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10 Trendy Lob Haircut Ideas for 2023

Last Updated on January 1, 2023 by Femniqe

The long bob or “Lob” hairstyle have been around for ages! It’s one of those hairstyles that have stand the test of times and trends.

We are heading into 2018 and these are the hairstyles that will still be rocking it!

This super chick look have been worn by the likes of Louis Brooks, Elizabeth Taylor and even Marilyn Monroe.

Even though this hairstyle is short, it is very versatile and can be jazzed up very quickly and easily, as long as you use the right styling products and tools.

Now let’s check out how it’s supposed to be done, and even some style ideas that you can actually run with.

1. The Blonde Lob

Lob Haircut Ideas 2017

Instagram / vivalablonde

If your desire is to go for a shorter look but you’re a bit scared of going too short, then doing this lob hair cut will give you more flexibility and the perfect compromise.

All you need to do is keep some length to help pop it back into a cute little updo.

Also, if you need to at any point, you can have it cut a bit shorter and bolder. With this you basically have the best of both worlds.

2. The sun-kissed blonde lob

Instagram / melissaannvp

Anytime you see the Balayage effect, it’s basically hand-painted hair and was originally started in France.

It’s different from ombre as ombre is way more structured. Balayage is typically hand painted sections of the hair that the sun would actually hit and bleaches it naturally.

The thing about this style is that it’s more of a natural and softer approach to blending colors and shades that will give you more depth if you have fine or thin hair.

Another perk of going with this lob hairstyle is that it’s easy to maintain, which means you can spend less time at the hair salon.

3. The Balayage Highlight and Asymmetrical lob

Instagram / hair_by_jessie_g

This is for those girls who have fast-growing straight and fine hair. Going with the Balayage hair cut idea is one of the best things to do.

First reason is, with the natural coloration of the ombre, you can easily get away with letting your roots grow a little more longer.

This will also save you more time and money that you would spend at your hair salon. The second reason is that Balayage highlighting effect will help to give you a more three dimensional look.

One thing you should realize is that when your hair is just one tone it will look more limp, light and fine. You can check out some of the various tones in the images here.

4. The Blunt Lob

Instagram / chrisweberhair

The beauty about this lob hairstyle is that it fits any face shape. By experimenting with the color, texture, style and cut, it will easily blend with your face.

You can easily layer around the front to change the perception of the shape of your face. You can achieve this by just going a little longer or shorter than you usually would. This can completely transform the look and shape of your face again.

What you can do is to have a chat with your hairstylist before you choose which cut is best for you. Sometimes all you need is a little professional advice as it can help you achieve your ultimate look.

5. The Caramel lob combined with Blonde Balayage ends

Instagram / cassderosa

For those of you who want to add some volume to thin hair, what you can do is mix your long bob with highlights that will help to boost and add depth to your hair.

You should ensure that you use a mousse product that will help add some volume and also use a volume boosting conditioner and shampoo.

Use the mousse while your hair is wet, before you blow dry. Doing this will help boost the volume and add highlights to give your hair extra depth. This is a very clever way to make your hair come to life and appear fuller!

6.. The Layered Lob

Instagram / altinhairartist

This type of layered lob hair style goes perfectly with light wave curls and have very subtle highlighting. This adds an attractive three dimensional look that will definitely turn heads.

This is perfect if you’re growing out short hair. For the ultimate perfect lob look your hair should be cut just below neck length but just right above shoulder length also.

7. The Ice Blonde Lob

Instagram / hairbymaci

If you have a round face, then this is one of the best looks to go with. The length at the front will help make your face appear longer.  Plus, the subtle and soft layers will help to enhance your look.

8. The Messy Layered Lob combined with Biege Blonde Balayage

Instagram / buddywporter

If you have a square shaped face, then going with a blunt look isn’t the recommended option.

Also, If you’re going for lob haircuts then you want to go for something that is on the longer side and shoulder grazing that helps to soften the face shape.

Square face normally looks great with light layers that will help to frame the face, starting from the bottom and working to just below the chin length. Bangs are typically a bad idea, however, if you want to give them a go then use side-swept, long and wispy bangs to keep things from getting too square.

You can also do off-center partings as they also work great for square faces, and try your best to avoid too many straight layers. Typically you want to go for a softer look.

9. Bangs + Layered Lob

Instagram / buddywporter

Word of warning, never go for blunt bangs with a lob if you have a round face because this will only cause your face to look wider and rounder than it actually is.

If you want to have buns chopped in, then make sure they are wispy and swept over to the side.

Blunt bangs normally work better on oval face shapes as you can see in the image. This is more of a shaggy type of hairstyle, which is a very great look when you’re not really sure how you’re actually feeling that particular day.

Another great thing is that it’s low maintenance and easily re-created. This is a look that you should definitely try for 2017.

10. The Peachy Copper Lob

Instagram / soraverly

One of the beauties of the lob haircut idea is that you still have enough length to help make your hair stand out.

Imagine trying out a brave new color such as peach copper lob. That’s definitely outside of the box.

The peach highlights can be added on to the front of the hair, framing the face. So basically, the hair is slightly longer at the front than it would be at the back, giving you a really flattering way to wear the stylish look!

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