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How To Gain Weight Fast For Women (Not Fat)

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how to gain weight fast for women

As crazy as it might sound to some people, not everyone wants to lose weight.

Some people have a hard time gaining weight.

Even when you tell your family and friends, they don’t take you seriously they think everyone wants to lose some pounds.

But they wouldn’t understand.

You do have people who find it very hard to gain weight as much as people who are trying to lose weight.

If you want to gain weight fast then after reading this post you will have a very clear strategy on how to achieve it.

About 2/3 of people living in the US are overweight however, there are some on the opposite side of the spectrum that are too skinny.

So it doesn’t matter whether you are clinically underweight or just a hard gainer, if you’re struggling to gain some lean weight then what you’re about to learn will definitely help you.

What happens if you’re too skinny?

Being underweight has its own share of health problems just as being overweight is bad for your health.

But that’s not really the shocker…

According to research, being obese gives you 50% more chance of early death but being underweight can be even more detrimental to your health.

Some of the risk to being underweight includes but is not limited to ; increased risk of infections, fertility problems, impaired immune functionality and can lead to osteoporosis.

Another thing is that being underweight can also increase the risk of dementia and even cause age related muscle wasting.

So for those persons who are trying to get really thin it’s only damaging their health and will cause long-term health problems.

That being said, don’t feel guilty reading a guide about how to gain weight fast, you’re doing the right thing so it’s a step in the right direction.

Why am I so underweight?

It’s hard to say for every individual but these are some of the main reasons for unhealthy weight loss or the inability to gain weight:

  • Diabetes – This mainly happens with type 1 diabetes which can lead to very serious weight loss.
  • Thyroid problems – If you have an overactive thyroid then it can cause your metabolism to go very fast and result in very unhealthy weight loss.
  • Infections – There are thousands of infections but some of them can result in serious weight loss for example HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.
  • Eating Disorders – This is one of the most popular reasons for extreme weight loss in women. Thanks to the “I want to be skinny” culture.

Don’t start fretting for yourself, these are just some examples of common reasons for weight loss. There are more but you need to see a doctor in order to rule out some serious medical conditions and find out what’s really going on.

Keep reading though as you will learn some actionable tips to help you gain weight.

Step 1 – Consume an additional 600-1000 calories per day

Unfortunately, there’s no other way to say this but if you want to gain weight then you have to eat more.

Now let’s do a little math, adding another 600 calories to your diet everyday will lead to a gain weight of about 0.6 kilograms which is about a pound each week.

This might not seem like a lot of weight but if you’re consuming too many calories per day then it can lead health problems.

However, if you are already working out then you have to consume about 800 calories.

You have to do this because when you work out you burn off those extra calories so you have to consume more calories than you burn off.

Even though you are on a weight gain campaign you must be careful of the type of foods that you eat. This doesn’t mean that you should go and eat a lot of junk foods.

You want to gain the right type of weight and to do that you have to stick with nutritious foods.

If you eat too much junk foods you’ll end up putting on a ton of body weight which will lead to other health problems so stay far from them.

best healthy cheap foods to gain weight

Brown Rice

This is one of the “must eat” foods to gain weight quickly.

It’s packed with high amounts of energy. For example 100 g of brown rice contains about 140 calories so by simply adding rice to your diet you are adding hundreds of extra calories and it’s very digestible.

Let’s not forget that brown rice contains essential vitamins such as niacin thiamine.

It’s also quick and easy to prepare so make sure that you pick up a bag of brown wheat rice next time you go to the supermarket


Honestly, if you’re not even eating avocado you’re missing out on a tasty part of life.

It provides tons of healthy calories and fat to your diet which makes it a skinny person’s dream come true.

The average avocado has about 330 calories so try to eat at least half or even one per day. If you want to supercharge your salads then add avocado to it with some olive oil and sprinkle on a pinch of salt.


By now you should know that eggs are super healthy. Eating just one egg daily will provide your body with a essential nutrients and energy.

It’s a fantastic food to eat as breakfast. One egg contains about 155 calories along with about 5 grams of fat and 6 grams of protein.

It also provides healthy vitamins like vitamin B12.

Even though it’s very healthy just be careful as you don’t want to eat too much. Eating a maximum of 3 per day is enough, don’t go beyond that.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is one of the most antioxidant rich foods and it also helps you put on some healthy pounds while enjoying its taste.

A 100 g bar of dark chocolate has about 550 cal and it’s packed with tons of enzymes and antioxidants that will help to improve your mood, so eating one per day is good enough.


