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How To Lose Back Fat (3 Fat Shredding Moves)

Last Updated on October 11, 2019 by Femniqe

If you think that only your belly, hips, arms and thighs are prone to fat, then unfortunately we have some bad news!

Excess fat do not respect any part of your body and that’s including the back. Back fat can be one of the hardest places to lose weight

But all hope isn’t lost.

With proper targeted back exercises, cardio and healthy eating you can lose back fat once and for all.

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to wear that sexy top but it can’t fit because of the excess fat on your back.

In this short guide you’ll be given 3 back fat exercises combined with a cardio routine that will help you to lose back that quickly.

The back fat workout plan

You will be doing 3 back fat workouts plus a H I IT cardio back routine. Make sure to workout a minimum of 4 times a week and a maximum of 5 times.

Let’s get started with the 3 back fat exercises!

1. Paddles

How To Lose Back Fat

  • Lie face down on a clean mat with your hands straightened out.
  • Lift your left hand and right leg in the aired simultaneously, while your right hand and left leg remain on the ground.
  • Keep them up in the air for one second and slowly lower them back down.
  • Now raise your right hand and your left leg up in the air and hold it for a second and slowly put it back down.
  • Do three sets of 20 reps.

2. Bended twist

  • Stand with your legs shoulder-width apart and bend over forward until you’re looking straight down with your torso parallel to the ground.
  • Hold out your hands sideways and twist to the left.
  • After holding that position for one second, twist to the right.
  • Do three sets of 25 reps

3. Dumbbell side lifts

How To Lose Back Fat for women

  • Get two 5 pound dumbbells and stand with legs shoulder-width apart then bend forward at a 30° angle.
  • Now slowly raise the dumbbell to the left  for one second and slowly go back down to the starting position.
  • Do each arm doing three sets of 20 reps.

A Sample Workout Schedule

Monday: (Paddles + Bended Twist + Dumbbell side lifts)

Tuesday:(Paddles + Bended Twist + Dumbbell side lifts)

Wednesday: Rest day

Thursday: (Paddles + Bended Twist + Dumbbell side lifts) and 20 minutes cardio

Friday: (Paddles + Bended Twist + Dumbbell side lifts) and 25 minutes cardio

Saturday: Rest day

Sunday: Rest day

The HITT cardio routine you can do

To speed up your results it’s best to do cardio for at least 30 minutes for about 2 to 3 times a week, as it’s very effective in getting rid of back fat.

You can do HIIT cardio workouts that will increase your calorie burn, thus losing more body fat. In the video below is a very intense calorie burning workout routine that you can do to help increase your metabolic rate.

The culprit that causes back fat

Not wearing your bra correctly

One of the biggest culprits for back fat is not wearing your bra the right way.

You would be surprised at the number of women that are wearing their bras incorrectly.

Typically, they would put the arms through the straps and then fasten the backside of the bra, but they forget one of the most important thing, and that is pulling it back down to the anchor below the blades of the shoulder.

The back of your bra can easily creep up when it’s not adjusted properly, and what happens is that it’s going to push the skin up which eventually leads to skin folds and  back fat.

As long as you put on your bra properly it can help you to reduce back fat. So make sure to pay attention when you’re putting on your bra.

Wearing bra with big band size

If the band size of your bra is too big then it can cause you to develop back fat quite easily. This might seem like a simple issue but if the band is not tight enough then it can lead to more fat being stored on your back.

Using a bra that has the wrong band size will cause the bra to creep up and push the skin along with it.

Wearing the right bra size help on anchor the bra’s back. Remember that wearing a bra is not just about your breasts, it also helps to support your back and how it looks.

It’s recommended to always wear a bra with a wider a back than one that is very skimpy as it will result in more back fat.

Not being active enough

This “sit down for hours” life is very dangerous as most of us spend the day sitting down instead of being active periodically throughout the day.

Of course you cannot be active for most of the day depending on your job, but try to keep yourself active every 1-2 hours. You can stand up and do some stretches and even while you’re sitting you can do some leg raises in the chair.

The point is to keep your self active as much as possible throughout the day.

Not making an effort to eat healthy

Most of the time it will boil down to our eating habits.

No matter what type of workouts you do or how many times you do them, if you’re not eating properly then your workout sessions will be in vain.

It’s not as complicated as some experts make it out to be. All you have to do is watch out for foods that are high in sodium, have high sugar content or are heavily processed.

If you try your best to avoid these type foods and go for healthier options, it’s impossible for you not to lose weight, especially when you combine it with a consistent workout plan.

Not cutting your calorie intake

If you slightly reduce your daily calorie intake and exercise consistently, you will lose about 1 to 2 pounds per week which will help you to lose back fat.

You can use a free food tracker app to help you reduce your daily calorie intake.

Note: do not cut too much calories from your diet as you this will cause nutrient deficiency, make you feel tired and fatigue, and you won’t have enough energy to stick to the workout plan.

Nutritionists recommend that you eat a minimum of 1200 calories daily. The idea is to cut calories to help you lose excess pounds and stick to a workout plan that will help you to get your back muscle toned to lose excess back fat.

Not eating healthy “fill you up” foods

Remember that you’re trying to lose weight from your back, therefore, you have to manage your hunger very carefully. When you eat healthy foods that are high in fiber and protein it helps to keep you full longer and reduce over eating.

Eat healthy fats because they take longer to digest compared to foods that are rich in carbohydrates. Good examples of these are avocado, flaxseeds, salmon, tuna, mackerel, nuts and coconut oil.

Good sources of lean protein that you can choose from are like seafoods, low-fat dairy, legumes and oatmeal.

Give this BACK FAT WORKOUT plan a try

This might seem like a very simple plan but the simplest things can cause some of the biggest changes.

In this case you want to get of back fat, therefore, you have to be dedicated and willing to put in the work because there are no shortcuts when it comes on to losing weight.

Yes, there are other ways you can lose weight faster but you want to do it safely and in a healthy way. So give this a try and you will not be disappointed with the results.

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