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How Can I Lose Weight Fast? Do These 10 Things

Last Updated on September 4, 2019 by Femniqe

In this post we’re just going straight to the point. There are tons of Fitness Experts complicating the weight loss issue, therefore confusing those who need help. So let’s cut to the chase.

1.  Get rid of soda 


It doesn’t matter if it says diet soda, zero calories or whichever type of marketing words they cook up to make it sound healthy, eliminate it completely.

If you’re really serious about getting your dream body, you should get rid of soda once and for all. It’s a sacrifice you have to make.

Once you’ve reached your ideal weight then you can consume it moderately, that’s the key.

But we suggest staying away from it all together as it’s just really bad for your health and sabotages your results.

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2. Eliminate processed Carbohydrates

If it comes on a shelf or in a bag then remove it from your diet, anything that is processed will make you put on weight. Instead go for natural carbs such as potato and yam.

Whether it says it’s good for your heart or cholesterol free it’s just to get you to buy the item. So get rid of pasta, cereals and box rice. It’s best to go for foods that are grown from the Earth.

3. If it contains MSG, Stop eating it

Let’s face it, a lot of foods that contain MSG taste really good but is really bad for your overall health and will slow down your weight loss results.

4. Eat at least one fist size of vegetables with every meal 


especially break fast. The color that you should see the most in your vegetable mix should be green but you can always add some of reds, oranges, yellows and the list goes on. Each colored vegetable has it’s special benefits.

5. Drink green juice


To supercharge your weight loss results, drink 32 ounces of green juice everyday. – If it’s possible you can even drink up to 64 ounces of green juice. When you drink this amount of green juice it helps to alkalize your body which in turn eliminates the acid that is stored in your fat cells.

The reason why people get fat and stay fat is because their diet is too acidic. This happen as a result of consuming too many processed carbs.

6. Eat some protein and fat 


If you’re vegan or vegetarian then it’s likely that you are deficient in protein. Therefore, make sure that you’re consuming enough protein from good sources such as nuts, legumes and even good vegan protein shakes.

If you are a meat lover then make sure that you consume green juice that helps to break down the animal protein. Whenever you eat animal protein your body will break it down producing acid that needs to be released from the body or it gets stored in fat.

That’s why drinking green juice and plenty of water is promoted so much, it helps to get rid of the excess acid from your body.

7. Short bursts of high intensity exercises 


Yes slow and steady workouts do well but high-intensity moves burn calories faster and efficiently. If after a workout session you’re not feeling fatigued and sweating hard then you probably need to change your routine to something more intense.

When you do high intensity workouts you release your own natural HGH that helps to shed fat.

8. Do resistance training


If you want to have a well toned body structure then you should include weight lifting in your routines.

Some good examples of workouts you can do are push-ups, crunches, leg lifts, sit ups and squats.
These workouts will do a fantastic job at helping you to lose weight.

9. Give yourself one day to indulge


Whatever snacks or foods that you really enjoy eat it moderately. But make sure that you drink green juice on that day and the day after.

10. Whenever you exercise make sure that you stay hydrated


When your body starts to burn calories it creates acids that must be removed from the bloodstream. The liver and  kidney will try their best to process as much as possible. However, the rest that isn’t flushed out will be stored as fat.

That’s why it’s very important for you to drink water and green juice to help your kidneys process  and eliminate It.

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