Cheese is a very healthy supplement food to put on weight. It’s packed with tons of calories and full of good nutrients like calcium. It’s also a very viable source of protein for vegetarians (vegan cheese that is).

Like many other fatty foods cheese is something to enjoy in moderation of course.

Cheddar cheese, for example, contains about 300 calories in a 100 g serving so just be moderate when consuming cheese. Also try to go for the low-fat cheese or cottage cheese which is the most healthiest form.

Whey Protein

Honestly not everyone have the time to prepare something to eat so having a protein supplement will definitely help to give you the extra calories that you miss out on throughout the day.

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Dairy Milk 

This might be a bit controversial for some people but milk is one of the best sources of quick energy and high-protein.

One glass of whole milk contains about 160 calories and also 8 g of protein.

This is a very powerful supplement you cannot overlook. If you want to gain weight you should add milk to your diet.

Bear in mind that both milk and soy milk contain a bit of fat so drinking 1 to 2 glasses a day is sufficient.

Other Healthy Foods To Gain Weight

They are many foods that will help you to gain weight but just to list some more there’s tuna, bananas, peanut butter and whole nuts.

This is a simple but important rule to follow.

If you want to gain weight you must eat more calories than your body burns. A surplus is needed for you to gain weight.

Now you don’t have to become obsessed with the amount of calories you consume but a good ballpark figure is to aim for something like 600 to 1000 cal.

And this is provided that you’re exercising.

Step 2 – increase your portion size

Note, this simply means that you can skip the snacking and simply increase your proportion size of each meal.

This can be done by just adding another course to each meal or just go back for second runs if you don’t feel satisfied.

The main thing here is that you want to build more of an appetite by skipping out on snacks.

When you do this you will be more inclined to consume more calories in the form of food.

However, this might not work for everyone so if you have problems eating food itself you can consume your extra food by making shakes that are high in protein and calories.

Step 3 – enjoy your midnight snack.

On the opposite side of things if you’re trying to lose weight it would be advisable to avoid eating past 7 PM. But in this case you’re trying to put on some weight so doing the opposite will help.

Eating a late dinner or just snacking on something just before bed is a fantastic way to give your body calories to burn while you sleep.

In addition, your body will grow more muscle and lean tissue throughout your rest.

Try to avoid hard food before going to your bed as it can make your sleep very discomforting.

Try to eat something that is more digestible.

Step 4 – try to drink more of your food

As mentioned earlier, you can drink food in liquid form which will do a good job but it won’t fill you up as hard food.

So the best way to go about this is to drink a high calorie drink in between meals.

For example, milkshakes and smoothies made with real fruit and low-fat milk are ideal.

Step 5 – eat more protein (Very important)

This is, if not the most single important nutrient for gaining healthy weight on your body.

Remember muscle is made up of protein and without it you won’t see the extra gains you’re looking for.

Increasing your food intake that doesn’t contain good amount of protein will result in more body fat.

So you must eat up your protein!

Now protein is kind of a double-edged sword and that is because it’s very filling so it can reduce your hunger and appetite very significantly.

This will make it harder for person who are not getting enough calories they need to gain weight.

What you can do if you’re trying to gain weight is to aim to consume about 1-1.2 grand of protein per pound of body weight.

Some of the best protein sources to gain lean muscle are legumes, eggs, fish, dairy products, whey protein, almonds, lentils, lean meat and cheese.

Step 6 – eat real meals 3 times daily and a snack in between

Now you have to eat at least three meals per day and add in between protein and energy packed snacks whenever possible.

Remember you’re trying to gain weight so do not try to restrict your fat and carbs consumption too much.

This is a very bad idea and it will cause your weight gain campaign to fail.

Step 7 – make sure you do strength training

No, you don’t have to lift heavy weight like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The reason why you want to do strength training is to stimulate your appetite which will cause you to eat more which will result in weight gain.

You don’t necessarily have to lift weights, you can use your own body weight during workouts.

If you’re someone who hasn’t been working out then you need to start doing some beginner workouts to ease your body into the process.

However, if you’re already doing workouts then you will see quicker results.

For women you want to target muscles such as your glutes, thighs and legs.

That’s why it’s important for you to consume enough protein, to help with the muscle building process.

In the video below is an example of an awesome body weight workout that women can use to build the right muscles in their body.

It’s your turn to take action

With the information you have just been provided, you should now be able to embark on your weight gain goal by putting putting these tips into action.

Just as losing weight it can be hard for some persons to gain it. So be dedicated and consistent, do not give up.

Winners never quit only losers do!

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