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4 Butt-Building Accessories For Bigger Glute Gains


Last Updated on September 26, 2021 by Femniqe

Growing bigger and rounder glutes really need two things:

  • Consistent glute training 3 times per week
  • And a calories surplus diet to support booty growth

These two factors are KING. Without them, you’ll never see any gains.

No matter what kind of glutes building accessories you have. So if you don’t have that foundation set as yet make sure to read THIS glutes growth checklist before starting.

Why Adding These Glutes Building Accessories Will Help

As you get into your glutes training, you’re going to realize that you’ll eventually need some accessories.

I’m talking about accessories that will speed up your booty gains.

These aren’t some “nice to have” accessories, each of these items will help you directly and indirectly to grow your glutes.

Adding each of these into your glutes training routine will make a HUGE difference.

In this quick guide, you’re going to learn about 4 butt building accessories that will take your glutes building to next level.

1. Booty Bands A.K.A Glute Bands

You’ve probably seen these used a lot. Well that’s because they really work the glutes.

If you’re someone who normally do your butt workouts at home, you should have a pair of resistance bands.

Remember, as you train the glutes they will get stronger and bigger therefore, you’re going to need more external resistance for it to grow even bigger.

Adding a resistance band to your workout is the easiest way to add more load to the glutes. The more tension placed on the glutes during a training session the bigger your gains.

For example, this exercise is called the Glute Band Lateral Donkey Kick.


Because of the glute band you will feel a lot more resistance when you’re at the peak of the movement with the left leg extend laterally.

Yes, it would still be effective without the band.

But for better activation and recruitment of the gluteal muscles, the resistance band makes it 10 times more effective!

1 More Critical Reason Why You Need A Glute Band

To hit certain glute muscles effectively is not going to be easy.

Your glutes is made up of 3 muscles:

  • Gluteus Maximus
  • Gluteus Minimus
  • Gluteus Medius

The first 2 are pretty easy to target with most glute exercises.

But medius, not so much.

You see, the Gluteus Medius is the smallest muscle of the entire glute muscle group therefore, it’s not that easy to target.

Developing the medius muscle will give your glutes a more rounder and fuller look in the hip area.

That’s where using a glute band shines. You can use it with certain exercises to target the gluteus medius challenging it to grow.

Here are some more exercises you can use with a glute band to target the medius.

Another great thing about booty bands is that they’re super inexpensive and worth every penny as long you get the right type made with a durable material.

Your glutes are a strong set of muscles which means you will need a stronger grade of glute bands and one that won’t slip while you are doing the exercises.

Cacti Performance Booty Bands meet the criteria. It comes with 3 resistance levels light, medium and heavy.


Make sure to start off with the lighter one and slowly work your way to the higher resistance levels.

Get Cacti Booty Bands On Amazon Here

2. Ankle Weights For your Glute Exercises

These will come in super handy if you want some serious gains!

Ankle weights will hit those glutes with some serious resistance.

You want to take advantage of something like this that is very easy to use, convenient and will help you add size to your glutes in no time.

Ankle weights are perfect for glute exercises like donkey kicks, glute kickbacks and a lot of hip thrust variations.

When you’re getting an ankle weight try to get a full set so you can start off with the smallest weight and work your way up to using the heaviest one in the set.

They is called progressive overload.[1]

It’s gradually using heavier weights every few weeks to challenge the glutes for bigger gains.

If you hate going to the gym then investing in a set of ankle weights will absolutely pay off, as long as you keep training your glutes consistently.

One of the best ones you can get on Amazon is the Healthy Life Model ankle weights.

best ankle weights for women

Checkout this ankle weight on Amazon.

3. The Hip Thrust Pad For Hip Thrusts & Squats

Now for those of you who train at the gym, you will need this.

You will end up doing a lot of exercises like hip thrusts which means you’re going to need something to protect your hip and pelvic area during the exercise.

That’s where a hip thrust pad comes in.

Using this will help to evenly distribute weight across your hips without causing pain. It can also be used to protect your shoulders and neck while performing heavy barbell squats.

Make sure you get one that is made with high-density thick rubber foam and Anti-Slip matte finish to prevent slippage while performing your glute exercises.

hip thrust pad for women

One of the best on the market is made by Iron Bull Strength that meets all of those requirements.

You can get it here on Amazon.

4. Fitness Step

The fitness step will add variety to your butt workouts.

And in the world of glute training variety is good, as your glutes will quickly adapt to whatever routine you’re currently doing.

In other words, your glutes will become bored after a time if you keep doing the same booty routine over and over.

Using a fitness step can help to increase the challenge on your glutes very effectively.

best fitness step for women

For example, you can use it to:

  • Elevate your hip thrusts
  • Do step-up lunges
  • Do Bulgarian split squats

You can get creative with this. But the idea is to change up your routine now and then to keep the gains coming in.

If you’re getting a fitness step then make sure it is one that is adjustable and sturdy.

KLB Sport makes one of the best fitness steps that perfectly fits glute training.

Check it out on Amazon.

Take Your Glute Training To Next Level

When it comes on to getting accessories to help build your dream body remember it’s an investment in YOU.

In this case, you want to build the best glutes ever, and these items will help you get there. Also don’t forget to add lots of glute building foods into your diet.

As long as you set the foundation as we talked about earlier.

Most of all, stay consistent, those booty gains will come.

Supercharge your booty gains right in the comfort of your home

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