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Best Core Workout Routine: 18 Minute Ab Workout That Creates Curvaceous Core Muscles!


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Ignoring a solid core workout is a BIG mistake!

The stronger your core, the tighter your waistline will be. It’s one of the reasons why so many people struggle to reach their flat belly goals.

If your core is too weak then you’re not going to perform the exercises correctly.

And the inner abdominal muscles won’t activate as they should be every time.

The goal of this core home workout is to help train your core muscles to be fully engaged.

The Core Workout Routine Overview

Most times our workouts don’t require any type of accessory, but to get the best results from this routine, you’ll need a resistance band.

The extra resistance will help to force your to be core engaged throughout the movements.

Make sure you’re using the timer on your smartphone to track your rest times. Oh, don’t forget to turn off the social media notifications, those can wait.

Give the workout your 100% focus.

First, we’re going to look at the exercises then go into the reps and sets for each move.

1. Plank Inward Pulls

Starting off the routine is a modified version of the normal plank. It’s very intense and will hit the core muscles hard.

How To Do It

  • Get into the standard plank position with the band around both feet as shown in the image above, and your core tightened.
  • You’re going to pull your right leg forward as if you’re getting into the sprint position, creating a stretch in the band.
  • After 1 second, do the same for the left leg and hold that position for 1-2 seconds.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat.

HIGHLY Recommended: Watch the video further down below to get a much better demonstration of each exercise.

2. Four-Way Flutter Kicks With Band

To be honest, this exercise is going to kick your butt!

But that’s what we want right?

Something that will force our abdominal muscles to work and get a stronger core, hence a tighter and flatter tummy.

How To Do It

  • Lie on your back with the band a few inches up to your calves, legs straightened and hovering above ground, that’s the starting position.
  • Now try to pull apart your legs until you max-out the tension in the band, hold for 1 second.
  • After the pause return to the starting position and then lift your left leg upwards until you feel the maximum stretch in the band, do the same for the right leg.
  • Repeat for the recommended time-frame.

3. Reverse Plank Pulls

With this exercise you’re going to feel it, especially in your lower abs.

Your arms and back will be engaged also, to help you get a well-toned sleek upper body physique.

How To Do It

  • Get into the starting sprint position but this time your right leg is pulled inwards with the band around your thighs.
  • Now you’re going to slowly push back and kick your right leg upwards as far as you can, hold that position for 1 second and return to the starting point.
  • Do the recommended amount of reps for each leg.

4. Extended Four-Way Kicks

Completing the routine is a leg raise variation but a lot more intense. It’s the last exercise in this core workout routine, so give it everything.

Reminder: Make sure to watch the video below to get a better visualization.  

How To Do It

  • Lie on your back with both legs close together and band around both thighs right above your knee caps, that’s your starting position.
  • Slowly lower your left leg until it is hovering above ground, lift it back to the original point, now lower your right leg doing the same hovering action and return it to the starting point.
  • Now, try to widen your legs until you max-out the stretch in the band. Return to the starting position and repeat.

The Sets and Reps For Each Exercise

  • Plank Inward Pulls – Do 4 Sets For 60 Seconds
  • Four-Way Flutter Kicks With Band – Do 4 Sets For 50 Seconds
  • Reverse Plank Pulls – Do 3 Sets Of 12 Reps On Each Side
  • Extended Four-Way Kicks – Do 3 Sets Of 12 Reps

Watch The Full Routine Demonstrated Below

More Amazing Things That Happen When You Have A Stronger Core
  • You protect yourself from injuries

When you have a really strong core, it makes everything so much easier.

Before you perform any type of strength exercises like barbell squats or deadlifts, you want to get the deep core muscles to start working first.

That way you will have better posture and stability throughout the movement. Hence you’ll be less prone to injury during your workout sessions.

  • You’ll protect your internal organs and central nervous system

Being fit isn’t just about aesthetics but also protecting your vital systems below the surface.

Having strong core muscles make sure everything stays protected as you go about your day. From big arteries and even your spinal cord.

Remember your spinal cord is everything.

If you have weak core, what happens it that you will have pressure on it because it’s not properly supported by your core muscles.

Therefore, it is going to badly affect your movements. This usually leads to pain, and that will negatively affect the quality of your life.

Use this routine to build stronger core and flatten your belly.

Do this 3-4 times a week for maximum results. Also don’t forget that you need to be in a calorie deficit to put your body in fat burning mode.

Supercharge your booty gains right in the comfort of your home

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