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The Ultimate Killer Lower Ab Workout for Women (It Works)

Last Updated on April 1, 2019 by Femniqe

The lower belly fat is one of the most frustrating body parts to get rid of.

And we’re actually referring to the lower porch section of your belly not the whole stomach.

Even when you seem to be doing the right things still not losing lower belly fat can cause you to get very angry.

But before we move on to the ultimate lower ab workout for women, let’s point out 3 things that could be potentially causing this.

And this has to be done because you want to know what’s slowing down your results. So let’s jump right into it.

1. Belly fat


As cliche as it sounds the culprit is very menacing. Unlike muscles where you can target and make them bigger when it comes on to body fat you cannot do the same.

There’s no magical workout that actually burns fat instantly, however an effective belly fat routine can give you awesome results!

When you lose fat your body is deciding where it wants to lose it from in the first place and which order.

Unfortunately you’re not able to tell the body where you want to lose the fat. If that was the case plastic surgeons would be out of business.

When it comes on to women it’s a bit different because the bodies of females are predisposed to store fat in the thigh and lower belly area.

If you want to lose belly fat you have to switch up your routine to something with more high intensity and also control your calorie intake.

This lower ab workout for women is very effective But you will not get results if you don’t change your diet.

2. BAD Posture

The thing about posture is tricky because it can make you look like you have a very large lower belly pooch.

In fact, your belly bulge might be as a result of your pelvis being tilted too far forward and downward which causes your lower back to arch over pushing out the lower part of your belly.

When this happens it makes your belly look bigger than it actually is and makes you look shorter as well.
Even if you’re tall and have a bad posture it will let you look like you have a bulge that isn’t really there.

This is something that can be easily fixed, you just have to pay attention to how you stand and position yourself throughout the day.

3. Sleeping abdominal muscles


The reason why you’re more fat belly is pouching out is because your abdominal muscles is under developed.

The lower ab workout for women that you’re about to see will actually wake up your muscles.

One of the biggest mistakes is to do a routine that doesn’t challenge your body. That’s why we designed this routine that will give you results if you’re consistent.

Instead of doing the standard ab exercises like sit-ups and crunches you will do more innovative moves that will give you visible results.

Lose belly fat faster by doing these 3 things



Make sure that you don’t eat sugar and avoid sugar-sweetened beverages like the poison.

When you eat tons of refined sugar you are actually flooding your liver with fructose and it converts into fat.

Many studies have shown that if you consume excess sugar your are cursing yourself to gain excessive belly fat.

Bottom line is, sugar consumption could be the culprit for stubborn belly fat. So make sure to keep it under control.

2. Get rid of carbs from your diet


What many people do not realize is that carb restriction is a very effective and proven way to lose belly fat.

And again this is supported by dozens of studies, when people cut carbs it will lower their appetite and they will lose weight.

Studies also compare low carbs and low fat diets. What was discovered is that low-carb diets help to lessen fat around the belly, liver and organs.

So not only will you lose weight externally but also internally as well.

The point is try to avoid refined carbs such as white bread and pastas. Also keep your protein intake high.

3. Religiously eat foods rich in fiber

One of the most indigestible plant matter is dietary fiber. And that is good news for persons who want to lose belly fat.

A great way to get more fiber into your diet is to eat a lot of foods like fruit and vegetables.

Legume is an excellent source and cereals like oats is also great.

The Killer Lower Ab Workout for Women

Here is the routine that you should do at least 3-4 times a week coupled with proper eating as we discussed.

If you give this your best shot you will start to lose belly fat in no time. Here is the truth, even when you have the best diet and workout routine in the world, if you’re not consistent and determined you will never see great results.

So don’t give up and make sure you give it your best!

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