Burn 2-4 Inches Off Your Waistline: 3 Exercises That Make It Happen!

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You don’t need a ton of exercises to get a smaller waist.

When it comes on to workouts, less is more.

By the end of the guide, you’ll be equipped with 3 powerful exercises to help tone your entire midsection. You can do these exercises anywhere.

Home or gym, the choice is yours.

What matters is that you actually do them consistently.

The Workout Overview

To get the fastest results possible, we’re going to combine these exercises with a short and simple HIIT/Cardio routine to maximize your fat burn.

On top of that, you’ll be given an easy-to-follow diet plan. They both work together to help drop inches off your waistline.

The only thing you’ll need for this routine is a resistance band. Don’t worry, if you don’t have any, you will still get results.

Now, let’s look at each exercise.

1. Reverse Bridge Toe Taps

This exercise is “almost’ a full compound exercise because it will be working several muscles at once.

But mainly in your upper body to midsection.

Your entire abdominal region, arms and back muscles will be working during this movement.

How To Do It

  • Get into the reverse plank position as shown in the image above with your back facing the ground, arms supporting upper body and legs bent.
  • Make sure the resistance band is above your ankles, position A is your starting position.
  • Raise your left hand to touch your raised right toe, make sure to tighten your abs at the point of the movement.
  • Return to the starting position and do the same on the other side, right hand touching left toe.
  • Repeat for the recommended sets.

2. Banded Flutter Kicks

This is going to really hit the lower abs.

You’re going to feel the burn as well but don’t stop. Keep cranking-out those reps for the recommended sets.

Doing this will help you sculpt the best lower abs possible.

How To Do It

  • Get into starting position A on your glutes, both legs hovering a few inches off the ground, and hands supporting your back from behind.
  • The band should be above your ankles for you to get maximum stretch.
  • Start with either your right or left leg, raising it high as possible until you feel the max stretch in the band.
  • Keep alternating both legs during the flutter kick motion.

NOTE: Make sure to position your hands properly behind you to support your back.

3. Banded Torso Twists

You probably haven’t seen this one. It’s very effective for hitting the obliques, lower and upper abs at the same time.

Even your legs will benefit from the move.

Plus, it’s pretty fun to do.

IMPORTANT: Watch the short video below to get see all the exercises demonstrated.

How To Do It

  • Start in position A as demonstrated in the image above with legs slightly more than shoulder-width apart and hands held above your midsection.
  • Now you’re going to twist your upper body to the right while lifting your leg, stretching the band around your feet.
  • Return to the starting position and repeat the required reps for the right side, then switch to the left.

The Sets And Reps For Each Exercise

  • Reverse Bridge Toe Taps – Do 4 Sets For 50 Seconds
  • Banded Flutter Kicks– Do 3 Sets For 50 Seconds
  • Banded Torso Twists – Do 4 Sets For 60 Seconds On Each Side

Watch All The Exercises Demonstrated Below:

The Added HIIT/Cardio Workout To Boost Fat Burn

After you complete the above routine, you’ll rest for about 2-3 minutes then start this next workout.


Adding HIIT to your ab training helps to boost waist size reduction[1] and keep the body in fat burning mode even when you’re sleeping.

So yes, it would be irresponsible not to do it.

You get it done in a shorter time and get better results than running 30 minutes on the treadmill.

Here’s The Workout Schedule

To get the best results, you’ll be training 4 times a week or every other day.

This way your body will get more than enough time to recover.

Monday: Ab Routine + HIIT/Cardio

Tuesday: Rest Day

Wednesday: Ab Routine + HIIT/Cardio

Thursday: Rest Day

Friday: Ab Routine + HIIT/Cardio

Saturday: Rest Day

Sunday: Ab Routine + HIIT/Cardio

The Waist-Shrinking Diet

Diet doesn’t have to be complicated.

Don’t let it overwhelm you. All you need is to be in a consistent calorie deficit to help your body lose the excess fat from your waistline.

To make you life much easier here’s a full week 7 day meal you can use.

Start Trimming Inches Off Your Waistline

It’s your turn.

You don’t need anything else, just for you to take action and do it consistently.

The results always come as long as you’re a consistent action taker.

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