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10 Beautiful Makeup Looks For Green Eyes

Last Updated on March 8, 2017 by Femniqe

Before you buy any new makeup products, you must always carry out some research online before spending a dime. And not only researching, but also seek to find the right makeup that suits your skin tone and your eye color.

A lot of women tend to forget that there are various types of shades of color that can boost your eye color. In this post, we’re gonna talk about pretty and glamorus makeup looks that suit green eyes.

A good makeup artist always consider the eye color before picking a makeup style.

But what is so special about other eye colors?

Every eye color has its particular style of makeup that compliments it. In the future, we will do more posts on other eye colors but for this post, we’re talking about green eyes. 🙂

So let’s dive right into it.

1. The green smoky eye

Makeup Looks For Green Eyes

Instagram / makenziewilder

Check out these four shades, deep purple, white, dark red and emerald green. The first image shows the eye with no makeup on. You can also check out how dramatic and attractive the colors make the green eyes look.

You can give this a try to release your inner sexy vibe.


2. The gold and black look

Instagram / klaudiabadura

Gold and black compliments green eyes perfectly. When you mix black and gold for shimmering eyes it produces a phenomenal look.

To finish off this style, what you can do is add some gold eye-shadow to your waterline and then use a white cream to help the corners of your eyes stand out more.

However, make sure to avoid silver. If you want to add some type of metallic shade to your eyelids then use copper or bronze tones.

The reason for this is because silver doesn’t always look great on green eyes and it definitely doesn’t bring out the sexiness.

If you still intend to try silver though, go for a deeper, darker steel shade, as this supposed to work better.


3. The copper make up look

Instagram / heidimakeupartist

This copper color shades looks extremely amazing. The thing about copper is that it tends to highlight green eyes and make them look effortlessly wide-awake and bright.

So if you have green eyes it’s time to switch your black eyeliner and mascara to brown as this will help to dramatically give you a different attractive look.

The thing with black is that it tends to be overpowering and kind of harsh, so that’s why it’s best to add a warmer shade to your eyes before you plan to apply your eye-shadow.


4. The gold Eye make up look with peach

Instagram / stylistanna

It’s easy to confuse peach with copper because they’re kind of similar in color and they work well also. Now this is a slightly softer look but it’s not as shimmery on the eyelid as the copper tone.

This is definitely perfect to wear to a dinner or as evening makeup.

5. Purple and gold

Instagram / loveyadearly

When purple and gold is combined, it produces one of the most mesmerizing and attractive looks for green eyes. As shown in the image above, green eyes can look stunning when these colors are teamed up together.

Now keep the purple on right below the waterline and make sure the gold is in the inner corner of your eye.


6. Winged liner and matte pink

Instagram / beautsoup

If you want a more softer and girly look then you want to try combining matte pink with cat eyes. Now the usual winged liners or cat eyes can be a bit outstanding, but when you add matte pink it helps to give it a pretty and feminine style.

If you want to supercharge the sexy look you can add a gorgeous nude color to the lips and you will look fantastic.

7. The gold eye make up with green

Instagram / makeupby_ev21

Bear in mind that just because you have green eyes it doesn’t mean you should stay clear from using green eye-shadow.

As you can see in the image above, green can work very well with green eyes, especially when you combine it with gold.

Now apply the green shade to your eyelid and make sure to line your lid with a gold eyeliner straight out to the end. This will help to act as a border between your green eye-shadow and your green eyes.


8. The glamorous light purple eyes

Instagram / loveyadearly

This style is for those who want a more glamorous look. When doing this, go for a light purple shade and make sure to apply it to your eyelid. Then apply a deeper purple right above and use white at the eye corner.

You then blend the deep purple above your crease line and add a bit of sparkle to the lilac shade.

Before going with the style, make sure to test it out and see if it will fit because not everyone with green eyes like purple or lilac.

The idea is that you want to try different types of styles with your eye color to see which one will fit the best, or which suits your character.


9. The cut crease look

Instagram / taniawallerx3

This style isn’t really popular as yet but it’s going to be a trend growing into 2017. It’s a type of new makeup craze that Kim Kardashian likes to use and you can see why.

This works best if you have small eyes as it helps to create the illusion of larger eyes making them stand out. When applying this eye-shadow always use a spoon.

Hold the spoon over your eye and use the spoon as a line to guide you correctly. You can apply a much darker eye-shadow on your eyelid crease and a lighter shade below so that it blends.


10. Pop glitter with black smokey eyes

Instagram / miaumauve

By now you should know that black smoky eyes always look sexy with any color. This is the perfect look to go with for a night out if you have green eyes.

What you can do is add a touch of white or silver to the corner of your eyes near the tear duct and if you want to add more glam then gently apply a pop of glitter below your waterline.


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