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Do I Need To Gain Weight To Grow My Glutes?

Do I Need To Gain Weight To Grow My Glutes?

Last Updated on April 16, 2022 by Femniqe

Increasing the size of your glutes requires major and minor changes in a few areas of your life such as your workouts, your lifestyle and the most important of all, your diet.

A question we often get from our readers about glute growing is “do I need to gain weight to grow my glutes”?

The answer to that question is never as simple as yes or no.

While you don’t really need to gain weight for you to grow your glutes, you will need to increase your glute muscle mass which usually results in weight gain.

However, that increase in muscle weight won’t mean you will overall get bigger.

Let’s elaborate more on that down below.

Weight gain for glute growth?

First, keep in mind that your overall body weight consists of many different parts such as your organs, water weight, fats, blood etc.

With that in mind also note that sometimes when we gain weight, it doesn’t automatically mean we gain fat.

It could be that we are gaining muscle.

As muscle is way denser than fat, it will take up far less space in your body when compared to fat.

With that said, a person with more muscle mass and less body fat percentage can be heavier than another person with less muscle mass and higher body fat percentage.

Therefore, you will need to grow your gluteal muscles to gain a bigger butt. By doing so, it’s highly likely you will become heavier.

This does not mean though that because you are gaining weight you will look thicker overall.

As long as you do the right exercises and follow the right diet plan, you can build bigger glutes without getting bulky on the rest of your body.

So, to be clear, do not just be focused on the weight showing up on the scale if your goal is to grow your glutes.

Instead, if you need to track your results, then use a measuring tape or get a pair of sexy jeans that you want to fill out and use it to track your booty growth as you progress.

But, what if your goal is to lose fat while growing your butt? Is that even a possibility?

Yes, yes it is. We’ll tell you how.

If you fall under the beginners category, meaning that for the past 6 – 8 months you haven’t been working out consistently, then you can lose fat and gain muscle at the same time.

To achieve this you will need to exercise regularly, adapt a clean diet and add glute growing workouts to your exercise routine.

This is for people who had been working out regularly for some time but stopped and took a lengthy break.

But if you’re on your game and have been consistently working out, then you will only need to change one or two of the above mentioned to focus on your glute gains.

How to grow your glutes without gaining weight

Here are some things you can do to grow your booty without gaining unnecessary weight.

Focus on glute activation exercises

Activating your glutes is very important. More so since most of our daily activities like school and jobs require long periods of sitting.

Because we don’t use our glute muscles much, they tend to sleep.

We need to wake up those muscles before we do glute exercises.

Glute activation acts like a warm up session for your glutes so you can get the most of your actual butt workout.

Once you have completed your glutes activation, you can do your butt workouts like squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts, etc.

To see faster results, complete your butt workout routing 3x per week.

Make sure you take rest day in between. It’s best not to workout the same muscles back to back.

They need rest and recovery time so they can repair and become thicker and stronger.

Embrace strength training

No, you won’t become bulky or look like a heavy weight champion.

To grow your butt without getting any bigger on the rest of your body, you must add strength training to your routine.

It must be a total body experience, that means no skipping out on your abs, legs, back and arms.

It’s important to keep the rest of your body lean while you work to grow your booty.

Just make sure not to over-consume your calories so as not to get bulky.

We did tell you diet is important. Here’s more on that.

Modify your diet

We don’t lightly say that your diet is very important when trying to accomplish any fitness goal. It really is.

And growing your glute is not an exception so you need to eat the right kind of foods to maximize your gains.

You must ensure that you consume enough fats, carbs and most importantly, protein.

These macronutrients are vital to you getting that butt you’ve wanted.

Learning about your body and the right amount of protein, fats and carbs your body needs will take things to another level for you.

You can find a lot of macronutrients calculators online to help guide you in the right direction.

Keep in mind that you should be consuming clean foods mostly.

Having a cheat meal now and again won’t jeopardize your gains but your focus should be on eating clean.

Not only should the meals be clean but you will need to consume the right amounts of macronutrients.

Don’t go overboard with the calories or you will gain excessive weight while getting your glutes.

Don’t be afraid of cardio

To lose a few excess pounds of fat or stay lean you can add cardio to your workout routine.

Just a few sessions per week can give you amazing results, especially when incorporated with your strength training.

Give yourself some challenge

Don’t fall into the trap of repeating the same exercises with the same sets and reps.

You will not see any growth in your booty that way.

Your glutes are considered as the largest muscle group in the body. To grow them they need to be challenged.

If you do the same workouts over and over without any variance in reps or sets then your muscles will adapt and plateau.

To avoid this we recommend increasing the intensity of the reps and/or sets of your exercises every 3-4 weeks.

A great way to add more challenge is to add weights or resistance bands.

While body weight is great when starting out, you will get stronger, therefore your glute muscles will need more tension to increase in size.

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