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How To Fight Off 10 Pounds in 7 Days and WIN!

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We want you to experience the great feeling and health benefits of losing weight. In this short guide, you are going to learn a system that will allow you to lose up to 10 lbs in 7 days…and more importantly, will greatly improve your health.

Please note: This guide is a short term system that is great to use for upcoming events…or if you just want to jump start your fat loss…and your health.

OK…with that out of the way, by following this system, you will experience the

following benefits:

  • You will lose weight quickly. That is very motivating
  •  You will feel like a million bucks in 5-7 days
  • You will have a TON of energy
  • Your skin will actually look younger and healthier
  • And if you are into muscle building, you will reset your system so that you pile on muscle quicker than ever before.

So now that you have an idea what this system will do for you, let’s get started,

shall we? 🙂

Toxins-The Hidden Enemy to Fat Loss 

toxic foods

One of the main reasons why people go on a diet and don’t lose weight is because the specific diet doesn’t eliminate toxins from their system.

One of the body’s highest priorities is to keep toxins away from our vital organs.

It is the liver’s job to do this…but when the liver is chock full of toxins it is unable to function at full capacity and clear all of these toxins from the body..and that is where the body fat comes into play.

And this is one of the main reasons why our generation is so much fatter than previous generations…they didn’t have all of the toxins in the environment and our food supply that we do today.

And so it is vital that we take matters into our own hands and make detoxifying our body priority #1.

Right now, we will get into the nuts and bolts of the system.

Rapid Fat Loss-The 5-7 Day Plan 

lose 10 Pounds in 7 Days

OK…so the actual how to of this Rapid fat loss plan is pretty simple. It will be outlined and then expand upon each step.

  • First, eat nothing but fruit for 5 days and drink nothing but water and freshly squeezed fruit juice (you can do 7 days or even 10 days if you like).
  • Second, eat organic fruit where possible.
  • Third, avoid bottled fruit juice.
  • Fourth, its recommended starting your day with two glasses of water with one organic lemon with each half squeezed into the water.

These steps are simple but we will get into the details and why they are important here one at a time.

1.Eat only fruit for 5 days


This is really the key to the program because fruit really is nature’s medicine.

Eat as much fruit as you want! Do not let yourself go hungry and you don’t need to eat at certain times. If you are hungry, eat.

Just make sure you to eat one type of fruit at each sitting. Based on experience, mixing fruit can lead to stomach upset. Nothing major, but if we can avoid it, then it makes sense to…but everyone is different so feel free to experiment.

Fruit is really good at helping clear out toxins from your body and is extremely easy to digest so you will be really giving your digestive system a break here.

You might start feeling sluggish and may get headaches the second or third day. Not to worry. This is just your body’s healing mechanism in place.

Once you are over the healing hump as we like to call it, you won’t believe how good you feel.

The first time I did this fruit fast, I stayed on it for 9 or 10 days because I felt amazing and had TONS of energy. And after you clear your body of toxins, your taste for junk food will probably go away. Your body just won’t like it.

For example, I used to drink diet sodas, which are loaded with artificial chemical junk and to drink a lot of it even up to 6 times per day.

So after my first fruit fast, I had a diet soda and it really made me sick since my body was clean and I just introduced a foreign substance to my body. I haven’t had a diet drink since that time (that was 2010).

2. Eat organic fruit as much as possible

Yes, I know…organic fruit is more expensive. But commercial fruit is loaded with chemicals and pesticides in order to create a bigger fruit AND get the produce to market quicker. It is all about profits. But the whole point of this exercise is to clear your body of toxins and foreign substances…not add them to your body.

And besides, if you eat out a lot, like most do, you will actually save on your grocery bill.

As a side note, all you need to do is compare the size of a commercial apple to an organic apple and you can see the difference those chemicals make.

It’s not what Mother Nature intended for our bodies.

3. Avoid Bottled Fruit Juice

Ok…this stuff is just pure junk. You might as well drink soda pop. The reason is because it is dead food. All of the enzymes and vital nutrients are dead on arrival.

Freshly squeezed fruit juice is ok to drink but you will be just fine if you stick to water. If you have a juicer or are considering getting one, then check out this video on liver cleansing recipe.

