4 Hacks To Flatten Your Tummy Even When All Fails

Belly fat is the king of stubbornness!

And if you're not careful, you might lose your mind in the process of trying to get rid of it.

That's if you approach it the wrong way.

It would be super convenient, if we could just target areas of the body that we want to lose fat from.

But unfortunately, that can't happen. It's not possible to spot reduce, you have to take a wholesome approach towards losing belly fat.

So that's why we're going to look at 4 evidence-based ways you can lose belly fat.

Let's get started! 🏁

1. The Big “S”

By now you should know what that “S” stands for.

It has being proven(1) over and over that this substance is one of the biggest contributor to  excess body fat overall.

That is processed sugar!🍩

Processed sugar is what you find in almost 80% of manufactured products in the supermarket.

It's very hard to ignore because food makers are determined to add it in everything they make.

It's quite unbelievable!

But do you notice it's actually processed sugar, not natural sugar?

There's a difference, natural sugar is what you get from fruits and vegetables.

That's the type of sugar you should be consuming with moderation daily, because it isn't processed and denatured.

The point is, added sugar is very unhealthy and tons of studies have been done to prove it's harmful effects on us humans and even animals.

Whenever you eat a lot of processed sugar the liver gets overwhelmed with fructose(2).

It's then forced to turn all of that excess into stored fat all over your body but mostly in the abdominal region.

Here are some of the most popular supermarket foods that are packed with sugar.

  • Boxed cereals
  • Fruit Juices
  • Anything that says fat-free, sugar-free or calorie-free.
  • Flavored yogurts
  • Lunch meats
  • Vegetable oil
  • Traditional ice cream
  • Frozen breakfast foods

What should I do?

  • When buying products at the supermarket look at the amount of added sugar. Go for items that are minimal in the amount of sugar.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, instead of snacking granola bar, eat a fruit.
  • Add more protein to your diet as it will keep your stomach fuller for a longer time, hence decreasing your snack cravings.

2. Eating too much carbs

Just like it's very easy to consume a lot of sugar, it's very easy to go overboard with carbs.

Now, you don't have to completely, restrict carbs from your diet but minimizing the amount you eat can definitely boost your fat loss results.

Studies(3) have shown that low-carb diets can lead to 2-3 times more weight loss than persons who follow low-fat diets.

What should I do?

The main thing is that you want to avoid the worst kind of carbs like sugar, starchy foods, margarine, alcohol and dried fruits that are found in supermarkets.

With a low-carb diet, you want to go foods like high protein meat sources, fish and seafood, eggs, natural fat and vegetables that grow above ground.

3. Add more viscous fiber to your diet

It's scientifically proven(4) that eating high-fiber foods will absolutely help with your weight loss efforts.

But bear in mind that not all fibers are created equal.

The type of fiber that you want to consume is the one that binds with water and forms a thick gel that slowly digests.

Yes, it sounds disgusting, but it's for the greater good.😉

This gel will significantly slow the movement of food throughout your stomach and bowels which will slow down digestion and provide more time for your body to absorb nutrients from food.

But the big benefit here is that you will feel fuller for longer and it will reduce cravings.

What should I do?

Try to add more high fiber foods like mixed nuts, flaxseeds, fresh figs, berries, quinoa, brown rice, avocados, beans, unprocessed wheat bran and oatmeal.

4. You need to workout regularly

Of course, you can lose weight by just focusing on diet only but that won't be sufficient. This is one of the main things you should do if you want to live a long and healthy life.

Apart from just burning fat and maintaining an amazing body exercise will improve your overall life.

You will be happier, more confident, energized and less stressed.

What should I do?

If you're struggling to lose the belly fat, you need to add cardio and strength training to your weekly routine.

Cardio helps to increase your calorie burn and strength training provides that after burn effect.

The after-burn effect is when you're inactive or sleeping, you're still burning fat.

That's the power of strength training.

No workout method is really  better than the other. Combine both types of training to provide fastest results.