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6 Sneaky Ways To Find Motivation to Exercise

Last Updated on November 26, 2021 by Femniqe

It happens to everyone of us!

Last week you’re into the groove of a workout routine and everything is going fine but then one day you feel little lazy and demotivated so you end up skipping the workout sessions to watch your favorite tv-series.

Then it continues for a couple days until you stop exercising completely.

But the longer you go without exercising is the harder it will be to motivate yourself to get back into the routine.

That’s why in this post you’re going to learn six ways to motivate yourself to exercise when you’re feeling lazy and tired.

1. It’s time to update your music playlists


Studies done at the University of Wisconsin revealed a correlation between exercising and music.

It was found that music is a good source of motivation when you’re exercising. We tend to move in time and synchronizes our movements with the beat of the music.

Also music tends to do a good job at inspiring us to get up and move rather than remaining still.

Maybe you’ve gotten bored off your current playlist so it’s time to update it with some new soundtracks with new music you love.

So whether you work out at home or go to the gym always have the music with you during your workout sessions.

3. Try to get a workout buddy

It can be hard to motivate yourself to workout, that’s why making fitness dates with a friend will help to boost and keep you going.

This helps to make you accountable for your workout sessions and it will be much more fun!

3. Walk instead of running

running girl

You don’t need to push yourself to the maximum every time you exercise and you don’t need to skip your workout routine all together. If the thought of going for a run sounds very overwhelming then go for a walk instead.

It’s common to feel less motivated to exercise during cold winter months so try to adapt a simpler approach.

4. Sign up for a marathon

Sometimes you will start to feel bored of going to the gym day in and day out, so you can change things up a bit by completing a 5K run for your favorite charity.

This can be very inspiring and motivating as you’re doing it for another good reason but still exercising at the same time.

So look at your current calendar and see where you can add a race now and then.

5. It’s time to forget the boring stuff


Crunches, squats, lunges  or whichever exercises can become overwhelming and boring some times. So change things up by doing a dance routine from hip-hop, dancehall or zumba to keep things fun and exciting.

Remember that exercising is about putting your body in motion so try to figure out the ways you might enjoy doing that. You can try swimming, hiking and even rock climbing.

6. Try a different machine

Tired of using the treadmill and elliptical machines? Then refresh your workout by trying out some of the machines that you have never tried before.

For example, did you know that the rowing machine is compared to running? So if you row for an hour you’ll end up burning 600 calories without doing the same old treadmill routine.

The point is, look around your gym and see what other machines you would like to try that will help to put your body in different motions and get you out of the boring routine.

To keep your workout routines challenging and motivating, it’s about keeping your body guessing and not doing the same routines for long.

Change things up and you will get better results overall!

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