9 Effortless Fat Loss Hacks That Work

If you can do something effortlessly, why not do it?

In this case, we are talking about doing some simple fat loss hacks that take little to no effort to do that will help you shed excess body fat.

Let's check them out.

1. Eat “Real” Food

Fat Loss Hacks

If it doesn’t run, fly, swim, or grow out of the ground as a fruit or vegetable, stay away from it.

Eat only whole unprocessed foods, and keep nut, seed, grain, and legume consumption down.

Get over food addiction by giving in to your cravings rather than trying to fight them—but satisfy those cravings using the best quality versions of those nutrients.

2. Keep it simple

Eliminate calorie over-consumption by eating simple meals, not four-course meals or meals with a huge variety of different entrees, appetizers, sauces, etc.

3. Let the sun hit you

Get lots of light during the day—particularly in the morning before noon.

Eliminate or greatly reduce light in the blue spectrum after sunset. Supplement with micro-nutrients that most of us are deficient in, and which are linked to poor sleep. Sleep in complete darkness.

4. Watch out for Calorie Over-consumption

First, make sure you’re following the above three recommendations. In addition, learn how to eat in accordance with your biological need (see #6 below), correct micronutrient deficiencies (see #8 below).

And keep sitting to a minimum (see #9), since all of these will disrupt your ability to eat the amount of food your body actually needs.

Most importantly, eat a diet of only whole, unprocessed foods and make your daily goal to hit the target of eating upwards of 1g of protein per pound of lean body mass (or 1g per pound of bodyweight).

5. Toxic Foods must go

Eliminate vegetable oils from your diet. Eliminate trans-fats and allergens from your diet. Minimize consumption of food and drinks from plastics and cans.

If you suspect gluten intolerance, get tested and/or eat gluten-free.

If you consume lots of grains, legumes, lentils, nuts, and seeds, it’s a smart idea to learn how to prepare them with soaking and/or sprouting.


6. Don’t starve yourself

Don’t be a cardio junkie and chronic calorie counter. Eat according to your biological need.

That means: Don’t forcibly restrict calories below what your body is telling you it needs—when you are hungry, eat.

Eat when you’re hungry and only when you’re hungry, not out of boredom or to give yourself pleasure. Eat the amount your body is telling you that you need, and stop eating when you’re full.


7. Go Anti-Fad Diet

Eat a diet composed of ample carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. And get those nutrients from the best sources of food for each of those nutrients.

Moreover, learn from the true factors at the heart of the successes behind these fad diets—higher intake of whole foods and higher intake of protein.

These two things can be tremendous allies in your fat loss efforts, and hundreds of thousands of people have achieved lasting fat loss from those two factors alone.

8. Eat nutrient packed diet

Eat an ultra-micronutrient-rich diet. This means, eat a whole food diet with a foundation of lots of fruits and vegetables.

9. Start moving more

Fat Loss Hacks

Transition from sitting to standing during the majority of the day. Walk and move as much you can throughout the day. The most powerful option is to get a treadmill desk.

Next best is a standing desk, with a daily walk or two. At the very least, get an under desk cycle and use it throughout the day.

Once you have that foundation (and only once you have that foundation) in place, you can consider doing workouts.

Many people get this backwards and worry about their workouts while being largely sedentary the rest of the time.

This is a big mistake. The foundation is standing (i.e. minimizing sitting) and moving throughout the day and doing one or two daily walks.

This is actually more powerful than doing an hour workout four of five times per week. Focus on minimizing sitting from your life and moving throughout the day.

This strategy is incredibly powerful for those who currently work desk jobs. Sitting all day will completely sabotage your fat loss efforts. Standing and moving most of the day is a requirement for a healthy metabolism.

By following THESE Fat Loss Hacks…

Laid out here, you can eliminate and reverse every single factor linked to fat gain.

These strategies will both spontaneously reduce calories-in and dramatically increase calories-out, which is how they work to create lasting and effortless fat loss.

The key, however, is that they are doing this without any need for conscious forced calorie deprivation and suffering. They are doing it through enhanced cellular health!

That means you are not just starving yourself into fat loss—you are actually sending your biology the signal to lower your body fat set-point!

No suffering through hunger pangs, cravings, fatigue, and the ravages of a reduced metabolic rate, which can result in a myriad of unwanted physical and mental declines.

In fact, you should find yourself achieving fat loss, while feeling more satisfied with your meals, feeling more energetic, and actually speeding up your metabolism in the process.

That’s fat loss by working with your biology, rather than against it!