Instant Booty Pump Workout: 3 Bodyweight Glute Exercises For Gains


If you're looking for an instant booty pump you should definitely try this quick workout routine.

You won't need any weights or equipment for this, just your bodyweight and 13 minutes to get the pump like never before!

Bear in mind, you have to keep your rest times very short if you want to get the best results possible.

The Instant Booty Pump Overview

For this routine you'll be doing 3 glutes specific exercises.

Each will efficiently hit all the gluteal muscles from:

If your booty workout routine doesn't hit these muscles properly then you're just wasting your time.

No squats or lunges are needed, just these 3 powerful exercises for maximum pump.

Keep your rest time is between 20 to 30 seconds as this will maintain a good level of intensity. The more intense your workout, the better the results you will get.

Use the timer on your phone to track your rest times so that you don't go over the 30 second mark.

Okay, let's breakdown the routine.

1. Cross-Single Leg Glute Bridge

This is a killer variation of the normal glutes bridge.  It applies more load to the glutes during the movement, which is responsible for stimulating growth.

When you're performing this exercise make sure that you go at a very slow and controlled pace. This is REALLY important if you want to pack on those booty gains.


How To Do It

  • Get into position A, exactly as demonstrated in the image above with the heel of your left foot providing the support while your right leg is folded and crossed resting on your left knee.
  • You're going to slowly brace your hips upwards as far as possible and squeeze your glutes for at least 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Return to starting position A and repeat the required amount of reps for that set.

2. Extended Glute Lift

 Don't let not having a bench stop you from doing this powerful glute building exercise.

You can do this exercise on the edge of your bed and even on the floor if it's more convenient for you.

The goal of this exercise is to get you in a horizontal position that gives you enough power to lift your legs and squeeze the hell out of those glutes on each rep.

Again, going slow and controlled is key.

It's not about blazing through the exercises. You must have proper form and have a mind-to-glute connection during your butt workouts.

Practicing this will pay off big time.

How To Do It

  • Lie face down on a horizontal surface as demonstrated in position A. With both legs straight and lifted a few inches off the ground that will be your starting position.
  • Now slowly lift both legs upwards as high as possible and squeeze your glutes for at least 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Release and go back to the starting position without letting your toes touch the ground.
  • Repeat the required amount of sets and reps for that exercise.

3. Side Plank With Leg Lift

Finishing off the routine is an exercise that will not only activate and work the glutes, in particular the Gluteus Medius, but also your entire core.

How To Do It

  • Get into the side plank position on your right side exactly as shown in position A in the image above. That will be your starting position.
  • So now you're going to lift your left leg until it is parallel to the ground as shown in position B.
  • Hold that position for about 1 to 2 seconds and slowly return to the starting position.

NOTE: Throughout the movement try to keep your core tight and glutes contracted as this will make the workout more than 100 times more effective!


Extended Glute Lift – Do 3 Sets Of 15 Reps
Side Plank With Leg Lift – Do 2 Sets Of 40 Reps Hold On Each Side
Cross-Single Leg Glute Bridge – Do 3 Sets Of 15 Reps On Each Leg

See All The Workout Demonstrated Below:

How To Use This Instant Booty Pump Workout

If you have more time to spear then do this routine 2 times or even up to 3 times if you REALLY  want to maximize the pump.

Doing this routine 2-3 times will work well for advanced persons.

However, for beginners 1- 2 times is more than enough to activate and stimulate growth in the glutes.

But remember, you have to do this consistently.

Consistent training combined with proper nutrition will always produce booty gains.

The Best & REALISTIC Glutes Training Frequency

It’s generally recommended to train your glutes 3 times a week as that is more than enough time to stimulate growth and for recovery period.

You might read about some fitness models training 4 to 5 times or more per week but that's NOT necessary if just want to grow your glutes.

Remember that most fitness models do that for a living.

Therefore, they have more time to train.

However, most persons have to work and go to school so 3 times a week is achievable for 90% of people.

Training the glutes too frequently is one of the biggest mistakes beginners make and wonder why they aren't seeing any gains.

So keep it simple and train your glutes 3 times a week.

Use This + Other Routines During The Week

Doing the same routine over and over will become boring for you and your glutes.

That's why it's always recommended to keep changing up your routines to keep your workouts interesting.

This will help you to be consistent and give you the best results possible.

For a routine like this here are 3 routines that will work extremely well with it:

Don’t Forget To Eat Up For Those Booty Gains!


Despite what you've heard, calories are the single most important factor to making progress.

Can't lose weight? You're eating too much.

Can't gain weight or grow glutes? You're eating too little.

The fastest way to make progress is to download a tracking app and track your food. One of the biggest reasons for not making any glute gains is not taking in enough protein.

Are you a female who struggles to hit their protein intake? Then aim to get 100g of protein every day minimum.

This is easy: just have 1 scoop of protein powder at breakfast* and another scoop before bed or whenever you want a snack.

That's 50g of protein right there.

If you skip breakfast, then this rule still applies: just have the shake whenever you break your fast.

Now go ahead and take action!