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How to Grow Your Glutes Without Growing Thighs (2023 Updated)

Last Updated on January 1, 2023 by Femniqe

So, you want to grow your glutes without growing your thighs.

I get it, not everyone wants to have thick thighs.

But it doesn’t have to be like that if you train correctly. If you want majority of the growth to happen in your glutes, you must take a different approach.

This is where glute isolation comes in.

Glute isolation are exercises that only hit the glutes, not your quads and harmstrings.[1]

Even though they will get worked indirectly, they won’t be engaged to the point to stimulate massive growth.

Most of the growth will occur in your glutes.

In this guide you’re going to learn 5 different glute isolation exercises you can do right now.

We even went further and created an 11 minute workout routine with these exercises that you can use throughout the week.

The Glute Isolation Workout Overview

Each one of these exercises can be done right in the comfort of your home.

Or at the gym using weights.

Before you start this routine get your stopwatch ready to track your rest times. This is very important as you don’t want to waste any time.

If you want to grow your glutes and see massive gains you must be focused. Eliminate distractions like social media apps or videos.

As always you’ll be given a workout chart that will guide you while performing this glute isolation routine.

One more important thing before we go into the workout.

Don’t just rush through each rep.

Instead, take your time and squeeze your glutes on every single rep to maximize tension in the glutes.

Doing this consistently will put you way ahead of persons who are just blasting through the routine without feeling anything.

The point is, squeeze those glutes as if your life depends on it.

Okay let’s go ahead and breakdown each exercise.

The Route To Help You Grow Glutes Without Growing Thighs

1. Single Leg Bridge

If you’re not doing single leg bridges then that needs to change now.

This bridge variation is very powerful for hitting the glutes and creating maximum mechanical tension.

Remember, the more tension you put the glute under, the more they will have to adapt to the stress which means growing bigger.

How to do it

  • Get into position A demonstrated in the image above supporting your lower body with only your right foot and left leg bent in the air.
  • Slowly raise your body into position B as high as possible then pause and squeeze for 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Now return to position A and repeat the required amount of reps for each leg.

2. Clams

They look pretty comfortable to do.

But it’s a different story when you actually start doing them.

You’re going to feel it in the gluteus medius and minimus. These are the smallest of the gluteal muscles with the gluteus maximus being the biggest.

clams glute activation

How to do it

  • Lie down on your right side as demonstrated in position A in the image above.
  • Now slowly raise your left leg as wide as possible then pause for 1 to 2 seconds.
  • Return to position A and repeat the required amount of reps on each leg.

3. Single Leg Pumps

For this exercise it’s going to demand a bit more energy to perform each rep which means you’re going to end up burning a lot more calories.

When you’re performing this exercise, you won’t be pausing and squeezing the glutes.

Instead, you will be using the power of glutes to propel your body into mid air.


How to do it

  • Get into position A as shown above with your left foot flat on the ground with right leg extended upwards.
  • You’re going to use the left leg to propel your lower body upwards as high as possible, landing in position B.
  • With the required amount of reps on each leg as shown in the chart below.

4. Knee Tuck Hip Bridge

This is a not-so-common glute isolation exercise that really works.

By making a small change with your hands throughout the movement will add more resistance to challenge the glutes.

Knee Tuck Bridge

How to do it

  • Lie on your back as demonstrated in position A with your right foot flat on the ground and left leg bent, held with both hands below the knee cap.
  • Use your right foot to brace your hips upwards as high as possible then pause and squeeze for 2-3 seconds.
  • After that return to the starting position and repeat the require motor reps.

5. Short Abduction Pulses

Completing the routine is an aduction exercise that will work your gluteal muscles vertically. If you have a resistance band, you can use it in this exercise which makes it even better.

But if you don’t have any, don’t worry, your glutes are still going to be on fire!

How to do it

  • Lie down on your left side as demonstrated in the image above with the resistance band around both ankles, right leg hovering about 6 inches above your left leg.
  • Now raise your right leg as wide as possible to create tension in the band and hold for 1 to 2 seconds.
  • Return to the starting hovering position and repeat the required amount of reps.

The “Grow Your Thighs Not Glutes” Home Workout Plan

How to Grow Your Glutes Without Growing Thighs Legs

Watch ALL The Exercises Demonstrated Below:

How To Use This Glute Isolation Routine

To get the best results possible you want to train your glutes at least 3 times a week.

This training frequency is more than enough to stimulate growth in your glutes. Now remember, you can always add resistance by using a dumbbell or doubling the resistance band for more challenge.

That being said, start off with your bodyweight only and slowly work your way up to more resistance.

Even though this routine is just 11 minutes it’s hard so it’s recommended you do the entire routine at least 2 times for maximum burn.

But if you’re only able to get one set done that’s fine.

Just keep pushing yourself and never get complacent.

Adding This Routine With Other Glute Isolators

If you want to spice things up, here are some other glute isolating routines you can add to maximize your results.

That’s How You Grow Glutes Without Growing Your Thighs

Now go ahead and do this routine. Share it with your friends! Challenge yourself and most importantly, BE CONSISTENT!

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