds that will regulate insulin resistance and prevent inflammation.

But wait there’s more…

A study was done at the department of Neuroscience at the University of Tor Vergata in Rome which found out that eating dark chocolate will help to prevent heart disease and also reduces belly fat in a single week.

So next time you go to the supermarket make sure to pick up a pack of dark original chocolate.


Almonds should be a part of your daily diet because it’s one of the best sources of vitamin E which packs about 20 milligrams per half-cup.

Also it’s very high in monosaturated fats and fiber which is vital to get rid of love handles.



Grapefruit is one of the most underestimated weight loss foods.

It’s simply very powerful.

For example, just eating half a grapefruit before a meal can enhance your body’s fat burning process.

Grapefruit contains a fat burning chemical called phytochemicals. Try to eat half a grapefruit before your morning meal to maximize the benefits.


Walnuts contain a powerful substance called polyunsaturated fat.

This helps to reduce fat storage and improve insulin metabolism.

A study was done at Pennsylvania State University revealed that diets rich in fresh walnuts and walnut oil will help the body to respond much better to stress and can also regulate blood pressure levels.

Oats bran


If you already like oatmeal then it’s time for you to upgrade to oat bran as it has more to offer. Oat bran has about 18 grams of fiber and 20 grams of protein.

The difference is that oat brand is made from the outer husk of the oat while oatmeal is made from the inner portion.

Instead of sugar, use honey for sweetening with low fat milk. You can also add some cinnamon to give it some savory flavor.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is one of the best slowly digestible carbs, meaning they take a longer time to digest which keeps you feeling fuller and energized for longer.

It’s best to eat them boiled instead of frying them.

Shredded wheat


To get rid of love handles you can eat shredded wheat cereal with the most fiber and the least amount of sugar.

Don’t be fooled by those fancy design boxes, always look at the label and pick the ones with the least amount of sugar.

Remember, you’re trying to get rid of fat from around your midsection.

Eat eggs

Eggs are one of the most efficient fighters of belly fat.

That’s because they are packed with high protein content and a mix of vitamins and healthy fats that give you energy and keep you full for longer.

Another reason why you should eat eggs is because it speeds up your metabolism which is critical to you losing love handles.



If you’re not eating avocado you’re missing out on one of nature’s most delicious and healthiest foods.

This is one of the best foods to eat to get rid of love handles. Avocados are fully loaded with more than 20 vitamins and minerals.

They also contain fiber to help keep your digestive system moving and prevent constipation.

On top of all of those amazing benefits , it helps to fight blood sugar spikes and as a result this will prevent your body from storing too much fat in places like your stomach.

Now as with anything you must eat in moderation.

Drink up your green tea

green tea

There should be no surprise that green tea is on this list because it is a very effective aid in weight loss.

Green tea has some powerful benefits such as speeding up your metabolism, it’s an energy booster and it’s packed with antioxidants.

So try to drink a cup of green tea every morning with your breakfast.

More tips to get rid of love handles fast
Stop watching tv while eating

You might have not known but eating while watching your favorite tv show will cause you to eat more than you need.

A research was done at the University of Massachusetts and it was revealed that eating while watching TV can cause you to add 300 more calories than needed.

So eat first, Game of Thrones or The Vampire Dairies can wait.

Burn belly fat while you sleep

What if you can fuel your metabolism while you sleep? Speed up the fat burning process?

Drinking a nice detox juice before you go to bed will help increase the calorie burn effect by 33%.

In below the video you’ll see a very easy recipe that you can use as it will help to get rid of love handles fast.

Reduce your calorie intake

Here’s something important that you need to remember.

If you really want to get rid of love handles you will need to lose overall body weight by reducing the amount of calories consumed throughout the day.

You can reduce your intake by about 500 to 700 calories each day.

To track your calories you can just simply download one of those free apps.

Now bear in mind that anything under 1200 calories is not sustainable for the long term.

So be careful with any extreme calorie restrictive diet as it may cause nutrient deficiencies in the long run.



Many people take water for granted. It’s one of the most vital factors in losing weight and for your overall health.

Drinking enough water each day will definitely fuel your weight loss campaign.

Another perk of drinking water is that it helps to keep you full and more satisfied throughout the day.

Try to drink at least 8 glasses daily so that your body can be fully hydrated and flush out unwanted toxins.

To help minimize hunger and speed up weight loss try to drink a full glass of water before eating meals or snacks.

Lastly but very important…

Avoid junk foods

junk burger

If you’re a lover of fast or junk foods then this might not be good news for you. But the harsh truth is, if you really want to get rid of love handles you must stop eating them.

Sorry but that is the reality!

Junk food does nothing for your body as they are highly processed and packed with calories that will cause weight gain and serious health issues.

The best way to avoid eating junk food is not to keep them around your house. If you buy healthy foods on a regular basis you will start to develop a mental block against fast and junk foods.

Fast foods were designed to be addictive so you need to break yourself from that addiction.

It’s time to take action

Now that you know some of the best exercises to get rid of love handles, what to eat and avoid, it’s up to you to start taking action and seeing results.

If you are dedicated and consistent to the plan you will see massive results.

Supercharge your booty gains right in the comfort of your home

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