The recipe in the video above is very tasty. I LOVE it.

I don’t recommend the Juice Man’s Juicer, however. It has too many bad reviews.

I personally use the Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain and I love it.

It is easy to clean and has a ton of positive reviews on Amazon which can be found.

  1. Start your day with 2 glasses of distilled water and an organic lemon

This technique was first popularized by Paul and Patricia Bragg; the pioneers of detoxification for youth and weight loss.

Basically, this just involves squeezing half of a lemon into one glass of water and the other half into the second glass of water.

Great way to start the day!

After The 5-7 Days are Over 

So after the 5-7 days are over, you’ll be feeling amazing…and the last thing you will want to do is reload your body with toxins.

While this section could be a book in and of itself, here a few pointers.

First, after you have detoxified your system, your tastes will probably change for healthier food. Your body will actually repel junk food.

  • Eat Organic Produce and Meats 

So what I recommend doing is eating organic fruits and vegetables…and organic meats.

Commercially grown meats are loaded with estrogenic compounds as they usehormones to fatten up the animal in order to get it to market quicker.

Eating in this way is actually less expensive because you will save on your health bill…and it is actually cheaper than eating all of your meals out. I know this from experience as I used to eat all of my meals out.

  • Avoid Man Made foods. 

I am talking about foods that Mother Nature didn’t provide. I am talking about packaged foods that can usually be found in the center isles of the grocery store.

Mother Nature didn’t make cereals, Doritos, potato chips etc. This garbage is not food. How it passes as food is beyond me. Actually, it’s due to high profit margins…but that’s a whole other subject.

Stick to the outside isles of the grocery store and you’ll be fine.

  • Eat More Almonds

Many people who follow a whole, natural approach to eating tout almonds as a savior.


Because they are incredibly filling…and incredibly nutritious. Make sure you only get whole almonds. Also, purchase them in bulk and you will save a lot of money.

Keep these little power houses with you. It will help keep you away from the lure of fast foods when you get hungry and don’t have any other option.

But What About Exercise? 

I am glad you asked. If you want to send your metabolism into overdrive and continue to burn fat at a Rapid pace, you will want to do growth hormone inducing exercise.

Again, this subject could be a whole book in and of itself and space won’t allow me to go deep into the subject here…but there is a secret that many people don’t know about.


The absolute cutting edge in exercise for fat loss is growth hormone inducing exercise.

A study was done where 11 people lost on average over 23 pounds in 8 weeks…without dieting…and that study can be found HERE.

Now if you decide to research this protocol and implement it, I recommend that you don’t start out doing Sprints. You can easily get hurt and pull a hamstring.


While you can use a treadmill or a stationary bike, I prefer an exercise called burpees. These can be done at home or any where that have open wide space.

In addition to requiring little space…and not costing a penny for equipment, Burpees are a PHENOMENAL all around exercise for body conditioning.

And they will send your metabolism into the stratosphere…and you will tighten your stomach to boot.

And it will also target the areas all the ladies are concerned about. I simply love this exercise…but it is demanding.

BUT….if you do them, you won’t spend all day on the treadmill…and you will start seeing results very quickly. I promise 🙂

Heres a demonstration below.

Another great protocol is the 100 day burpee challenge.

Basically, you do one burpee on day 1, two burpees on day 2…and so on.

Now, you can space them out throughout the day. For example, It would be good if you can do  half in the morning and then half in the evening. It won’t take much time at all.

If you do the 100 burpee challenge, you will do 5,050 burpees in as Little as 3 months.

Don’t you think if you did that you would be in phenomenal shape?

I hope you enjoyed the report. I wanted to give you more than I promised and if you follow this advice, you will lose bodyfat quickly…and your overall health will improve dramatically…

Where To Go From Here?

I encourage you to check out this article HERE where you will learn about the deadly foods that are silently disintegrating you and your family’s body, causing Diabetes, Heart Disease, Cancer & excess body fat.

The post above explains also the ultimate hacks that can cause your body to burn fat more efficiently and effectively, while also warding off diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Again, the information presented in this guide is intended for short-term weight loss, e.g for losing weight fast for a special occasion etc.

For long-term health, We suggest  to find a reputable the program which has been embraced by thousands of people all over the world.

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