Waist Shaping Exercises: 11 Minute Workout To Lose Waist & Belly Fat

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Want to shrink your waistline without doing any explosive movement?

If your answer is a big YES, then you need to this 11-minute waist shaping exercise routine.

This is a low impact HIIT workout that won't put too much stress on your knees.

Not only will you get the workout routine but also how you should eat to get a small waist much quicker. Because without the right type of nutrition, you will never drop waist and belly fat.

Regardless of how consistent you are with a workout plan.

The Waist Shaping Exercise Overview

The goal of this routine is to help you burn as much calories as possible without doing any explosive movements.

Therefore, you'll have to keep your rest times between 20 to 30 seconds.

You want to maintain a high level of intensity.

Remember, it's just 11 minutes so you give it every thing you've got!

Even though this is a low impact routine, there should be a good level of intensity. You'll be doing five separate workouts all designed to hit every single area of your midsection.

Let's go ahead and break down each exercise.

1. Knee-Up Pumps

Kicking off the routine is a move that will help engage mostly your lower abdominals.

A section of the abs a lot of people forget to train.

It's pretty easy to do but the intensity will increase after each rep.

Waist Shaping Exercises

How to do it

  • Get into starting position A as shown in the image above, right knee slightly bent forward, left foot straightened to the back and hands above head.
  • Now quickly move into position B by throwing your right knee upwards through both hands.
  • Hold that position for one second then return to starting point and repeat.
  • Do the required amount of sets and reps for that leg then switch.

2. Cross-Hand Standing Crunch Kicks

You're going to burn a lot of calories with this one!

The name might sound a bit confusing but it's quite easy to do.

Doing this workout will engage every aspect of your abdominals and even some of your lower body.

Note: A workout video will be provided below demonstrating every exercise in this routine.

How to do it

  • Get into the starting position as shown in the image above, standing on your right foot, left foot extended to the back and hands folded under your chin.
  • Quickly lift your left knee up to your hands into a crunch position, return to the starting position.
  • Now do a forward kick with your left foot while extending your left hand to touch your left toes.
  • Return to the starting position that completes one rep.

3. Squat Oblique Twist

This one might be new to you, it isn't very common.

But it's very powerful!

It's a squat variation that will basically turn your body into a calorie burning machine.

It will demand a lot of energy to perform which is what we want. To burn as much calories as possible right?

But at the same time low impact.


How to do it

  • Get into a squat position with thighs above parallel and hands folded in front of your chest.
  • Now raise your right knee to touch your right elbow squeezing your obliques (elbow and knee don't have to touch just try your best).
  • Return to the starting position and do the same thing for the left side.

4. Standing Oblique Twist

Look, if you want to get the smallest waist possible you have to train your obliques.

It's a must!

This helps you to have sleek-looking waistline that isn't protruding.

How to do it

  • Stand with your feet more than shoulder-width apart, hands behind your head as shown in the image above.
  • Now perform an oblique crunch touching your left elbow with your left knee.
  • Return to the starting position, then perform another oblique crunch but this time you left knee touching your right elbow.
  • Go back to┬ástarting position and repeat the required amount of sets and reps on each side.

5. Standing Crunch Twist

It's quite similar to knee-up pumps, this one will target your lower abdominal region.

Very easy to do and low impact which makes it perfect for persons with knee issues.

How to do it

  • Get into position A, right foot forward left foot extended backwards and hands over your head.
  • Now perform a crunch to the left lifting your left knee to up to your chest as shown in position B and hands coming down to touch your knee.
  • Return to position A and repeat the required number of sets and reps.


See ALL The Workouts Demonstrated Below

How To Use This Waist Shaping Workout

If you're going to use this as your main routine then 3 to 4 times a week is recommended. You can do up to 5 days per week if you have the time, but don't go below 3 times per week.

As you want to maintain a good level of activity.

If you have more than 11 minutes then you can do the routine two times for maximum calorie burn.

How To Eat For A Smaller Waistline

That in itself is a whole new post, however, the idea is for you to be in a reasonable calorie deficit.

Without a calorie deficit, you will never drop body fat.[1]

No matter how hard you workout.

Here's a meal plan you can use to help guide you.

If you're a vegan use this one instead.

Try This Waist Shrinking Routine Now!

Don't forget that no matter how solid a plan is, it won't work unless you're consistent.


Go ahead and get started, share this with your friends to join you on the challenge! 😉

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