Total Body Workout: 6 Minutes To Incinerate Fat, Get Lean & Strong!


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There’s a big misconception about time.

It’s not about how long your workouts last. It’s the quality of your workouts.

Are you activating the muscles properly?

Are you doing the moves correctly and timely?

Those are the main things you should be considering.

A lot of people think that you need to spend an hour in the gym.

No, it’s completely unnecessary.

This only goes for full-time athletes and professional bodybuilders.

Ideally, your workouts should not go over 30 minutes.

But for busy persons (most of us), they only need a quick high intensity session.

For this 6 minute total body workout you’re going to melt fat and build lean muscle.

You’re going to get a few seconds of rest, to keep up the intensity.

The 6 Minute total body workout overview

For this short session, you’re going to do 4 different workouts.

Each targeting every area of your body to maximize calorie burn. You will need a pair of dumbbells ranging from 8 – 15 pounds.

If you have to choose a size, go with the 10 pounds.

These exercises are perfect for anyone who wants to burn body fat and sculpt a lean sexy body.

So let’s get in to the workouts.

Here we go! 🏁

1. Narrow Sit Swings

A great workout to start off with.

Your upper body and lower body are going to be challenged simultaneously.

So does the other workouts that you will be doing.

Total body workouts for women

How to do it

  • Stand with both feet close together holding both dumbbells a few inches behind the hips.
  • Now you’re going to lower your body into the squat position while raising both dumbbells sideways to touch in mid-air.
  • Hold the position for 1 second and slowly return to position A then repeat.
2. Squat jump press

It’s going to take you out of your comfort zone for sure.😉

As the name suggests, you’ll be doing some jumping.

So if you have an issues with your breasts moving with the motion then put on a firmer top to hold them in place.

It will be worth it.

How to do it

  • You’re going to start in the squat position holding both dumbbells above your shoulder.
  • Now do an explosive jump as high as possible while pumping both dumbbells upwards.
  • Then land back to starting position A and repeat.
3. Side to side swings

Another workout that will challenge your body to the max.

Absolutely great for building upper and lower body muscles. Plus, you’re going to burn tons of calories to speed up fat loss.

How to do it

  • Stand firmly with both feet close together while holding both dumbbells about 8 inches from your hips.
  • You’re going to make a huge step to the right going into the squat position while lifting both dumbbells upwards to connect in mid-air.
  • HoldĀ that position for one second then return to position A.
  • Now you’re going to do the same thing for the left and alternate.
4. Forward press jump squat

Those glutes and thigh muscles are going to cry out loud.

But don’t worry, it’s just 6 minutes.

And at the same time your upper body will get its fair share off work.

Absolutely no muscles will be safe from this total body workout.

jump squat exercise

How to do it

  • Stand with thighs close together, slightly bent and both dumbbells held right at your breasts.
  • Your legs will be slightly bent because you’ll be getting ready to jump wide apart into the squat position.
  • When you land into the wide squat position punch the dumbbells forward and hold for 1 second.
  • Now jump back to position A and repeat.

full body workout for weight loss at home

The workout frequency

You can do this 4 to 5 times a week depending on your schedule. It doesn’t matter if you workout in the morning or in the evening.

As long as you actually do it, that’s what matters.

As you master the moves you can increase the weights to 15 pounds for more resistance and calorie burn.

Doing the workouts correctly

This is a big deal!

Because if you’re not doing them correctly, you’re not going to feel anything.

Especially, if you’re doing them too fast.

So try to do them at a moderate pace so that you can engage the muscles.

That means said you should not do them too slow.

So find that rhythmic pace that works for you.

Will this really work?

It does work, as with most workout plans. But the big question is…

Will you put in the work?

Just like with anything in life.

If you want to get the best out of anything, you have to give it to your absolute best.

Want a sexy lean body with low fat percentage? Then you have to eat clean and stick to a training plan.

It doesn’t get more simpler than that.

Try this quick total body workout!

All you need to do now is start and stick to it.

If you stick to the workout but you’re not dropping weight then you need to fix your diet.

It means time to cut back on some calories.

But you want to ensure that you’re doing that correctly.

So check out this resource, on how to calculate your calories needed for the day. Knowing that number will help you to control your calorie consumption better.

Another great hack is the wear a fitness tracker that will tell you how many calories burned in a session.

Start by cutting back 400 – 500 calories.

This will definitely start moving the needle so that you can lower your body fat percentage.

When that happens, you’ll start to see those sexy ab muscles and lean curves start showing.

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