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Try This Tiny Waist + Glute Gains Workout (Full Routine)


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This home workout routine has 2 goals:

  1. To help sculpt and tone your waistline
  2. And stimulate your glutes for growth

It works for anyone, whether you’re a beginner or advanced. However, for you to get the best results make sure to follow the recommended meal plans.

But first, let’s talk about the exercises.

The Tiny Waist And Bigger Glutes Workout Overview

You’ll be doing 4 exercises, each will be engaging the gluteal muscles while working your core.

The only thing you’ll need for the workout routine is a resistance band.

It’s recommended for anyone who want to make some serious glute gains. If you’re not sure which one to go with checkout this quick guide.

That being said, if you don’t have a glute band you can still do this workout.

One thing to bear in mind is that you must track your rest times. Keep them no longer than 30 seconds, this isn’t a 50 minutes workout.

It will only take you 18 minutes to complete and to get the best results possible your rest times must be short.

So use your smartphone to track your breaks.

Let’s go ahead and look at each of the exercises.

1. Cross-Over Extended Kicks

Putting a little twist on the standard donkey kicks. This variation will help build your side booty muscles. Using the booty band along with it is going to really put the strength of your glutes to the test.

Remember, the stronger your glutes become, the bigger they grow IF you supplement it with the right diet.

How To Do It

  • Get into the starting position as demonstrated in the image above with the left knee on the ground and right leg extended fully upwards above parallel.
  • Now you’re going to slowly lower your right leg over your left foot to the left side, raise the leg back to the starting point then lower it to right position.
  • Repeat the required amount of reps for each leg.

2. Single Leg Glute Bridge + Leg Inward Pulls

This glute bridge variation will really target your glutes hard but at the same time engaging and activating your entire core muscles.

When you develop a stronger core, you’ll inherently get a flatter midsection. With this exercise, you’ll feel all the abdominal muscles working to keep your body in position throughout the movement.

How To Do It

  • Start in the correct position as shown in the image above with your left foot flat on the ground and right leg fully extended hovering a few inches off the ground.
  • Use the left foot to brace your hips upwards while lifting the extended right leg with it, then you’re going to pull your right knee towards your chest creating maximum tension in the glute band.
  • After holding that position for 1-2 seconds return to the starting point and repeat.

NOTE: You should squeeze the glutes on every single rep and tighten those abdominal muscles throughout the movement.

3. Air Bridge + Leg Pulls

You can almost classify this exercise as a full body move.

As you’ll be working your upper body and lower body at the same time.

How To Do It

  • Start off in the reverse plank position as shown above with the glute band around your thighs.
  • Starting with your left leg, slowly pull your knee inwards to your chest creating as much tension in the band as possible, hold that tension for 1-2 seconds.
  • Slowly return to the starting position then lower your glutes so that it touch (do not sit) the floor then go back to the starting point.
  • You can watch the quick video below as it demonstrates this move much clearer.

4. Supine Hydrant + Ab Crunch

Completing the routine is an ab and glutes exercise that seems comfortable to do and really turn up the heat after a few reps.

How To Do It

  • As demonstrated in the image above, lie on your back with hands behind your head, thighs widened stretching the band to the max, that will be your starting position.
  • Still maintaining the stretch in the glute band, you’re going to slowly lift your shoulders off the ground and contract those ab muscles for 1-2 seconds.
  • Slowly lower your shoulders back to the starting position while keeping the tension in the band.
  • When your shoulder hit the ground close the gap between the thighs then return to the starting position.

Note: Again, watch the video below to get a better visual.

The Recommended Sets And Reps For Each Move

  • Cross-Over Extended Kicks – Do 3 Sets Of 25 Reps On Each Leg
  • Single Leg Glute Bridge + Leg Inward Pulls – Do 3 Sets Of 15 Slow Reps On Each Leg
  • Air Bridge + Leg Pulls – Do 2 Sets Of 20 Reps On Each Leg
  • Supine Hydrant + Ab Crunch – Do 4 Sets Of 20 Reps

See All The Moves Demonstrated Below:

How To Ensure You Lose Waist And Belly Fat

This is a great workout routine but it means nothing if you don’t follow a proper calorie deficit meal plan.

If you have a higher body fat percentage then you want make sure you eat below your maintenance calories daily to get faster results.

And it has to be done consistently.

If you want a weight loss meal plan that won’t have you starving throughout the day make sure to checkout this 7 Day Weight Loss Meal Plan.

If you really want to turn up the calorie burn, add a HIIT cardio session after this routine, like any of the following below:

Supercharge your booty gains right in the comfort of your home

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